H.I.D.E. v0.37.78 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
Do you want to play hide and seek at the White House, HIDE Online Station, Beach or Santa's House?
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Mar 04, 2024
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H.I.D.E. MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of HIDE MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of evasive pursuits, a captivating game unfolds, a nuanced dance of hide-and-seek. Diverse modes, ranging from the chaotic free-for-all to the strategic team format, await players’ strategic choices opting to either conceal or unveil themselves. Furthermore, a tapestry of terrains, spanning jungle, swamp, desert, snowscapes, and beyond, adds a multifaceted layer to the gameplay experience.

The raison d’être for engaging in this enigmatic venture, known as “Hide-and-Seek Online!” transcends mere amusement it’s an odyssey for players to immerse themselves in joyous escapades. The game not only provides a conduit for revelry but also fosters communication amongst friends, elevating the interactive facet.

In the labyrinth of gameplay, participants wield an arsenal of sundry items to bolster their survival endeavors. The virtual marketplace beckons with an array of acquisitions, enabling players to augment their resources and resilience. Amidst the gameplay, a treasure trove of concealed objects awaits discovery, each bearing intrinsic rarity that amplifies its allure.

Yet, the pursuit is not an obligatory scavenger hunt; these clandestine artifacts can serve as instruments of confrontation against formidable adversaries. The game’s versatile modes unfold myriad possibilities, offering a canvas where players can unleash their prowess. Compatibility extends seamlessly to contemporary browsers like the latest iterations of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Embark on a novel online odyssey, a distinctive venture christened HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online! Here, the onus is placed on concealing one’s virtual persona while diligently pursuing the adversary, introducing an exhilarating dynamic.

LPC, the purveyor of this digital escapade, situates it within the expansive universe of the cinematic masterpiece “Hide-and-Seek.” Immerse yourself in the mystique of this alternate reality, as the game unravels an odyssey inspired by the film’s narrative tapestry.

Diverging from conventional gaming paradigms, this venture presents unparalleled autonomy. Players can metamorphose their avatars ad infinitum, unbridled by numerical constraints. The spectrum of customization spans appearances, attire, gender, and race an unprecedented palette of possibilities.

However, certain constraints persist; the metamorphosis is confined to clothing, as players grapple with limitations on altering physique and skin tone. Notwithstanding, the liberty to introduce additional characters to the narrative canvas remains intact, with players entrusted to mold their gender and racial identities. The possibility of forming a coalition of up to five players adds a communal dimension to the immersive tapestry of gameplay.

Features of H.I.D.E. MOD APK

Play on a variety of maps and arenas

In the realm of virtual amusement, behold a cutting-edge hide-and-seek extravaganza, an online marvel of ingenuity. Embark upon a journey through an array of meticulously crafted landscapes and battlegrounds.

For aficionados of the widely embraced hide-and-seek pastime, this complimentary rendition shall captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of traversing diverse maps and arenas, reveling in the distinctive attributes that define this unconventional gaming experience.

Indulge your penchant for exploration by selecting from an eclectic array of maps. Take your pick among illustrious locales such as the White House, the HIDE Online Station, the Beach, Santa’s House, and an array of others. Each locale presents a bespoke set of challenges and regulations, pitting players against one another within the confines of the arena.

Chat with your friends while playing hide-and-seek games

Engage in lively conversations with your companions as the gaming saga unfolds. Unveil the identities of those concealing themselves and those in pursuit of discovery. Within this dynamic game, issue challenges to your comrades, beckoning them to unravel the mystery of your concealment, all while observing their earnest attempts to locate you.

Extend invitations to your social circle, urging them to partake in the gaming escapade. Witness their endeavors firsthand as they strive to unveil your whereabouts amidst the intricate landscapes of the hide-and-seek realm.

You can choose between 4 different characters

Embark upon the selection of four distinct avatars, each endowed with a unique arsenal of skills and weaponry. Within the intricate tapestry of this virtual realm, each character boasts a singular ability that sets them apart from their counterparts.

Dive into the realm of dynamic possibilities, where the game mode, map theme, and player count are malleable at your whim, subject to alteration at any juncture during the gaming odyssey.

Unleash your creativity by crafting a bespoke map, beckoning your companions to partake in its challenges. Extend your creation to the broader community, fostering a shared experience within the expansive tapestry of this virtual hide-and-seek universe.

You can earn achievements

Within the swift currents of this hide-and-seek spectacle, amass a trove of achievements by accomplishing designated tasks and reaping the accompanying rewards. Navigate through the challenges, and for some feats, unlock achievements seamlessly through in-app acquisitions.

In this adrenaline-fueled rendition of hide-and-seek, engage in fierce competition against both allies and adversaries, striving to secure the highest point tally. Garner achievements and reap the benefits, amassing a fortune in coins as a testament to your triumphs.


Delve into the multiplayer online realm of endless possibilities, where the abundance of players enhances the gaming experience. Navigate through a myriad of choices, selecting from an assortment of diverse maps and arenas to amplify the thrill.

Embark on an exploration of varied landscapes, ranging from the iconic White House and bustling stations to serene beaches, festive Santa’s abode, majestic castles, arid deserts, enchanted forests, towering mountains, vibrant cities, and lively zoos. The options are boundless, with no constraints on the number of participants.

Within H.I.D.E.’s expansive domain, tailor your experience by opting for different modes, whether teaming up with a friend or engaging with random individuals spanning the globe. Unleash the excitement of hide-and-seek in locales like the White House, the station, the beach, Santa’s house, the castle, the desert, the forest, the mountains, the city, the zoo, and an array of other captivating places.

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What's new

Now, when the Hunter takes damage, players can see the direction from which the shot was fired at him.
We have moved the match results window from the game to the main menu. Now players can view round statistics without the window automatically closing; you can close it whenever you want.
Players will no longer gain experience for playing in cyclic rooms, which will help balance progression.

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