Subtitle Downloader Pro v13.7.1 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 06, 2024
Download subtitles for your tv-shows and movies, from the most popular subtitle providers, to your PC or tablet/phone! Over 60 languages supported.
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Jan 06, 2024
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Subtitle Downloader Pro MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Subtitle Downloader Pro MOD APK. An Android Video Players & Editors App comes with Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of audiovisual refinement, behold a multifaceted marvel an astute subtitle crafting artisan and a cinematic companion par excellence. Imagine possessing a cinematic opus, yet yearning to metamorphose its linguistic accompaniment. The traditional path involves a protracted endeavor of procuring and meticulously refining the subtitles a process of temporal enormity.

However, transcend the ordinary with the aid of this avant-garde application, seamlessly orchestrating the automatic procurement of subtitles. Swiftly imbue your visual narratives with textual embellishments.

Navigating this technological tapestry is a breeze, characterized by expeditiousness and user-friendly dexterity. Employ the application’s intuitive interface to wield the power of the search bar, effortlessly locating the precise subtitle file you desire. The autonomy extends further; customize the subtitle format and quality to align with your discerning preferences.

Subsequently, seamlessly preserve this linguistic augmentation on your mobile device. Noteworthy is the application’s ability to autonomously synchronize and present the subtitles in tandem with your cinematic voyage, enhancing the narrative’s allure. Witness the alchemy as subtitles grace your visual opus, transcending mundanity and elevating it to newfound riveting heights.

Enter the domain of a robust subtitle harvesting utility an app of unparalleled prowess for the aficionados of linguistic enrichment. Dive into a vast reservoir of subtitles culled from diverse video fountains, spanning the realms of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and beyond. An inclusive feature set empowers you to traverse linguistic boundaries, securing subtitles in a myriad of languages.

These linguistic enhancements, once procured, become a permanent resident on your device, ready to enhance your viewing escapades. Immerse yourself in the sensory symphony as videos unfold with the artistry of subtitles, fostering an enriched and transcendent cinematic experience.

Features of Subtitle Downloader Pro MOD APK

Choose between subtitles or closed captions

Crafted to seamlessly synchronize with subtitles and closed captions, this innovative application elevates the viewing experience. Subtitles and closed captions gracefully grace a levitating interface above the video, affording a visual feast for the user. The power to activate or deactivate these linguistic companions lies at your fingertips, poised on the bottom screen’s aptly designated button.

Opting for the inclusion of subtitles or closed captions initiates an automatic download as the video commences its performance. The visual spectacle, in turn, awaits its cue, commencing only when the symbiotic companionship of subtitles or closed captions has been successfully established.

For those inclined towards a more hands-on approach, manual download of subtitles and closed captions is also at your disposal. Navigate through the selection of subtitle or closed caption providers, choosing both the linguistic tapestry and language for a tailor-made experience.

Beyond its subtitled prowess, this app unfolds an additional layer of utility by generating textual transcriptions for the video, transcending the realm of mere captioning.

Further expanding its repertoire, the app introduces a convenient browser-launch button. A single click catapults you into the digital expanse, directing towards the designated website of your chosen subtitle or closed caption provider. Seamless integration with the web unfolds, offering a personalized journey into the intricacies of your linguistic preferences.

In the symphony of features, this application orchestrates a harmonious blend of technological finesse and user-friendly accessibility, transforming the act of video consumption into a multifaceted, enriched experience.

Select your preferred language

Undeniably the paramount choice for acquiring subtitles for your beloved TV shows and movies, this singular application stands as a beacon of excellence. Within its digital embrace, the user can effortlessly procure subtitles for cherished movies and TV shows spanning a linguistic spectrum of 60+ languages, seamlessly synchronized with their myriad devices.

The versatility of this application extends beyond automated downloads; it offers the user the autonomy to manually infuse subtitles into their videos, fostering a polyglot viewing experience.

Delving into the subtleties of customization, users revel in the liberty to select the display orientation of subtitles for the supported languages. Whether adorning the left, the right, or both sides of the visual canvas, the user dictates the aesthetic placement of linguistic accompaniments.

In the realm of subtitled gratification, this app stands unrivaled, elevating the act of content consumption into a linguistically diverse and visually enriched endeavor. Embrace the epitome of subtitle acquisition, where language barriers dissolve, and cinematic pleasures seamlessly unite with technological prowess.

Select the video quality

Ever yearned for the immersive experience of viewing your cherished videos on a diminutive screen without compromising on quality? Your solution lies within the confines of this formidable application.

Within the digital arsenal of this app, a plethora of possibilities unfold. Seamless downloading of subtitles becomes a reality, spanning a diverse array of languages and accommodating an extensive spectrum of video formats (MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, etc.).

Embrace the power to tailor your viewing experience by selecting the desired video quality for subtitle downloads—options ranging from standard to high, low to the pinnacle of visual splendor, the best quality.

The flexibility doesn’t end there; with the capacity to download multiple subtitles concurrently, efficiency meets convenience. A simple long press on a file empowers you to select and download up to 10 files simultaneously, streamlining the process and enhancing your control over the linguistic nuances accompanying your visual odyssey.

This app transcends the conventional, providing a powerful conduit for those seeking an amalgamation of compact screen aesthetics and uncompromising video quality. Elevate your viewing rituals, reveling in a seamless blend of technological prowess and user-centric functionality.

Select the subtitles source

Navigate the labyrinth of subtitle acquisition with the prowess of choice embedded within this application. Select your preferred subtitle source from a curated list of providers, granting you the flexibility to choose from a file residing on your device, a server, or any internet address.

Dive into the linguistic tapestry by handpicking the language of your subtitles from an extensive catalog of supported languages. This multifaceted feature empowers you to seamlessly align your viewing experience with your language preferences, adding an extra layer of personalization to your cinematic journey.

Whether sourcing subtitles locally, from a distant server, or via an online address, and regardless of your linguistic inclination, this application places the reins of control firmly in your hands. Embark on a cinematic odyssey enriched with the nuances of your chosen language, all at the touch of your fingertips.

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What's new

- Fix not being able to download to Samba shares anymore

- Fix issues with search in Android 5.0 and 5.1.
- Fix downloading when filename contains illegal characters.

- Improve results for
- Fix issue in downloading from Podnapisi
- Show website in results screen

13.0 - 13.4
- Moved to instead of
- Full Android 13 support
- You can now remove the ads from within the app for about 1 euro/dollar and support the developer!

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