Idle World MOD APK 4.9 (Unlimited Money)

What is the feeling of creating the world in a few days? Recreate Planet Eart from scratch and let us know.
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17 July 2022
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Idle World MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Idle World MOD APK. An Android Casual Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Hello, Idle World Game Players!Idle World Mod Apk v4.6.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money and Resources)Congratulations, you’ve reached the right page. This page will tell you all about the Specialty of Idle World Android Game. Its Mod Version Apk will also be available.Fastest CDN Direct LinkDownload Idle World Android Casual Games.

Features of Idle World

Idle World MOD APK


Everything was nearly impossible to find when I joined the game. You’ll start with nanoatoms like protons, neutrons and quantum Schaum. You will eventually start to accumulate matter, which will lead to objects and planet formation. This game is a great way to learn if you’re a scientist interested in the formation of universes.

Your planet will always produce energy. This energy source works in the same way as money units in other games. To help your planet grow, you will need energy to purchase other materials. Your planet will appear alive first by absorbing water, soil, plants, microorganisms, and other factors. Your planet will appear as if it were nothing when you first start playing. After you purchase the elements, they will appear on your sphere and create more energy points per unit of time. Wait for more energy. You can then use energy to purchase more elements similar to keep growing.

The human being will eventually appear. If the environment is favorable, they will grow. At the bottom of your screen will be the population report. This is the level of life on your planet. Colonize the planet, plant food, increase the land and water, and don’t forget about buying more animals!

Despite its simplicity, the game leaves an indelible impression

Idle World is one the most popular mobile games Homa Games has developed and made available. Homa Games is an independent mobile gaming studio that specializes in publishing, user acquisition and monetization. You can download the game to your mobile device using both Android and iOS Operating Systems. It is completely free. Idle World can be played without an Internet connection.

You will notice that Idle World is built on a 2D graphic foundation, while the background is in outer space. This will give you a 360-degree view of the Earth. You can also turn the planet in any direction you wish. You can view the Earth from different angles and see your current process. What is the state of your planet?

A lively sound will also stimulate your brain. It is important to speed up the construction process. A simple interface makes it easier for the player to use. Sometimes images may appear on the screen and fly above it, such as water, land or a satellite. There are images of aliens and UFOs. These images are a surprise to the player and will take you into outer space.

Create your own planet!

You start with a primitive planet. You will then follow the instructions to build your planet. To create water, click on the water icon. To create land, click on the image of land. You will need to continue adding elements if you want to increase your energy production. There are many elements that can be used to make the Earth. You can think of soil, microorganisms, plants, animals, humans, and so forth. Energy will increase with each element you add. This could be your problem. It is impossible to build the Earth in a short amount of time. Click on the Sun to get the free energy. One click equals 200 energy. You can multiply your earnings tenfold by viewing ads.

Idle World also offers many ways to earn energy. You can increase your speed by clicking on the UFO picture and using 10 diamonds to get double the energy. Energy increases faster if the speed is faster than the energy. The speed energy is only 120 seconds long and can be purchased in 600 seconds. This is the first. Time Travel is the second. Time travel will allow you to get energy. Random energy levels will determine the amount of energy you receive. The image above the screen will determine the third way. The alien tube image will give you the energy when you touch it. However, the images that are about Water and Land will give you a certain amount of Water or Land elements for free. You can also use spin to obtain the diamonds, energy, or seconds Time Travel…. Missions of Idle World will also provide many diamonds and Time Travel. Let’s get a lot more diamonds and other elements so that the Earth can be built faster.

You can add water and land elements to your planet once you have started building it. The players must meet the requirements to unlock the various elements. To activate the Soil element, you will need to activate 200 water and 100 land. To unlock Microorganism elements, you’ll need to activate 100 Silt 50 Sand and 25 Clay. Your planet will also need good Preservation, Protection, and Upgrade. You will find the new elements in Preservation such as Plains and Plateaus, Mountains and Sand. But Protection will allow you to build the Earth’s atmosphere with five Spheres. These are Troposphere and Mesosphere as well as Stratosphere, Stratospheres, Thermosphere and Exosphere. The publisher also provided additional World 2.0 and Mars to the player. These attractions will be of great interest to you.

