Ground Support v0.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
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Feb 19, 2024
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Ground Support MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ground Support MOD APK. An Android Action Games this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of virtual warfare, immerse yourself in a combat simulation against adversarial forces unfolding in real time. Your primary objective: safeguard the convoy against relentless enemy assaults.

Engage in the battlefield dynamics by acquiring avant-garde weaponry and cutting-edge military vehicles. The potency of your arsenal directly correlates with the expeditious vanquishing of adversaries, ensuring the convoy’s secure passage.

The Ground Support gaming experience boasts a hyper-realistic battlefield environment, where each soldier is armed with a diverse array of weaponry. The inexorable degradation of your armaments necessitates the continual acquisition of novel tools to ensure your survival.

In the throes of perpetual motion, civilians traverse the landscape, underscoring the imperative of offering ground support to shield the convoy from impending peril.

Fast forward to the annus mirabilis of 2035. Humanity has, at last, unearthed a remedy for the pervasive global pandemic that wrought havoc upon the Earth. Alas, this triumph bears a steep toll. The world’s denizens are in constant flux, seeking sanctuary amidst uncertainty.

This juncture marks humanity’s conclusive bid for refuge on Earth. A new conundrum surfaces as military forces must secure the arterial routes for the convoy’s journey to a nascent settlement.

As the convoy inches forward, your mandate crystallizes: fortify its perimeter, shielding its occupants. Deploy your acumen and tactical prowess to ensure the convoy’s safety, navigating the labyrinth of threats posed by hostile adversaries.

Your charge is unequivocal the guardianship of the convoy is your paramount mission, a duty you are bound to fulfill.

Features of Ground Support MOD APK

Choose from multiple units, and customize them with different weapons and equipment

In the realm of contemporary warfare simulations, you find yourself thrust into the pivotal role of a frontline combatant. Your solemn duty encompasses safeguarding the convoy against assaults emanating from both aerial and terrestrial adversaries.

You shall be allowed to engage with a myriad of units, each endowed with distinctive attributes and vulnerabilities. Tailor them to your preferences by outfitting diverse armaments and gear. The onus lies upon your strategic acumen to triumph in each mission, propelling you toward the subsequent echelon.

Select from an array of ground support vehicles, diversify their configuration with a spectrum of weaponry and gear, and deploy them judiciously to shield your convoy at any cost.

Take part in missions and complete them

Embark on missions and accomplish them through a myriad of approaches. From safeguarding convoys to meticulously clearing minefields, astute vigilance and the utilization of a diverse array of vehicles will be paramount.

Do not overlook the plethora of weaponry at your disposal, ranging from machine guns and grenade launchers to flamethrowers and beyond.

The vehicles at your command stand as epitomes of cutting-edge technology, representing the pinnacle of vehicular sophistication. The most enticing facet? They come without any cost! Furthermore, should the inclination to temporarily diverge from mission-centric pursuits arise, indulge in the complimentary game mode. Here, you can leisurely traverse and explore the expansive array of formidable vehicles at your beck and call.

Upgrade your units with experience points

Within the app, a prospect awaits you to enhance your units through the accumulation of experience points. Over time, your units shall have the capacity to augment their statistics, a testament to their evolving prowess. Amass’s experience points through the triumph over adversaries, the fortification of bases, and the triumphant conclusion of missions.

Elevating your soldiers to higher echelons is a multifaceted endeavor. This includes the enhancement of their equipment, amplification of their statistical attributes, and the bestowal of advantageous bonuses. The trajectory of progression for your soldiers is delineated by your strategic choices, cementing their growth and proficiency on the battlefield.

Unlock achievements and win medals

The primary objective of the game entails operating a military vehicle to ensure the safe arrival of the convoy at its designated destination. Your pivotal role involves utilizing the vehicle strategically to aid the convoy and shield it against an array of threats, encompassing mines, ambushes, and hostile enemy vehicles.

To fulfill these mission-critical objectives, your expertise in driving is paramount. Navigating the convoy to its destination while fending off potential dangers becomes your mission.

Beyond the core mission, an additional layer of engagement awaits, presenting you with the opportunity to attain achievements by surmounting diverse challenges. Upon successful completion of each challenge, a commendable medal shall be conferred upon you, serving as a tangible testament to your accomplishments and a point of pride to showcase amongst your peers.


In the application, civilians are in motion, contributing ground support and steadfastly safeguarding the convoy at any expense. Progressing through the desert landscape, meticulous protection against enemy assaults becomes imperative for the convoy’s safe passage.

The convoy’s secure arrival at its destination is paramount. Navigating through the desert expanse, it is incumbent upon you to guarantee the vehicles’ comprehensive protection from potential enemy attacks.

Leveraging your GrabPack, assume control of driving, defense, repairs, and the well-being of the civilians. This presents the ultimate challenge: Safeguard the convoy’s journey while ensuring its unscathed arrival at the intended destination.

Taking on the role of the squad commander, your mission revolves around shielding the convoy from relentless attacks. Your squad, armed with cutting-edge technology and weaponry, represents the epitome of excellence in your endeavor.

Traversing the countryside roads on a mission to deliver vital supplies to the base, your vigilance is imperative. Identifying the adversaries and preemptively engaging them is essential to thwart any potential threats to your precious cargo.

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