High Heels v5.0.23 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Get ready for the best high heels game EVER! This shoe game is fun, this runway is epic, this shoe race is for baddies! The taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls. A different obstacle awaits you at each parkour! There are rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road.
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Mar 06, 2024
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High Heels MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Download The Latest APK Version of High Heels MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Diamonds/Heels/Jewels/Body Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, participants embark on a journey by selecting a persona right from the commencement. Our protagonist, an average maiden residing in an unremarkable town, embodies youthful exuberance with a penchant for indulging in virtual pastimes.

While traversing her usual path homeward, serendipity leads her to an encounter with a cadre of individuals attempting to abduct her, driven by a peculiar desire to pilfer her footwear.

Successfully eluding the clutches of her would-be abductors, she hastes towards the precinct of law enforcement. A zealous police official, ardently aspiring to apprehend the malefactors, entrusts you with aiding our resilient damsel.

Upon infiltrating the covert lair of the abductors, a peculiar spectacle unfolds, revealing an assembly of men adorned in elevated feminine footwear. Venturing further, their exposed extremities become evident, presenting an opportunity to wield these stilettoes as unconventional weapons. “High Heels!” unfolds as a dynamic, rapid-paced, and exhilarating combat experience.

This interactive venture requires you to deploy your acquired stilettos in combating not only the typical undead but also confronting specialized, empowered zombie variants.

Distinguishing between ordinary and specialized undead is imperative; the former lack potency and exhibit no unique attributes, while the latter possess an array of extraordinary capabilities, such as the ability to discharge laser beams.

Selecting your persona from an assortment of four distinct classes assumes paramount importance. Each class boasts unique merits and demerits, demanding meticulous consideration due to its implications on your armament options. Equipping discovered armaments to your persona becomes pivotal, subsequently engaging in skirmishes against the zombie horde to secure survival.

Features of High Heels MOD APK

Choose from over 20 different girls and boys

Amidst the commencement of the gaming experience, a character-selection interface unfolds. Players are presented with a plethora of options, surpassing the count of 20 distinctive personas, encompassing both feminine and masculine entities.

Each character possesses an individualistic demeanor, affording players the liberty to tailor their attire with meticulous detail. The acquisition of additional garments and accessories is facilitated through the expenditure of in-game currency.

In the realm of Inn High Heels MOD, the choice between assuming the role of a male or female protagonist is at the player’s discretion. The customization of each character’s sartorial identity remains an intrinsic aspect, offering an expansive array of possibilities. The procurement of supplementary clothing and accessories is executed seamlessly through the utilization of in-game financial resources.

Choose a weapon to fight with

Opt for a combat instrument to engage adversaries, with the flexibility to seamlessly switch between various weapons at your discretion. Harness the power of these weapons by tactically pressing the designated on-screen button.

Within the gaming realm, confront diverse foes employing an assortment of weaponry. Select the tool that aligns most aptly with the specific circumstances at hand.

Initiate the utilization of your chosen weapon through a concise button press. Enhance your tactical repertoire by smoothly transitioning to an alternative weapon, achieved through a sustained button hold.

Pick up coins and buy items

Within this gaming realm, participants possess the ability to amass coins with a mere tap on the screen, subsequently utilizing the acquired wealth to procure various items. Alternatively, engaging adversaries in combat proves to be another lucrative avenue for augmenting one’s monetary reserves.

Adding a layer of dynamism, players have the liberty to traverse the virtual landscape while strolling through the streets, seamlessly blending the gaming experience with real-world exploration. The acquisition of items remains effortlessly accessible through a simple screen tap.

Defined by its simplicity, the game unfolds as an accessible action-packed adventure. Players embark on a journey to accumulate coins, a feat achievable by seizing the monetary spoils left behind by defeated adversaries.

Collect powerups and earn more coins

This game holds particular significance for the female demographic, as it contributes to the enhancement of a girl’s stature, lending an allure of increased attractiveness. Central to the gameplay is the imperative task of amassing power-ups, including coins, gems, and assorted beneficial items.

Upon successful completion of a given level, players unlock access to subsequent stages, yielding an increased bounty of coins and gems. The amassed wealth in the form of coins and gems serves a dual purpose, empowering players to acquire novel characters through a judicious exchange.


Embarking on a platformer enriched with action elements, players navigate a multifaceted repertoire of maneuvers leaping and sprinting, scaling walls, traversing ropes, and brandishing an arsenal of weapons. The interactive experience extends to item collection, weapon upgrades, and the art of tactically pouncing on adversaries.

Optimal gameplay recommends partnering with a friend to mitigate the risk of disorientation. Leveraging the collected items for puzzle-solving proves instrumental in propelling the game forward, presenting a nuanced layer of strategic engagement. Additionally, players can tailor their character’s aesthetic during the gaming odyssey.

Upon initiation, players encounter a menu screen, affording the selection of their preferred character. Post this choice, the player seamlessly transitions to a new screen, granting freedom of movement and item selection within the game environment.

As the player progresses, the protagonist undergoes a transformative journey towards heightened prowess. Attaining power-ups unlocks new skills, providing a tactical edge in the ongoing battle against the nefarious kidnappers the antagonists with a singular objective of pilfering the player’s prized high heels. The theft, however, comes with a silver lining, as it bestows the player with a coveted power-up.

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