Discover the infinite universe

Step by step, you can explore the universe. Idle World. The elements of the universe will be revealed to you when you join the game for the first time. You will start with nanoparticles. Then you can expand your universe to learn more about other things. Although nanoparticles are very small particles, they have the same properties as a unit. Nanotechnology is now being used in many areas of our lives, including medicine, optics and electronics. You can also add elements to the collection.

After expanding your universe, you will be able discover black holes. Your own galaxy. You can also use cosmic blackholes to increase your output. You can quickly collect the elements by using the black hole, which suckers everything in its vicinity. You can also build your own galaxies to explore the universe and discover even more things on each planet.

Idle World is a simple, idle game. To collect energy and other elements, tap the screen. You can play games offline, anywhere and anytime. Even if you aren’t there, enjoy the evolution of the universe.


Idle World allows the player to discover science, particularly the Earth. Earth researches have been added to the game, so you can gain a lot more knowledge. You can build the Earth, the atmosphere of Earth, and many other things with the elements. You can find the knowledge in sentences at the middle of your game’s interface. Science is always fascinating and draws many players.

The publisher supports 11 languages in the game. These languages include English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The game’s missions and equipment can be performed faster in many languages, which allows players around the globe to communicate with each other. You will also learn the vocabulary of different languages.

Learn about science

Discovering science is easier when you have planets around the universe, including the earth. Scientists have added some interesting research to the game. Explore the atmosphere, the ozone layer, and many other aspects of the universe. Science is fascinating. It stimulates curiosity and encourages people to want to learn more about it. This game is a must-have for science lovers.

You can also travel to other parts of the universe in order to learn more. You can also travel into the universe to see more. These images are what? You can explore other planets within the solar system, as well as earth. You can explore large sky stars and find asteroids within them.

How does Idle World Mod Apk games differ from others?

The above 4 procedures require that you have plenty of vitality. Rate x-2 can be used to increase your vitality, or you may purchase feminine diamonds with a blessed twist to get additional valuable products. Blue diamonds are rare and are not possible to find on your own planet. They can be purchased by paying for watching movies or cash ads.

The addictive Idle Clicker match. This new role-playing game allows you to decide what the future of the planet looks like. The more you update your whole world, the more electricity will you receive.

Spend your ability to purge Earth. To allow creatures to grow, plants crops! Is it possible to unlock the air? It’s simple and fun! Divide the air to avoid an all-out disaster! Start by updating the UN Lock creatures and people at the bottom. Capabilities:- Amazing cartoons! You can create your entire world exactly as you wish! You can upgrade your group in many ways! Unlimited gameplay hours! Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a whole world for yourself. Create a lifestyle and create disaster-resistant aspects such as crops, creatures, and methods.

You may find that the idle world can help you accomplish all of these tasks. Simply click on the image to enlarge it, and then click on the humans or creatures you wish to create. The individual anatomy will then be. They will also grow if the natural states are acceptable. You may see the populace report at the bottom of the screen. This is the level of daily life your planet requires. Colonize the entire planet, grow food, water and acquire many more creatures.
Principal attributes

The entire universe will likely always produce vitality. This power source is similar to the currency models found in matches. The power allows you to obtain substances that will allow your entire world to expand. Your entire world will look alive if you have access to water, dirt, crops and germs. Playing is the best way to make your entire world a living thing. When you buy the weather, they will appear in the same time creating energy things around the world. Be alert for vitality. Use your vitality to achieve things that are similar to continue growing.

Play Idle World and have fun

It is simple and straightforward to play. Idle World MOD APK Many players around the globe have been attracted to it. You can touch the elements you wish to contribute to the planet. You can prevent a natural disaster by creating the atmosphere. You can also upgrade the ground to add animals or humans. You will see an increase in the number of planers. You will feel as if you are creating the world. You will also be excited by the vivid sound effects and surprising effects. You won’t get bored while building. The game contains a lot of useful information. The game allows you to play and gain a lot of useful knowledge without having to search the Internet. Let’s get started and let’s see what you can accomplish.

Download Idle World MOD Apk for Android

Idle World is the best space simulation game I have ever seen. It’s great for scientists who want to discover more about the universe. You also get a new sense of being in the infinite universe. You can experience the thrill of creating new planets and expanding the universe with the help of God.

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