Crash Arena Turbo Stars v3.15.1 MOD APK (God Mode)

Last Updated on Mar 05, 2024
Build your own battle bot and unleash its power in this stylish PvP game!
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Mar 05, 2024
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Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK (God Mode)

Download The Latest APK Version of Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with God Mode Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, behold a novel arcade marvel, a creation of virtuosity crafted by the adept hands of the developer Gameloft.

Taking inspiration from the silver screen sensation “Cats,” this dynamic gaming spectacle mirrors the renowned “Puzzle Fighter.”

Embark on an odyssey where the player assumes the guise of a feline combatant, engaging in visceral skirmishes against adversaries. For the uninitiated in the art of combat games, the initial foray may be enigmatic. Yet, fear not, as the intricacies of the game unveil themselves with simplicity. The participant, to partake, must make a discerning choice of a character poised for battle.

Upon the selection of said character, the player is thrust into the arena, face-to-face with the designated adversary. Mastery over the mouse becomes paramount, as the player navigates the nuances of offense and defense.

The game presents two distinct modes for the player’s exploration – the narrative-rich story mode and the unfettered freedom of the free mode.

In the story mode, players traverse a compelling narrative, unlocking uncharted territories. As the journey unfolds, fresh adversaries emerge, necessitating triumph for progression.

In the free mode, players can exercise agency in selecting from a cadre of five characters. Having made their choice, the player engages in combat against any chosen foe, with the potentiality of confronting up to three adversaries concurrently. Victorious skirmishes result in the accumulation of gold and coins, enhancing the player’s standing.

Behold, a battle-centric opus unleashed by GREE, is a sequel to the esteemed “CATZ.”

Within this virtual battleground, players embody a feline harbinger of destruction, armed with an arsenal including a whip, a cudgel, explosives, a sword, a shield, a bow, and more.

The primary objective is to assail rival fauna, vanquishing them and harvesting their life essence. Optionally, players can assume the roles of the fallen adversaries, each endowed with unique abilities, fortifying their stance in the ongoing struggle against opposition.

Features of Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK

Build your battle bot and customize it

Amidst the gaming realm, Forge your combat automaton and engage in visceral clashes with fellow participants within an adrenaline-infused PvP battleground.

Tailor your mechanized warrior to augment its offensive prowess and velocity. Unearth myriad novel armaments, proficiencies, and capabilities to vanquish adversaries within the confines of the arena.

Engage in fierce duels against rival automatons, substantiating your merit in this high-octane PvP spectacle. Hailing from the masterminds behind acclaimed games such as Cut the Rope and King of Thieves arises an innovative gaming experience tailored to satiate your latent desire for crafting formidable combat automatons.

Unleash its power in the Arena

Emerge as a luminary in the cosmic arena of combat, where your skirmishes attain unprecedented levels of coolness. Immerse yourself in the Arena and unleash the formidable might encapsulate within your Battle Bot. Crafted by the visionaries behind gaming sensations like Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, behold the epitome of inventive and chic battle bot construction!

Catering to a diverse array of gamers, Battle Bots manifest to suit every gaming palate. Within the intricate tapestry of gameplay, fabricate your own Battle Bot, imbue it with personal touches, and engage in fierce confrontations against other mechanized warriors within the Arena. Harness the potential of your Battle Bot to partake in the thrilling Arena clashes, accumulating coins to propel the evolution of your mechanized gladiator.

More than 20+ battle bots to construct

Prepare yourself to forge your very own combat automatons and unleash their formidable might! Take the initiative and bring to life your preferred mechanized warrior from an extensive selection of over 20+ distinctive components.

Within this gaming realm, bestow upon your creation a captivating allure through an array of customization choices, crafting a visage that exudes coolness. Embark on a journey of aesthetic refinement, transforming your creation into a masterpiece.

Venture into the global arena, where your creation becomes a contender in riveting competitions against other players, vying for the coveted glory that awaits the triumphant. The stage is set for you to showcase the prowess of your meticulously crafted battle bot on the grand stage of global competition.

Collect and upgrade tons of weapons, shields, and special abilities

Unveil a treasury of weaponry, shields, and distinctive capabilities, numbering in the hundreds, awaiting your mastery. Proceed to tailor your combatant with an expansive myriad of conceivable combinations, sculpting your unique battle bot into existence!

Immerse yourself in the heat of intense one-on-one skirmishes against fellow players. Within this immersive gaming experience, amass and enhance an array of weapons, shields, and special abilities, sculpting your mechanical marvel into the epitome of battle bot perfection. Each weapon, endowed with its merits and demerits, introduces a strategic dimension to your conquests, adding depth to the gameplay experience.


Embark on a distinctive odyssey within the realms of this unparalleled action game, setting it apart from its counterparts through its unique stylistic elements. Within this immersive gaming experience, you possess the creative reins to craft and unleash the formidable might encapsulated within your personalized battle bot.

The game unfolds in a dualistic narrative, comprising the intricate phases of Construction and Battle. In the Construction mode, you are endowed with the task of envisioning and assembling your mechanized warrior, selecting from an eclectic array of weapons and body components.

Diversify your tactical arsenal by choosing from four distinct weapon categories: Attack, Defence, Support, and Special. The freedom bestowed upon you allows for the amalgamation of weapons that resonate with your strategic inclinations.

Moreover, delve into the realm of aesthetic refinement by personalizing your bot’s appearance, integrating thousands of body parts into a cohesive and visually striking whole. The creative boundaries extend further as you blend and meld different components, birthing entirely new configurations.

Equip your battle bot with a formidable quintet of weapons, where the augmentation of armaments directly correlates to the escalation of your mechanized warrior’s power.

Within the high-octane confines of Crash Arena Turbo Stars, engage in visceral clashes against the battle bots of fellow players. The vast array of permutations in weapon and body part combinations affords you the latitude to forge a distinctive fighting style. The efficacy of your bot in combat hinges on the meticulous selection of weapons and body parts, adding layers of strategy to the gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the camaraderie of real-time player-versus-player battles, inviting you to revel in the thrill of online encounters with friends. The dynamic interplay of customization, strategy, and real-time competition converges to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience within this one-of-a-kind action game.

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What's new

☀️ The summer update is here! ☀️

- NEW CHAMPIONSHIP PARTS: We've created the first Drone for the Championship, the Copter Drone! And one cool new chassis!

- NEW ULTIMATE PARTS: Introducing the R.A.M. chassis and the Plasma Sentry weapon from the Mecha Sponsor!

- COPILOTS MISSIONS REBALANCE: Now they give more copilots resources!

- TECH IMPROVEMENTS: We've made tons of technical improvements and bug fixes!

Stay tuned for future updates, cool things are on their way!

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