Smiling-X 2 v1.9.7 MOD APK(Unlimited Lives)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
The time has come to defeat the evil corporation and help the Resistance to organize and to defeat them.
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Jan 25, 2024
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Smiling-X 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)

Download The Latest APK Version of Smiling-X 2 MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Lives Available download Yours Now.

Embarking on the eerie terrain of Smiling-X 2, a 2D platformer interwoven with elements of horror, players delve into the enigmatic depths of a foreboding forest, their journey punctuated by puzzle-solving escapades to navigate the ominous expanse and liberate themselves from its stygian clutches.

The chilling narrative of Smiling-X 2: Horror Adventure centers around a young lad who finds himself orphaned amidst the labyrinthine forest after the abrupt loss of his parents. Condemned to solitary existence within the shadows, he grapples with the imperative to fight for survival against the ominous backdrop of the dark and sinister woodland.

Pivotal to the escape from this ghastly realm is the unraveling of intricate puzzles that serve as the linchpin for emerging into the light from the harrowing abyss. The quest demands astute problem-solving, ensuring that players negotiate the treacherous path to freedom, transcending the confines of the foreboding forest.

Within the sinister tapestry of Smiling-X 2, the protagonist confronts the apex of terror embodied by the nefarious enchantress—the malevolent witch. Possessing a malevolent lineage, her soul an infernal entity, and her corporeal form a demonic manifestation, she wields dark sorcery with the intent of obliterating the world. The salvation of humanity hinges on the player’s confrontation with the witch and her malevolent minions.

The gameplay mirrors its predecessor, Smiling-X: Horror Adventure, yet introduces a novel protagonist—a resilient young man, birthed within the spectral confines of a haunted abode. Far from conventional, he stands as the sole defender against the wicked witch, a hero endowed with supernatural prowess, utilizing his extraordinary abilities to rescue the imperiled.

Smiling-X 2 immerses players in a tapestry of horror and suspense, weaving a narrative fraught with obstacles and snares. Survival necessitates the adept resolution of myriad puzzles, all while maintaining composure in the face of impending doom and eluding the clutches of the malevolent witch.

Features of Smiling-X 2 MOD APK

Different maps with a unique atmosphere

In the expansive realm of Smiling-X 2, a plethora of diverse maps unfurl before you, each distinct from its counterparts. Every locale boasts unique topographies, artifacts, and adversaries, providing a kaleidoscopic experience for intrepid explorers.

Embark on a journey through the enigmatic landscapes of Smiling-X 2, where unraveling perplexing puzzles unveils the clandestine intricacies of haunted domains. Resourcefulness becomes paramount as you leverage the available tools to navigate through these spectral terrains, driven by a singular objective.

Furthermore, the odyssey extends beyond mere puzzle-solving; it encompasses a meticulous exploration of varied maps, unearthing concealed artifacts, and securing the most formidable armaments and gear to confront the chilling array of foes that lurk in the shadows.

More than 10 different levels

Within the realms of Smiling-X 2, one delves into over a decuple of distinct levels, adorned with enchanting landscapes and striking graphics. Each level unfolds a unique purpose, presenting diverse objectives and challenges that bestow fresh opportunities for resource acquisition and mission accomplishment.

In this eerie gaming odyssey, beyond the conventional haunted abode, the horror narrative extends its tendrils across ten disparate zones ripe for exploration. Within these ominous landscapes lie an array of puzzles, offering multifarious ways to vanquish adversaries, heightening the suspense and thrill for intrepid players.

Many items to be collected

A myriad of items await discovery within each level of Smiling-X 2, presenting opportunities for collection and utilization in the intricate tapestry of puzzle-solving and confronting terrifying adversaries. Diverse weapons, invaluable tools, and assorted resources lie scattered, facilitating a swifter traversal through the challenges inherent in each level.

In the expansive expanse of Smiling-X 2, the imperative to amass an array of items becomes pronounced. These gathered artifacts serve a dual purpose, functioning both as weapons against menacing foes and as crucial elements in unraveling perplexing puzzles. The items amassed play a pivotal role in aiding the resistance’s endeavor to thwart the nefarious designs of the malevolent corporation.

High-quality graphics

Smiling-X 2 stands as a pinnacle of graphic excellence, showcasing the zenith of visual prowess among Android games. Powered by a distinctive engine, the game transcends traditional boundaries, immersing players in an experiential journey akin to being part of a cinematic masterpiece.


Smiling-X 2 unfolds as a chilling adventure, a horror-laden odyssey demanding the defeat of adversaries while navigating diverse environments to attain a singular goal.

Upon initiation, the game unveils a succinct prologue, delving into the sinister narrative of the malevolent corporation’s pursuit to pilfer the kernel. Confronting this nefarious entity becomes imperative as players strive to seize control of the vital supply, ultimately destined for the commander’s hands.

Functioning as a platformer, Smiling-X 2 allows players to engage in a repertoire of actions, from jumping and scaling various terrains to solving intricate puzzles and confronting formidable foes. The narrative introduces key players, including the ominous Evil Corporation, the stalwart Resistance, and the authoritative Commander.

The crux of the quest lies in locating the elusive kernel and ensuring its safe passage to the waiting commander. Players wield the autonomy to select diverse areas based on environmental nuances and the requisite resources to fulfill each mission. The journey is fraught with an array of enemies, from common adversaries to imposing bosses, set against diverse and treacherous backdrops.

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