Rescue Dash MOD APK 2.20.2 (Unlimited Gold)

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
Rescue Dash is a fascinating city rescue game. We took everything that's not a boring story about a restaurant or hotel, where everything is turning into a frenzy, but a very addictive puzzle adventure!
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Dec 07, 2022
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Rescue Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

Download The Latest APK Version of Rescue Dash MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Gold Available download Yours Now.

Description of Rescue Dash MOD APK

A calamity struck the township after the animals all escaped from the Zoo. New town hero Jessica is required to bring rescue groups up to speed in unusual and difficult crises.

There’s a need for rescuers everywhere, so go to work at the grocery store, hotel or cruise ship and restaurant, film studio and even the farms! There’s never a second to miss! What speed can you assist the rescue teams bring order back?

Rescue Dash is a fascinating city rescue game. It begins in the city gets swept into chaos as all animals from the local zoo have fled and caused chaos! Rabbits, seals, dogs and raccoons – all the animals need to be taken care of and returned to their homes! The rescue team , led by the courageous Jessica is on the move to assist everyone and aid the city return to calm and peace! Take a walk with her , and make new friends as well as a happy attitude.


You’ll need to bring the township back to its previous splendor. Set off fires, take out garbage, switch the power back on and then return the animals that have been escaped to the Zoo. You can become a true hero by playing this game that simulates rescue.
Grow and harvest crops, harvest hay, and assist the farmers. Have a great time at the farm!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like be doorman? An exciting hotel experience awaits you! Attend to guests, assist to the front desk staff, as well as ensure all is in order.
Repair the electrical wiring and enjoy cooking like a madman! The patrons keep coming and you’ll need to serve as both an employee and a chef. Take on this entertaining dinerstory!
Find petty thieves, help customers in their purchases as well as assist cashiers in this exciting supermarket adventure.

Casual game featuring traditional time-management game that never ever gets boring! Your adventure begins today!


Have you ever imagined becoming a volunteer to help others? It’s wonderful to soak in the sunshine of appreciation of the city’s inhabitants! This game gives you the chance to make your wish become reality! The city is in a state of panic as wild animals have taken over the streets, terrorize children, and cause destruction to city properties! If not for rescuers, could bring back the normal routine of living!
There are many tasks to complete including burning out fires, to clearing off after storms! As you go you’ll save cute animals, terrified children, and innocent civilians from danger. You’ll need to clean of debris, take away debris, build roads, reach the animals via an array of challenging obstacles and feed them delicious snacks.
To accomplish your goal to succeed, you require quickness, ingenuity as well as the capacity to work as an effective team player!


Unlock new locations one at a.
Tap content on more than 9000 levels.
Regular updates and ongoing assistance from our technical team.
Each level has an entirely unique puzzle.
– Follow engaging storylines.
Gather materials to finish quests.
You can earn incredible rewards for completing levels.
Make the team of your choice and compete against other players to win the title of champion.
Find new friends. your colleagues are always there to assistance if you’re running out of lives.
A wide range of possibilities! Personalize and improve your character quicker with the help of additional resources and bonus packs.

Earn Points in Rescue Dash MOD APK

In the course of your mission, you’ll require materials that are yet to be acquired. Create your own plan to accomplish your goals efficiently and in a straightforward a manner as is possible. Remember the deadline! Keep in mind that should you not make the deadline, the points you put in hours to earn will be cancelled. Be on guard!
In addition, prompt task completion is a great way to learn self-restrain, and to ensure that you are always calm!

It gets harder as you go!

The difficulty of the game gets more complex with each level, so you’ll never get bored. Find new places, go through mazes that are difficult to navigate, and tackle difficult puzzles and get huge rewards for a job accomplished!
Build your character and play with other players to win titles like champion for your Rescue Service! There are benefits to working in a group that other players can assist you if you’re exhausted! Also, having fun with your teammates is always more fun.

More possibilities!

You can make your character’s performance by purchasing additional packs of bonuses and resources. They’re not costly, however they can make your adventure even more enjoyable! In the end, if your character is properly pumped up, he’ll be able to complete tasks better and faster than other players!

Play the game

The classic time-management game is timeless they are timeless classics, and Rescue Dash is yet another example of this. You will be able to enjoy stunning graphics, a dynamic gameplay, and a relaxing soundtrack. The game can be installed on your tablet or smartphone within a single click and does not require lots of memory. The controls are easy to use Follow the prompts on screen and direct the character the areas where help is required. Join your character and show your teammates that you’re the most effective saver in this bustling and lively city!

What are you waiting on? Become a real rescuer today!

If you have any questions, contact tech support at [email protected].
We carefully read each email.
Team Matryoshka Games team.

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What's new

New Rescue Dash update!

- New levels in the Shop of Wonders—the magic continues! Help the witch brew a magic potion and help the magicians find their props. And don't forget to check out all the mysterious doors in the levels!
- New main menu interface. The menu works the same, but now has a more modern and interesting design.
- Added new levels to the To the Rescue! event
- Gameplay has been optimized.

Let's get rescuing!

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