Car Fix Tycoon v1.9.67 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Welcome to Idle Car Fix Tycoon, in which you'll be running a car repair business from the scratch.
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Nov 22, 2023
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Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK. An Android Casual Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Car Fix Tycoon emerges as an idle game, casting you into the pivotal role of a vehicular artisan striving not only to amass wealth but to procure novel implements, mend automobiles, and amplify pecuniary gains. The game unfolds across three distinct phases, each navigable in a non-linear sequence. The player possesses the autonomy to elect their preferred difficulty level, with various currencies at their disposal to acquire tools and facilitate vehicular repairs.

Initiating the inaugural phase, players commence with a rudimentary toolkit. The avenue to financial augmentation unfurls through the meticulous restoration of automobiles. Transitioning into the second phase, access is granted to more sophisticated implements, albeit at an escalated monetary cost. The culminating stage offers the prospect of procuring avant-garde tools and enlisting additional personnel, fostering a multifaceted business landscape. A diverse array of vehicles awaits repair, accompanied by the option to personalize the aesthetic attributes of your automotive workshop.

Navigating the economic paradigm, players can opt for a complimentary gameplay experience or unleash the full spectrum of features by investing in premium currency. The accrual of gratuitous premium currency is viable through active gameplay engagement. Car Fix Tycoon, a simulation extravaganza, entrenches players in the managerial intricacies of a vehicular repair establishment, where financial augmentation and business optimization intertwine.

Within the digital confines of the game, players are bestowed with a virtual garage, serving as a repository for assorted automobiles. Repair endeavors encompass a meticulous dissection of components such as tires, brakes, engines, and sundry elements. Each facet of vehicular anatomy necessitates bespoke remediation. The reparation process is executed by judiciously selecting the requisite components and initiating the reparative sequence through a designated button. Successful restoration culminates in a monetary gratuity.

Concomitant with the restorative undertakings is the imperative acquisition of novel components for the workshop inventory. The procurement process is activated via the “Buy” interface, with each component accompanied by its unique valuation. Furthermore, financial disbursements are requisite for the execution of repair operations, constituting an indispensable facet of the gameplay dynamics.

Features of Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK

Embark on the journey of managing your automotive repair emporium

Car Rectification Mogul is a virtual realm where you orchestrate the genesis of your personalized automotive mending establishment. Establish your repair haven anywhere globally, intricately crafting it with diverse facilities such as a paint emporium, an upholstery studio, and a repository for components and accessories.

Tailor your automotive workshop to your whims, incorporating facilities like a paint emporium, an upholstery studio, and a repository for components and accessories.

Within this virtual realm, you shall oversee the entire spectrum, from initial customer requisitions to monetary transactions. Deliberate the proficiency of the mechanic assigned to the vehicle and set the monetary value of the automobile.

Generate revenue through daily transactions and clientele engagements

Car Rectification Mogul offers an intriguing interface where you seize dominion over a fledgling auto repair enterprise. Your mandate is to mend vehicles for a livelihood. However, this is no facile undertaking; it necessitates adeptness and seasoned acumen. The mechanic must possess an extensive array of competencies, encompassing mechanical, electrical, bodywork, and paint restoration.

This is not solely a pedagogical exercise in automotive refurbishment basics; it’s also an avenue to amass wealth and affluence. Opt from diverse locales, vehicles, and tasks to amass wealth.

As you conclude daily transactions, remuneration accrues. Employ this capital to procure novel automobiles and enhancements. If you derive satisfaction from engaging and captivating gaming experiences, Car Rectification Mogul is sure to captivate your interest.

Accrue daily perks and presents

This is a riveting idle recreation, amalgamating the best of diverse domains. Partake in a rudimentary car rectification mogul game while concurrently garnering daily incentives and gifts to expedite your progression. The game is replete with a plethora of novel automobiles and trucks available for purchase and sale.

Should you find enjoyment in the game, kindly furnish us with a review and commend it, facilitating further enhancements. Automotive refurbishment is an illustrious vocation for aficionados of automobiles, mechanics, and mending endeavors

In this digital arena, you shall steward your private automotive repair facility. Engage in the rectification of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even vans, amassing wealth through the reparation of these conveyances.

Pursue enhancements and enlist personnel to facilitate your reparative pursuits. A myriad of vehicles awaits refurbishment, with statistical insights available, tracking the number of vehicles restored, accumulated earnings, and your standing in the industry.

Furthermore, generate cash through promotional activities and expend it to augment the facility, engage additional staff, or procure enhancements.

Establish and expand your enterprise by recruiting personnel for operational assistance

Car Rectification Mogul extends an invitation to partake in a complimentary game where you can fortify your entrepreneurial venture and enlist a workforce to facilitate the operational activities of your repair facility. Assemble your automotive garage, mend the vehicles of your patrons, or proffer them brand-new ones.

Upgrading your equipment allows for more intricate reparations. Amass wealth through vehicular restoration and sales, eventually reaching a financial echelon that enables you to broaden your enterprise and employ additional personnel.

Game Dynamics

The objective of Car Rectification Mogul is to burgeon your enterprise into the preeminent auto repair facility in the vicinity. Commence modestly, procuring fundamental equipment and recruiting a mechanic. As your enterprise thrives, incorporate more automobiles into your garage and refine your toolset. An extensive array of vehicles awaits restoration, from standard cars to trucks and motorcycles.

The choice lies between personally rectifying your automobiles or deputizing mechanics for the task. Supplement your toolkit by acquiring innovative implements, widening the scope of vehicles you can mend.

With the multifarious features at your disposal, you can adeptly administer your enterprise, keeping it in seamless operation. Monitor the status of your automotive repair facility, its revenue, and the volume of patrons frequenting. As you progress through the game, expand your garage and enlist fresh personnel.

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