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09 July 2022
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Cover Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Cover Strike MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Description of Cover Strike MOD APK

Install Cover Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money and guns unlocked) and join in counter-terrorism operations. Pay attention, because enemy could be shooting at your head and waiting to shoot!

Counter-Strike is among the most played first-person shooter games around the world. Classic gameplay, with a focus on the history that has been around for more than two centuries of gameplay has seen little changes, but has a lasting impression within the hearts of players. As of now, there are many other games that are based on the fundamentals of Counter-Strike. Cover Strike is typical, with graphics and a built-in modernized direction.


The players will be able to play as the character and will participate in thrilling levels that everyone would love. It’s an FPS game that will demand many skills in controlling the player as they are the sole ones to control everything within the game. Thus, they’ll be able to improve their abilities through the various levels of this game. While doing so there are many factors that make it simpler for you to join Cover Strike and ensure their enjoyable experience.

In the latest version, there are some modifications in relation to the weapons and the scenes players can encounter within the game. It is described as AK-47 as well as Gatling weapons come with an optimum level to enable players to better access the gameplay that the game offers and adjust to the various levels of the game. Additionally the characters’ designs as well as the game’s scenes have been designed so that players are enticed by the game and don’t want to take their interest from it.

One aspect that players have to be aware of is the fact that this game can be played offline. That means players are able to play wherever they want with the dangers they confront. However players will have the ability to enjoy any place they wish and the features that are added to the game will satisfy their needs for entertainment. This is something that will keep you entertained and there’s always something to be found.

Gameplay of Cover Strike MOD APK

Cover Strike has only one game mode: Campaign. It’s designed very exactly like what Call of Duty: Mobile displays. While there isn’t a specific plotline, it features an eerie setting where the world is threatened by terrorist and police forces that are working together to bring down the government. You and your team are part of a political campaign to protect the government. The aim is to take down the leader of these organisations.

The campaign is broken down into six episodes Each episode contains around 20 main zones of enemy bases. The goal is to win and continue the journey towards returning peace to the entire world. Of course there will be many challenges when the power and capabilities that the adversaries are expanding.

However, Cover Strike is not so difficult. If you’ve been a player in any game like Call of Duty, you’ll be able to see that the slope grown quite rapidly which makes it difficult for novices to get ahead. Repeating the same mission over and over again on the same mission is not uncommon. For this game, it’s somewhat easier. I used my previous experiences, trying to come up with a method to lower the rate of death and found that they worked. I finished Episodes 1 and 2. Each one hour and a half.

For controls, I’m able to define a word that’s basic. A familiar layout with virtual D-Pad buttons that are attached with the icons for function located on side of screen. You can adjust the sensitivity of the setting If you wish to target more accurately.

Join a campaign against terrorism

Cover Strike is a 100 percent offline game that is completely offline. Cover Strike also does not allow connections to other players. Therefore, it’s only possible to play on your own. What about players? This is an issue because they can be a great support in tough situations, but you are not able to connect with your colleagues.

To compensate for this omission, Top Actions added three warriors: Phoniex, Cobra and Thunder. Phoniex will be the main character and is shoulder shoulders with the player since the beginning of the campaign. The other two characters had superior abilities, as well as a experience as mercenaries and having been trained professionally by the military. Thus, you’ll need to pay to minimize the possibility of losing in battle.


You’ll be playing matches of Cover Strike and try to accomplish the objectives of the level. the main goal of the game is to defeat a particular amount of opponents. But it is completely reasonable, however, players will need to be vigilant because there are only 100 HP and are able to attack at any point. Therefore, when playing you must be on guard and make the most of the surrounding area to take cover and attack your opponents in a flash.

One thing you’ll appreciate is the ability to test the weaponry of the opponent during a game. Particularly, certain items can be dropped after an opponent is defeated and you’ll need to get the items. These could be guns that are used by the enemy and you could use them alongside the weapon you had at the start of the stage. Additionally, you will get support items like first aid kits which help to bring back a certain amount HP and an amount of ammunition.

The guns

Despite being a compact video game Cover Strike has a quite a large and extensive arsenal of guns. It has the most popular weapons used in war or military and machine guns, from Gatling M61, M249 and Sniper guns such as RPG-7 AWP as well as other guns from the R-file.

The effectiveness, firepower, and usage differ, based on conditions and the battle. You can kill your enemies with a single bullet using the AWP. Even though there isn’t much flexibility, it does have advantages of having a long range of vision, causing enemies to die without knowing why. The entire set of parameters is available on the Information interface to the left side of the screen. It is possible to read it for further details.

The store is the best place to buy and sell virtually every item in the game however, not everything. Rewards and daily quest items are also worth a look. I’ve been wanting to own AK-47 Golden and now it’s easy to obtain it by signing into the game to get it the fourth day following installing the game. There are also bonus grenades and a few bonuses.


If you play Cover Strike, you will discover the many levels within this game you will find. You’ll have to complete these levels in order to gather various items, which satisfy the players’ entertainment requirements completely. In addition, with a huge amount of levels, it’s an opportunity to enhance their abilities throughout the levels.

Another thing you may appreciate is the amount of maps that you can visit. The levels do not have to be encapsulated into a single level and, therefore, you are able to move between and adjust to specific levels. In addition, you can choose the strategy you use in the game depending on the weapon you use is a sniper gun or rifle. So, throughout the game players must beat the challenges with the highest performance and display their abilities.

Graphics OF Cover Strike MOD APK

Top Actions said that they created graphics specifically for Cover Strike on a vivid 3D graphics platform. The graphics were reproduced realistically and the game was optimized to run well on phones with weak configurations. I’ve confirmed and obtained unexpected results for this game is only 60MB.


If you’ve played the thrill of an FPS game, you’ll definitely be curious about the weapons players can access throughout the gameplay. Every type of weapon comes with its own unique features that players must keep an eye on and strive to acquire. However the collecting of weapons is usually dependent on the skills of using these guns since the gamers who unlock them typically put them into spectacular matches to test the capabilities of these weapons.

Similar to similar FPS games you will find a wide variety of types of guns are available in the game. Each will each have advantages and features to consider. For instance, when you play with the sniper rifle, you’ll need to work hard in order to master aiming smoothly and reloading using the buttons on your phone. You could say it’s a problem which anyone must face to determine the gun you feel is appropriate.

Mod APK Version of Cover Strike MOD

MOD features OF Cover Strike APK

  • Unlimited Money: will have plenty of money making use of the MOD Version.
  • unlock weapons: The majority of the weapons in the shop are unlocked.
  • No ads Fun.

Download Cover Strike MOD APK for Android

Cover Strike provides a simple but extremely satisfying experience. Instead of creating a myriad of game modes and a range of complicated aspects, Cover Strike concentrates on one thing to ensure you are satisfied. I hope that the next releases will include something fresh.

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What's new

* Fixed level 3-6 drop bug.
* Added melee weapon
* Added new region 7
* Added support for Portuguese
* Optimized AK47 & Gatling Model
* Optimized character model
* Optimized scenes
* Fixed daily bonus bug
* Greatly optimized gaming experience.

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