NFC Card Emulator Pro Root v9.0.7 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 14, 2024
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A powerful NFC Card Emulator that simulates various types of cards, for example, access cards, elevator cards, factory (meal) cards, school (meal) cards, some library cards, and other IC cards. (Not guaranteed to work for everyone)
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Feb 14, 2024
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NFC Card Emulator Pro Root MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of NFC Card Emulator Pro Root MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Encompassing utility and ingenuity, behold an application facilitating the emulation of NFC cards. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates with the card tethered to your device, mirroring it as if it were an extension of your possession. To engage with this technological marvel, rooting your device and ensuring the presence of an NFC controller are prerequisites. The application stands as the epitome of safety and reliability.

Immerse yourself in the seamless emulation of various cards sans any hindrances. While the NFC Controller application is bestowed upon users gratuitously, the emulator commands a fee. The versatility of this application extends beyond NFC cards, encompassing a spectrum of alternative card types.

Enter the realm of NFC Card Emulator Pro Root, an unassuming yet potent tool granting the ability to replicate NFC cards. This stellar application, a connoisseur in emulating a diverse array of cards, finds a companion in NFC Controller, available for free download.

Experience the empowerment to utilize cards linked to your device as if they were an inherent extension. Rest assured in the cocoon of safety and reliability woven by this application, where card emulation unfolds seamlessly.

The NFC Card Emulator Pro, a complimentary application, opens avenues for users to scrutinize the capabilities of their NFC-enabled mobile phones. Users can simulate an array of cards, spanning debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cards.

Compatibility reigns supreme as the app harmonizes with Android devices boasting version 4.3 and beyond. Unleash the prowess of card emulators on all Android devices; however, a caveat exists in the form of limitations imposed on the device itself. If the desire is to scrutinize the capabilities of your NFC card, look no further, for this application stands as the epitome of excellence.

Features of NFC Card Emulator Pro Root MOD APK

Simulate various types of cards

This app can simulate various types of cards, for example, access cards, elevator cards, factory (meal) cards, school (meal) cards, some library cards, and other IC cards. You can use these simulated cards to make your Android device an NFC card reader or to read the information from the card.

There are two main modes: “Reader” and “Emulator”. When you use the “Emulator” mode, you can make the phone act like a reader, and you can read the information from the card. The “Reader” mode makes the phone act like a card, and the information can be read from the card

View the card number, name, expiry date, and other data

The application facilitates the examination of diverse card details, encompassing the numerical identifier, nomenclature, expiration chronology, and assorted particulars. Operating as a dual entity, it serves as both a card perceiver and an emulator, transcending its functionality to that of a virtual repository.

The optionality presented is twofold, permitting users to scrutinize the information either on a tangible card or its virtual counterpart.

Opting for a tangible exploration opens a spectrum of choices concerning the card’s nature, be it an integrated circuit (IC) card, subscriber identity module (SIM) card, banking card, or access card.

Conversely, delving into the virtual realm allows users to select from an array of card types, ranging from a gift voucher and loyalty card to the unique confines of an elevator card.

See the card type, issuer, and the number of times the card was used

In possession of a card reader and an NFC card, one can seamlessly emulate these cards through the utilization of NFC Card Emulator Pro. This advanced application unveils insights into the card’s nature, the issuing authority, and a comprehensive log detailing the card’s usage frequency.

Not limited to mere card simulation, the app extends its capabilities to mimic a SIM card, providing a dynamic platform for altering the associated data.

Furthermore, delving into heightened functionality, NFC Card Emulator Pro Root empowers users to emulate diverse financial cards be it a credit card, a debit card, or an ATM card. The emulation process spans the replication of card specifics, issuer details, and an intricate usage history log.

In essence, this application offers a sophisticated avenue for users to replicate, inspect, and modify various card types, heralding a nuanced approach to card emulation in the digital realm.

See the cardholder’s name

Within the realm of NFC Card Emulator Pro Root, a distinctive capability surfaces, allowing users to unveil the cardholder’s identity from the cards subjected to scanning. This unfolds through the presentation of the cardholder’s data, manifested either in textual or numerical format.

Comprehensive scrutiny awaits those delving into the intricacies of the scanned data, unraveling details such as the card’s numerical identifier, expiration timeline, the identity of the cardholder, card genre, and more.

Remarkably, even in the absence of an NFC reader, the application gracefully steps into the fray, offering a simulated emulation of the NFC card’s functionalities. This underscores the versatility of the app, ensuring users can navigate the digital landscape of NFC card functionalities seamlessly.

In essence, NFC Card Emulator Pro Root emerges as a conduit to not only reveal the nuances of scanned cards but also to simulate NFC card functionalities, presenting an innovative and accessible solution for users across varied technological landscapes.

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What's new

1、Support changing the ATQA value of nfc in some systems from 0x0308 to 0x0004.
2、General stability & performance improvements.

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