Marble Race 3D v1.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 08, 2024
Can you resist a good marble race? Marble Race - 3D it’s just pure fun. Super simple and easy to learn mechanics. Race against time and opponents on beautifully diverse 3D tracks to get first place!
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Mar 07, 2024
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Marble Race 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Marble Race 3D MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Marble Race 3D, a creation of Marble Street, emerged into the gaming world on the twelfth of September, 2017. This Android application dazzles with its three-dimensional graphical fidelity. Embarking on this racing venture offers both simplicity in navigation and an exhilarating experience.

Participants are bestowed with the liberty to select their chariot for the circuit. A spectrum of vehicles awaits, ready to be commanded in either the competitive race mode or the unbound free mode.

Free mode proffers a straightforward challenge: propel forward whilst dodging impediments. Conversely, race mode demands the pinnacle of agility and speed, challenging one to clinch the lead, a feat far more arduous than its leisurely counterpart.

The garage unveils an array of automobiles, from compact cars to formidable sports cars, each with distinct capabilities. Witness your chosen steed in action on the circuit, manipulating the steering to navigate the twists and turns. Vigorous steering boosts velocity, yet heed the risk of overzealous speed, lest you face repercussions.

Marble Race 3D transcends mere racing; it is a symphony of velocity and strategy. Choosing and customizing your vehicle is just the beginning. Accumulating coins mid-race is crucial for unlocking vehicular marvels. Triumph brings rewards.

The course is fraught with hazards and perilous zones, demanding adept control to elude mishaps. Coin collection is integral, paving the way to faster vehicle acquisition.

This odyssey through Marble Race 3D offers a quartet of vehicles, each distinguished by their attributes, including top speed and acceleration. Mastery over these mechanical beasts is imperative to avert collisions and dominate the track.

Features of Marble Race 3D MOD APK

Collect coins to unlock more tracks and characters

Within the realms of Marble Race 3D, enthusiasts embark on a quest for coinage, serving as keys to unveil an expanded universe of circuits and personae. Further, enhancing one’s avatar through the ritual of progression, each ascension in stature beckons new characters into one’s fold.

Amass these tokens to broaden your exploration across additional tracks and characters. Indulge in the unadulterated essence of Marble Race – 3D, a sanctuary free from the clutches of advertisements, compulsory transactions, or any concealed fees. For veterans of Marble Race – 3D, the journey continues seamlessly with your established account, inviting you back into its enthralling embrace.

Beautiful 3D graphics and realistic physics

Marble Race 3D emerges as an exquisite 3D vehicular contest, imbued with the essence of lifelike physics. Traverse the myriad pathways in an assortment of formats, ranging from time-oriented trials, and competitive races, to an array of challenges.

Select from a curated ensemble of conveyances, each distinguished by its unique maneuverability traits and vigor, and vie against counterparts on the worldwide leaderboards. Beyond the solitary adventure, the game extends into the realm of multiplayer engagements, encompassing both local wireless and online interactions.

Various race modes

Beyond its quintessential classic mode, Marble Race 3D unveils a plethora of additional modes, including Time Trial, Endless Race, Survival Race, Speedrun, and Battle Race, catering to enthusiasts yearning for a more fervent racing endeavor. Within these diverse modalities, a treasure trove of items awaits discovery, including power-ups, special effects, boosts, and a multitude of other enhancements, enriching the racing saga with layers of complexity and excitement.

Multiple difficulty levels

Marble Race 3D is designed with varied levels of difficulty, allowing participants to tailor their experience to their skill level. Additionally, it offers the unique feature of selecting the time of day for gameplay, enhancing the immersive experience.

The game presents three distinct modes to suit different player preferences. Should the rigors of competition weigh heavily, one has the leisure to pause their journey and seek repose, returning refreshed to the vibrant races of Marble Race 3D.


At the commencement of Marble Race 3D, players are endowed with the liberty to mold their avatar, selecting both the gender and the hue of the skin. Furthermore, the challenge level is at the player’s discretion, offering easy, normal, or hard modes to align with their competence or mood.

Echoing the nostalgia of the traditional marble game, Marble Race 3D’s complexity adjusts with the number of marbles in play.

The quintessence of this engaging pursuit lies in amassing an abundant collection of marbles, available in three prestigious types: gold, silver, and copper, each distinguished by unique chromatic and textural attributes.

The strategy for acquiring these spherical treasures varies; one might catapult a marble with precise force, or employ it as a battering ram against edificial barricades.

Marbles serve multifarious purposes—they are keys to unlocking doors, tools for architectural demolition, or even means to perform aerial leaps from towering structures. Utilizing marbles ingeniously escalates one’s score.

In the expansive realm of Marble Race 3D, an array of edifices and levels awaits. Players may opt to vault from buildings or strategically deploy marbles to dismantle them.

Each level imposes a temporal boundary, urging participants to reach their objectives with alacrity. Augmenting one’s score necessitates a prolific collection of marbles.

Marbles are not only the object but also the means of progression—whether through direct collection or navigating the game’s built environment.

Adjustments to the game’s difficulty or a complete restart are effortlessly achieved via navigational buttons strategically placed at the corners of the screen, ensuring a seamless and adaptable gaming experience.

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