Spectrolizer Player v1.33.143 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Spectrolizer is unique, hybrid music player with stereo, spectrographic, interactive 3D music visualizer, based on new advanced psycho-acoustic spectrum analysis technology, developed by AICore Software Company.
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Jan 27, 2024
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Spectrolizer Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Spectrolizer Player MOD APK. An Android Music & Audio App comes with Premium MOD Available to download.

With our audio player, a melody maestro is designed for the true music connoisseur. Its interface is a masterpiece, reminiscent of classic musical elegance. Dive into the treasure trove of your musical history, adorned with song titles, playback times, and the genius behind the tunes. Easily orchestrate your auditory experience by adjusting volume, toggling songs on/off, adding favorites, and exploring new musical realms.

Seamlessly sync your phone and computer for a melodious union. Expand your repertoire by downloading tunes from the vast expanse of the internet. The interface, a paragon of simplicity, ensures that your music resonates effortlessly. This nimble player, the Spectrolizer Player, stands tall among the premier apps for ardent music aficionados. A must-have for those who revel in the symphony of sound.

For those seeking a straightforward melody immersion, this application beckons. A feather-light app, it transforms the playback of your favorite songs into an effortless ballet. The interface, intuitive and uncluttered, unveils your musical journey, past and present. Revel in the current playback details, manipulate volume, toggle songs, curate favorites, and discover new musical vistas—all at your fingertips. Connect your phone to the computer, download from the musical cosmos, and let the Spectrolizer Player be your guide through the tapestry of sound.

Features of Spectrolizer Player MOD APK

Stereo spectrum analyzer – over 1200 bands

We meticulously utilize primary sound tones and the most prominent harmonics (overtones), showcased through pristine, high-quality spectrograms and real-time spectrum graphs. In this application, every pixel serves a purpose, eschewing mere aesthetic adornment (except the optional background image, distinct from the visualization).

What you witness is authentic data birthed by a spectrum analyzer, a trove of information at our disposal. Our spectrum analyzer boasts exceptional capabilities, delivering real-time analysis across 600 bands (RTA 1/60) in stereo—totaling 1200 bands—with a remarkable output rate of up to 500 results per second for each band.

In the grand scheme, it has the potential to generate a staggering 600,000 results (manifesting as new pixels in textures) per second, contingent upon the device’s CPU. This establishes the Spectrolizer as the most potent visualizer, epitomizing an unparalleled correlation between sound and the resultant visual spectacle.

Pure high-quality spectrography

Spectrolizer is a unique, hybrid music audio player with stereo, spectrographic, interactive 3D music visualizer, based on new advanced psycho-acoustic spectrum analysis technology, developed by AICore Software Company.

We use only the main sound tones and most significant harmonics (overtones) displayed via pure high-quality spectrograms and spectrum graphs generated in real time.

Interactive 3D music visualizer

Introducing Spectrolizer an exceptional, hybrid music audio player featuring stereo capabilities, a spectrographic marvel, and an interactive 3D music visualizer. This cutting-edge creation is powered by advanced psycho-acoustic spectrum analysis technology, meticulously crafted by AICore Software Company.

Our approach is distinct—we harness only the primary sound tones and the most significant harmonics (overtones). These musical elements come to life through pure, high-quality spectrograms and real-time spectrum graphs.

Spectrolizer stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of audio experiences, setting itself apart with its unique blend of technology and artistic expression.

Spectral waveforms and spectrograms

Step into the immersive realm of Spectrolizer Player, where the essence of sound materializes in the form of pristine spectral waves an intricate blend of diverse frequencies and amplitudes. Dive deeper into the auditory landscape with a high-resolution spectrogram, allowing you to discern even the subtlest acoustic nuances. As a bonus, immerse yourself in the music with an interactive 3D visualizer.

Spectrolizer redefines your music experience, unveiling a novel perspective that captures every detail and nuance of the sonic tapestry. Explore the spectrum of sound, revel in stereo richness, and visualize the very contours of the music through spectrographs and spectrums.

At the heart of Spectrolizer Player lies a real-time spectrum analyzer, diligently processing an extensive stream of data presented to you in various enlightening formats. The core objective is to spotlight the paramount harmonics and overtones, providing insight into the intricate structure of each sound.

It’s crucial to grasp that Spectrolizer stands as a hybrid music audio player, seamlessly intertwining the display of the sound spectrum with the act of music playback. This unique design aims to fuse the visceral experience of listening to a song with the visual representation of its spectrum. Spectrolizer isn’t just a music audio player; it’s a transformative approach to sound processing, delivering an unparalleled look and feel to your musical journey.

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