CyberSphere v3.18.64 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
The invasion began 54 years ago.
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Mar 04, 2024
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CyberSphere MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Download The Latest APK Version of CyberSphere MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Free Purchase Available downloads Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, a multifaceted spectrum of gaming genres unfolds. Nestled within this expanse lies a timeless gem a quintessential RPG. Embark upon an odyssey with the protagonist endowed with the artistry to craft an individual persona.

Journey through the intricate narrative, exploring the manifestation of extraordinary abilities. Encounter an array of archetypes: the stalwart Warriors, the mystical Mages, and the cerebral Scientists.

Divergence is the hallmark of these characters, distinguished not only by class but by inherent disparities. Warriors, Mages, and Scientists the trinity of choices beckons, each path a distinctive odyssey.

The allure of this digital cosmos is magnetic, an immersive saga demanding substantial temporal investment for narrative unraveling. The allure amplifies when delving into the versatility of classes and the kaleidoscope of skills at one’s disposal.

The crux of the tale mirrors the cadence of an anime narrative, replete with myriad monstrosities to vanquish. Engaging in combat unveils a repertoire of diverse skills, each a tantalizing avenue of mastery.

Presenting itself as a gratis action extravaganza birthed by the ingenuity of Tencent Games, the CyberSphere narrative unfolds. Players, draped in the mantle of cyber guardians, combat the virtual underworld’s incursion, combating cybercrime with mettle and might.

Resource accumulation, power augmentation, and ascension in prowess form the scaffolding upon which heroes build their legacy. An arsenal of missions and events weaves an intricate tapestry, while heroes available for purchase become allies in task completion. Pioneering the free-to-play online frontier within a renowned game series, Heroes of CyberSphere: Online was unshackled on December 11th, 2018.

Gameplay mirrors the cadence of titans like Arena of Valor and Clash Royale, coalescing with the ethos of diverse online gaming. Players, arbiters of choice, select their champion from a cadre of 100-plus personas, each with a myriad of skins.

The narrative is punctuated by festive seasons, donning Halloween and Christmas vestiges. Triumph in challenges begets rewards, heightening the allure of the game’s tripartite modes: Battle, Adventure, and Training.

Battle mode fuses individuals into formidable teams, skirmishing against rival factions. Adventure mode immerses players in quests, a mosaic of challenges yielding commensurate rewards. Training mode is the crucible wherein skills are refined through practice.

Heroes of CyberSphere: Online introduces an amalgam of missions—daily and weekly, spanning battles, quests, events, and achievements. Currency, in the form of earned rewards, opens avenues to acquire fresh heroes and skins, breathing life into the ever-evolving narrative.

Features of Heroes of CyberSphere MOD APK

Over 100 types of robots and suits to choose from

In the realm of gaming, an extensive array of over a century of diverse automata and exoskeleton options awaits your discerning choice. Employ these mechanized warriors adeptly in engaging the adversary through multifarious strategies. The pièce de résistance lies in the capacity to tailor these automatons according to your preferences. Hence, you possess the liberty to select the optimal armament or exosuit for any given task.

Upgrade your equipment and increase your strength

In the dynamic realm of real-time strategy gaming, you have the opportunity to engage not only in solitary combat against the adversary but also in collaborative endeavors with comrades.

The narrative unfolds in a futuristic setting, a time distant from our present, where extraterrestrial automatons have launched an invasion upon Earth, and the indomitable spirit of humanity rises to repel this cosmic intrusion. Your paramount objective materializes as the safeguarding of your cherished home planet.

Within the virtual confines of Heroes of CyberSphere: Online, a venue for tactical prowess, the avenue of progress unfurls before you. Here, the augmentation of your arsenal and the fortification of your might become pivotal pursuits.

Encountering an alien automaton mandates your adeptness in obliterating it, a crucial step toward triumphing over the adversary. Yet, concurrently, a vigilant watch over your troops and the bastion they defend becomes imperative.

Discover the world of cyber-warriors

The allure of this experience lies in its undeniably addictive nature, requiring a substantial investment of time to navigate through the intricate tapestry of the story mode. However, the allure amplifies as you delve into the fascinating realm of diverse character classes and their distinct skill sets.

At its core, the narrative revolves around the character’s journey, resonating strikingly with the narrative arcs of anime tales. A multitude of monstrous entities, each distinctive, populate this narrative landscape, providing a captivating backdrop for engaging in enthralling combat encounters.

The allure deepens with the myriad of skills at your disposal, each a unique facet waiting to be unraveled, adding a layer of intrigue and mastery to the unfolding saga.

Build your team of heroes

Within the confines of this gaming realm, the prerogative rests with you to forge a formidable cadre of heroes, an assemblage where myriad classes and skills await your discerning selection. The process unfolds as you meticulously opt for a hero class, subsequently handpicking a skill tailored to augment your hero’s capabilities.

A distinctive feature that elevates this game to a pinnacle of enjoyment is the ability to incorporate your beloved heroes into your ensemble. Furthermore, the connectivity aspect allows for online gameplay alongside friends.

Herein lies the opportunity to issue challenges to your comrades, beckoning them to confront the prowess of your curated team. The addictive nature of the game is manifested in its ability to beckon your attention at any juncture, providing an immersive experience available for indulgence at your convenience.


Enlisted as a valiant soldier hailing from the celestial expanse of CyberSphere, your gallant duty unfurls amidst the cosmic clash against malevolent invaders. The mission at hand demands the obliteration of the enemy’s stronghold, thwarting the invasion, and preserving the very fabric of our global existence.

CyberSphere, the celestial haven, serves as the home to a race of cybernetic entities, architects of an unparalleled civilization adorned with awe-inspiring technology and avant-garde scientific advancements. However, the tranquility of 54 years was abruptly shattered as hostile forces invaded, wielding their formidable robotic legions to assail the planet.

Your role in this cosmic saga necessitates the construction and enhancement of your battalion of mechanized warriors and powered exoskeletons. Leveraging your acumen, you must employ strategic finesse to safeguard the planet from impending doom.

As the protagonist, your arsenal extends beyond mere weaponry; your intellectual prowess becomes the primary tool in this interstellar battle. Strategic thinking and meticulous planning are imperative to navigate the challenges ahead.

Crafting and refining your battle tactics, assembling an adept team, and honing your strategic acuity becomes paramount in the pursuit of victory. The battle isn’t just against the invaders; it extends to aiding the survivors, ensuring a holistic approach to the aftermath of war.

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