GoreBox v15.3.7 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
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Mar 04, 2024
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GoreBox MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of GoreBox MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with All Unlocked Available Download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, GoreBox emerges as a simplistic yet compelling virtual experience. This game is not just your run-of-the-mill gore fest; it positions you as a protagonist armed with the task of exterminating adversaries while navigating the perilous landscapes of the digital world. A formidable weapon, your trusty firearm, is bestowed upon you.

The demise of your foes can only be orchestrated through the precise act of gunfire, adding a layer of intricacy to the gameplay. The primary objective? To terminate the maximum number of adversaries, injecting an element of fascination into the gaming dynamics.

GoreBox unfolds its narrative through two distinct modes: the liberty of Free Mode and the relentless challenge posed by Survival Mode. The latter, a crucible of higher complexity, demands your resilience. Each demise forces a restart, immersing you in the unforgiving reality of this visceral game.

User interaction within GoreBox is facilitated through a user-friendly interface. Navigate your character with the precision of a mouse, execute shots with the keyboard, or opt for the fluidity of a joystick for movement control. The convergence of these input methods enhances the overall gaming experience.

An auditory symphony accompanies the visual spectacle, courtesy of GoreBox’s adept sound system. Customize the auditory landscape as you engage in gunfire, immersing yourself in the distinctive noises that resonate with each shot. A voice component further enriches the auditory tapestry, capturing the essence of every firing instance.

GoreBox transcends the realm of a mere gore game; it is a timeless classic within the action RPG genre. The commitment to evolution is evident as the game receives periodic updates, infusing fresh content and innovative features. Players traverse the expansive world of the Blood Forest, encountering legendary heroes and valiant warriors who once battled for the glory of the land.

Combat in GoreBox is not confined to the mundane; wield the sword, harness the arcane powers of magic, or employ the precision of a bow to vanquish monstrous adversaries. The game’s freemium model ensures unlimited access, granting players unrestricted opportunities to immerse themselves in the captivating landscapes and challenges that GoreBox unfolds.

Features of GoreBox MOD APK

Explore a vast variety of environments

Embark upon the vast expanse within GoreBox, where a myriad of terrains unfolds, ranging from opulent sylvan realms to enigmatic subterranean caverns and the frigid realms of the northern tundra.

Each distinct milieu possesses its own intrinsic attributes, encapsulating meteorological phenomena, varied topography, unique botanical specimens, and a diverse spectrum of fauna. The immersive experience extends further, granting the capacity to fabricate personalized cartographic depictions through a curated assortment of pre-constructed modules.

GoreBox, in its magnanimity, bestows upon gaming enthusiasts an inexhaustible array of divergent landscapes for exploration. Whether traversing the arid expanses of a desert, navigating through the arboreal tapestry of a forest, confronting the murky depths of a swamp, or venturing into the cryptic recesses of a cave, the potential for creative construction is boundless. The confines of possibility dissolve, allowing for the manifestation of one’s architectural desires. Erect metropolises, formidable fortresses, and even submerged sanctuaries beneath aquatic domains—all are within the realm of tangible achievement.

Build and destroy anything in the environment

In the vast expanse of GoreBox, wield unparalleled dominion over your surroundings with the omnipotent Reality Crusher – your quintessential tool for construction, demolition, and environmental manipulation.

With the Reality Crusher at your disposal, exercise absolute authority to dismantle walls, topple trees, or catapult yourself into the celestial abyss. This remarkable instrument transcends the conventional boundaries of weaponry, offering a multifaceted approach to reshaping the virtual terrain.

GoreBox, in essence, transforms into a veritable sandbox of unrestrained intensity, inviting players to engage in an immersive experience where the boundaries of creation and annihilation blur. Whether fashioning rudimentary entities or colossal edifices, the power to construct and obliterate within the digital expanse lies within your grasp. The Reality Crusher, a harbinger of chaos and creation, becomes the conduit for orchestrating your triumphs, allowing you to pulverize obstacles or revel in the sheer delight of causing controlled mayhem.

In GoreBox, the ethos is one of unbridled ferocity, where the dichotomy between construction and destruction dissolves. The Reality Crusher emerges as the catalyst for your ascent to triumph, a tool to either meticulously navigate the path to victory or revel in the unbridled frenzy of explosive demolition. The choice is yours, as the digital canvas awaits the strokes of your creative authority.

Choose from a variety of weapons and power-ups

Embark on the enthralling odyssey of GoreBox’s riveting sandbox gameplay, a journey that will undoubtedly kindle an insatiable appetite for more. Commence your venture armed with a diverse array of armaments and enhancements, subsequently crafting bespoke terrains through the formidable Reality Crusher, thus metamorphosing every setting into a pulsating battlefield.

Navigate the path to triumph in this exhilarating sandbox experience, where the focal point revolves around the game’s extensive array of weaponry, enhancements, and implements.

Within the gaming panorama, a cornucopia of armaments unfolds, encompassing close-quarter melee instruments, the concussive might of shotguns, the precision of long-range sniper rifles, the explosive ordnance of grenades, the scorching ferocity of flamethrowers, and the futuristic allure of plasma cannons. Players are endowed with the autonomy to cherry-pick from this expansive arsenal, selecting armaments and enhancements that align harmoniously with their strategic preferences.

Unleash your inner demon

GoreBox stands as an action-packed sandbox gaming extravaganza, providing an avenue to unleash the inner demon within. With a multifaceted arsenal at your disposal, confront an assortment of adversaries, wielding diverse weapons, including the formidable reality crusher—a paramount implement for crafting, demolishing, and manipulating the digital expanse.

Unleash the latent demon within and wreak havoc, leaving a trail of creation and destruction in your wake. The spectrum of possibilities stretches limitlessly. Assume the mantle of an malevolent mastermind, harboring ambitions of global domination, or metamorphose into a diabolical instrument of annihilation.

Embark on a journey of autonomy, crafting personalized terrains, navigating diverse modes of transportation—be it driving, soaring through the skies, or unleashing explosive chaos. The reality crusher, your quintessential tool for building, destroying, and reshaping the environment, takes center stage in this dynamic gaming experience.


GoreBox is a game of action and extreme violence. You must fight, destroy, and kill.

In this game, you have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Some of them are easy to use, but others require a bit of practice and experimentation to master.

GoreBox is a sandbox game. It means that you can build whatever you want, and you can blow it up. In fact, you can blow up anything.

There are many different types of enemies in the game. They vary from simple zombies to mutated creatures to intelligent robots.

When you finish a level, you can check your score. You can also see the number of kills you had in each level.

The game is very addictive. You can unlock many weapons and upgrades, which will make the game more interesting. This game is perfect for people who love violent games.

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What's new

-dead goredolls turn pale after some time
-added game save and load feature
-added wiring and electric overloads / overcharges
-improved menu
-fixed bugs

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