Hills of Steel MOD APK 5.7.3 (Unlimited Coins)

Last Updated on Aug 30, 2023
Hills of Steel is probably the most addictive physics based tank action game! And it’s free!
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Aug 29, 2023
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Hills of Steel MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Hills of Steel MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Coins download Yours Now.

Hills of Steel MOD APK is a new style of action RPG game. The game is designed to be a simulation of the real world and its environment.

It is inspired by the real world and is a story about the survival of people in the real world. The game is a realistic simulation but also has a unique concept.

It is a very interesting and fun game. It is an action game but also has a great story and a good atmosphere.

The game is set in a fantasy world. The game takes place in a small village. There are different types of characters and creatures. Some are evil, while others are good.

Each character has their own abilities, and they are good at what they are best. Some people are stronger than others, but everyone can be strong at some point. In the village, there are a variety of places to visit, and each place has its own special features.

There are two modes of gameplay in Hills of Steel MOD APK. One mode is survival mode, and the other mode is combat mode. In survival mode, the goal is to survive.

There are various creatures in the world, and each creature has its own abilities and attacks. You can use the character skills to fight against them.

The game also has a system of skill points, and each character can learn new skills. You will have to be smart about how to use these skills.

Hills of Steel MOD APK is very simple. The prince needs to find a way to escape from the monsters, and then find a way to reach the palace. The palace is located far away from the tower.

The prince needs to find a way to reach the palace. In order to escape from the monsters, the prince will have to find a way to escape.

Features of Hills of Steel MOD APK

Battle across 8 stunning landscapes in 4 different environments

There are 8 different locations in Hills of Steel MOD APK, each with its own special atmosphere and challenges. Battle your way through the desert, through the snowy mountains, through the forests, and even to the futuristic Moon!

The terrain varies greatly, and each location offers different gameplay elements. Hills of Steel is a physics-based action game. The game features 8 unique landscapes, each with its own rules and challenges.

Battle in the rain, snow, desert, or even on the moon. Each environment offers unique bonuses, upgrades, and special weapons. The game also features a large number of tanks to unlock and customize.

Earn medals and unlock awesome rewards

Earn medals in every match and unlock awesome rewards for every medal level! Get your game started with a free tank and customize it with cool stuff like weapons and paint jobs.

In Hills of Steel MOD APK Unlock the next tank with the in-game currency earned from playing the game. Then, try to earn the most medals and unlock the tank of your dreams!

Upgrade your tanks with more powerful weapons

Hills of Steel MOD APK features a unique upgrade system. You can upgrade your tanks with different special weapons and armor. You can even add a variety of other tanks to your garage.

But beware! As you progress, your opponents will become stronger and more difficult to beat. So make sure you keep an eye out for the best upgrades to keep ahead of the competition.

Engage in epic tank battles

In Hills of Steel, players will engage in epic tank battles and smash their way through hordes of enemies, earning loot from defeated foes and boosting their vehicles.

Each vehicle has its own set of upgrades that will help players get the upper hand in battle. Unlock new tanks as you progress through the story, and become the greatest war marshal the world has ever seen!


Hills of Steel MOD APK is a simple game, but with tons of fun. You start in a desert area, and you are trying to collect the flag in the center of the screen and take it to the base.

In each level, you start at the bottom and must drive up the hill, crushing everything in your path. The level will gradually get higher and the enemies will get stronger. Your goal is to reach the top of the hill before the timer runs out.

In the middle of the screen, there is a yellow circle. To start the level, you must first touch it. Once you touch it, you can move the tank around and use it to destroy everything in your path. You can either move the tank left or right, or you can fire your main gun, which shoots a wave of bullets.

Once you kill a group of enemies, you will get a small amount of money, and the timer will reset to 10 seconds. When the timer runs out, you will lose and the level will restart.

You can use the money to buy different types of upgrades for your tank. The best upgrades are the ones that increase the damage to your main gun and the health of your vehicle.

As you progress through the game, you will find more powerful tanks and new enemies. You will need to learn how to fight all of them.

Hills of Steel includes a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you can play against the computer or other players in the game. In the multiplayer mode, you can play with up to 4 players, and you can play in online or offline modes.

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