Imagitor – Urdu Design v1.8.7_15 Azad MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 24, 2024
Imagitor is a free graphic design app to create social media posts, presentations, posters, flyers and other content.
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Jan 24, 2024
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1.8.7_15 Azad
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Imagitor – Urdu DesignMOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Imagitor – Urdu Design MOD APK. An Android Art & Design App comes with Premium Unlockd MOD Available to download.

Behold Imagitor Urdu Design, is an avant garde entity that extends its support across multiple linguistic realms, encompassing Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and English. The user is granted the prerogative to handpick fonts, and background imagery, and tailor them to desired hues and font styles. This avant garde application seamlessly transcends platforms, finding its abode in both iOS and Android ecosystems. The collective pool of designs curated by users is rendered communal, fostering a milieu where one’s creative opulence may be exchanged with peers. A salient feature lies in the application’s gratuitous nature, obviating the need for pecuniary disbursement.

Exuding a comprehensive design ethos attuned specifically to the Urdu language, the application proffers a user interface marked by simplicity and intuitive functionality. Remarkably, the application extends its utility to the neophyte creator bereft of specialized knowledge. A mere selection of a photograph and color scheme serves as the fulcrum, around which the orchestration of design ensues. Augment your creation with text and ancillary elements, birthing a design uniquely yours.

Feature of Imagitor – Urdu Design MOD APK

Use a wide range of fonts and color palettes

Unlock the freedom to wield a diverse spectrum of fonts, colors, and background visuals. This grants you the flexibility to tweak their sizes, positions, and transparency, empowering your creative expression. This innovative attribute empowers you to conceive visual compositions that resonate with the individuality of your brand, ensuring an unparalleled and unmistakable representation.

Use our advanced design tools to create text, shapes, graphics, and borders

The stands as a versatile design application, catering to the creation of social media posts, presentations, posters, flyers, and various other forms of content. This app boasts a robust suite of design tools, ensuring that your creations exude a polished and professional aesthetic. Effortlessly apply captivating effects to text, shapes, graphics, and borders, elevating the visual appeal of your designs.

Harness the potency of our dynamic shape tool, enabling the swift generation of exquisite forms with just a few clicks. Further, enhance your designs by seamlessly incorporating text into any shape or introducing a mesmerizing gradient effect using the Gradient Tool. The Gradient Tool extends its functionality to craft gradient backgrounds, an ideal feature for fashioning chic designs suitable for websites, business cards, flyers, posters, and diverse social media graphics.

Engage your creativity with the Text Tool, a facilitator for crafting compelling text and shapes tailored for websites, business cards, flyers, posters, and social media graphics. Enrich your designs by adding borders to shapes or fashioning gradient borders through the adept utilization of the Border Tool. The Border Tool proves invaluable in creating sophisticated designs suitable for websites, business cards, flyers, posters, and a myriad of social media graphics.

Save time by customizing your design with our built-in presets

Experience the epitome of convenience with our built in presets, seamlessly enabling the creation of awe-inspiring designs without investing valuable time in meticulous crafting.

Leverage the prowess of our built in presets to fashion a distinctive layout for your forthcoming presentation, sparing you the arduous task of navigating through myriad options and tools for hours on end. Within the app, discover a treasure trove of over 40+ exquisite templates that stand ready for your selection, ready to infuse a touch of sophistication into your upcoming presentation.

Harness the efficiency of our preset layouts for your upcoming PowerPoint presentation. The process makes it effortlessly simple to impart a unique visual identity to your next presentation. Select from a diverse array of preset templates, totaling more than 40, each awaiting your perusal and immediate integration into your presentation.

Transform the trajectory of your presentations by choosing a preset template that resonates with your vision. Once saved, the template seamlessly integrates into your repository of design templates, accessible at your convenience. Opt for the template that captivates your aesthetic sensibilities, effortlessly saving it as your own, ensuring a swift and streamlined design process for your future presentations.

Add your watermark and change its position.

This app facilitates are seamless integration of your company’s identity into various facets of your online presence. Elevate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest posts, presentations, posters, and other content by effortlessly incorporating your company logo, slogan, tagline, or any other bespoke content.

The process is simplified for your convenience. Merely pinpoint the specific location where you desire to embed your watermark, and with the flexibility to adjust the width and height of the watermark, you’re poised for a refined presentation.

Customization reaches new heights as you have the autonomy to dictate the precise positioning of your watermark. Take charge by choosing an existing watermark image or elevate the personalization factor by uploading your distinctive watermark image.

Empowers you to tailor your digital footprint, ensuring that your brand identity seamlessly weaves through every aspect of your online communication. Unlock the potential to leave an indelible mark across diverse platforms with the effortless incorporation of your company’s visual insignia.

Add your unique design by selecting from hundreds of different themes

It is a dynamic, cost free graphic design application, that empowers users to craft compelling social media posts, presentations, posters, flyers, and an array of diverse content. Elevate your creative pursuits and grant your imagination the reins to fashion your next Facebook post, business card, event flyer, motivational quote, or fan poster, or delve into a political review, all within the canvas of Imagitor’s versatility.

Dive into a realm of limitless possibilities by infusing your unique design essence into your creations. Navigate through a rich selection of themes, numbering in the hundreds, thoughtfully curated within the app. Choose from an expansive array of themes tailored to suit any occasion, providing the perfect backdrop for your imaginative endeavors.

Imagitor empowers you to transcend conventional boundaries, inviting you to embark on a journey where your creativity takes center stage. Explore the vast spectrum of themes, each a catalyst for your unique design expression, and revel in the boundless potential that unfolds for your graphic design aspirations.

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What's new

● Added Gulzar Nastaleeq Font

● Improved search, project export import.
● Fixed issue of lifetime premium for some users.
● More fonts (Urdu, Sindhi, Arabic) + Mehr Nastaliq v2
● New option to arrange layers horizontally or vertically.
● Improved gallery picker & feather photo.

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