KeepChords for Guitar & Ukulele v1.1.3 MOD APK (Full Subscribed)

Last Updated on Jan 04, 2024
KeepChords is a free platform for sharing and discovering chord progressions to play on your guitar / ukulele. Its intuitive drag and drop design makes it easy to jot down your own song ideas, or learn how to play chord progressions from our growing library of songs.
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Jan 04, 2024
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KeepChords for Guitar & Ukulele MOD APK (Full Subscribed)

Download The Latest APK Version of KeepChords for Guitar & Ukulele MOD APK. An Android Music & Audio Apps this MOD comes with Full Subscribed Available download Yours Now.

Learn and play chords on your own time. KeepChords is a new application for guitarists and ukulele players. It offers a complete package of chords to be played on the instrument.

As the name says, this application provides a complete set of chords. With the most common chords of all instruments. You can use the application to learn and play chords.

You can also create your own chords and play the guitar. You can enjoy the app as a fun game. In addition, you can create your own chords. With a simple interface, you can easily enjoy the app.

For those venturing into the realm of guitar or ukulele musicianship at a rudimentary or novice level, acquainting oneself with the fundamental tenets of chords becomes imperative. Embedded within this application is an invaluable resource for acquiring mastery over guitar and ukulele chords. It extends its tutelage to encompass the elemental chords intrinsic to the ukulele as well.

This software repository encompasses a myriad of melodic compositions, meticulously curated to facilitate the acquisition of proficiency in guitar and ukulele chords. The onus of learning and executing chords is vested in the user, allowing a personalized progression.

The application’s interface, designed with an unassuming elegance, ensures facile navigation and swift comprehension. The multifarious features embedded within render it the quintessential pedagogical tool for delving into the intricacies of guitar chords and ukulele harmonics.

KeepChords, a nascent addition to the pantheon of applications catering to guitar and ukulele enthusiasts, proffers a comprehensive compendium of chords tailored for instrumental rendition. Augmenting its utility, the application imparts erudition on chords, tabs, and scales, fostering an elevation in musical proficiency.

Should the inclination be towards guitar chord artistry, this application stands as an auspicious avenue. Moreover, it proffers the possibility of engrossing oneself in the subtleties of ukulele chordography.

Facilitating accessibility to favored chord notations, this application enables users to perpetually carry their preferred chord charts within the confines of their mobile devices. Further affording the luxury of personalization, one can delineate and rehearse preferred chords at one’s discretion.

As the nomenclature implies, this application proffers an exhaustive compilation of chords, encapsulating those ubiquitous across a plethora of musical instruments. Leveraging its functionality, one can hone their aptitude for rendering diverse chords in melodic compositions.

Unveiling the capacity to craft bespoke chord configurations for guitar enthusiasts, the application serves as a conduit for recreational engagement, morphing the learning experience into an enjoyable pursuit. Liberation from the need for internet scouring is guaranteed, allowing aficionados to relish their preferred tunes with unparalleled ease.

An exhaustive catalog of chord notations for favored melodies is at one’s disposal, alongside the capability to compose original chord progressions. The application’s unembellished interface facilitates seamless enjoyment, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

In essence, the repository provides a transformative platform for burgeoning musicians to delve into the esoteric realm of chordal articulation. Embark on this journey of musical exploration, where the app functions as an adept guide, ushering enthusiasts through the labyrinth of intricate chord structures with consummate finesse.

Feature of KeepChords for Guitar & Ukulele MOD APK

Continue learning and creating songs offline

This application grants you boundless entry into a vast reservoir of melodies, presenting an effortless avenue for the composition, modification, and dissemination of your musical creations.

Irrespective of whether you find yourself at the nascence of your musical journey or stand as a seasoned virtuoso, the capability to perpetuate your musical erudition and craft new compositions sans the exigency of an internet connection is indispensable for an all encompassing musical odyssey.

Encompassed within this application is the seamless capacity to generate and refine musical compositions in an offline milieu. This translates to the ability to engage in the learning and composition of music devoid of any dependence on internet connectivity. The specter of losing your creative strides or facing the predicament of unsaved work is effectively assuaged.

Create any custom chords fret by fret

Avail yourself of the remarkable KeepChords application, a gratuitous tool empowering you to fashion personalized chord configurations at any fret juncture on your guitar or ukulele.

Enter the realm of unrestricted chord creation, effortlessly fashioning bespoke chords fret by fret, sans the necessity of online reference. The modus operandi is simple merely employ the intuitive drag and drop functionality to situate your favored chords and notes within the grid. Furthermore, the manipulation of your guitar or ukulele’s strings is facilitated by the straightforward act of dragging and repositioning them into the appropriate alignment.

Distinguishing itself as the solitary chord application of its kind, KeepChords stands as the sole entity offering the liberty to engender custom chords without requiring an intimate knowledge of the note placements on your guitar or ukulele neck. Embrace the convenience of uninhibited chordal creativity, all within the purview of this extraordinary and complimentary application.

Customize your chords for different tunings

Regardless of whether you wield a standard guitar or strum the strings of a ukulele, the chords at your disposal for musical expression are contingent upon the particular instrument in your hands. This conundrum finds its resolution in the form of the KeepChords app, an innovative platform facilitating the creation of tailored chords to inaugurate your musical odyssey.

A pivotal facet of this application lies in its comprehensive support for diverse tunings, encompassing variations such as drop D and baritone. Now, the harmonization of your chords aligns seamlessly with the specific guitar tunings at your command.

For instance, the facile transposition of chords from C to E and vice versa becomes an effortless endeavor. This functionality not only streamlines your playing but also augments the overall gratification derived from your musical pursuits.

Keep unlimited chord progressions safe in the cloud for free.

This application bestows upon you complimentary entry into an extensive repertoire of songs and chord progressions, liberating your musical endeavors. The user-friendly interface facilitates the storage of your chord progressions, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

The prowess of this app extends to the provision of boundless storage for your chord progressions in the cloud, completely free of charge. The safeguarding of these progressions is guaranteed by robust backup mechanisms, alleviating any concerns about potential losses. There’s no financial encumbrance associated with accessing this safeguarded repository.

The dynamic functionality permits ongoing modifications to your chord progressions, even if they’ve been shared with others. For app subscribers, the privilege of expanding your library with new progressions is granted. Even without a subscription, you retain the ability to peruse and perform all your stored progressions, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Sync your chord progressions across devices

Pioneering a groundbreaking feature, this application stands as the inaugural chord repository to synchronize your chord progressions seamlessly across all your electronic devices. This transformative capability ensures a continuous workflow, enabling you to cultivate your progressions on your desktop and seamlessly resume your creative process on your mobile device from where you last left off.

The continuum extends to the creation of musical compositions on your desktop, fostering a fluid transition wherein you can seamlessly pick up the threads of your creative endeavors on your mobile device. This synchronization feature not only enhances accessibility but also streamlines the creative process, affording users unparalleled flexibility in their musical journey.

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Added ukulele support for both standard and baritone tunings.
Songs can now be shared and added to "favorites".
50+ new featured songs.

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