Concrete Calculator v11.11 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
A simple tool to calculate how much concrete is needed for pouring slabs, footings, columns and steps.
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Dec 21, 2023
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Concrete Calculator MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Concrete Calculator MOD APK. An Android Business App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Concrete Quantifier emerges as a specialized tool tailored for discerning calculations. Its prowess extends to computing not only the volumetric dimensions but also the robustness and fundamental attributes of concrete. The facility it offers in ascertaining the requisite amount of concrete for any given project is unparalleled.

Engaging with this computational marvel obviates the necessity for procuring extravagant instruments. Its interface, marked by simplicity and user-friendliness, grants you instant access to the calculated outcomes sans the burden of formulaic memorization. The application, in its intuitive design, presents the results directly, sparing you the cognitive effort typically associated with such computations.

Diverse functionalities encapsulated within the Concrete Quantifier empower users to perform multifaceted concrete volume calculations. Its raison d’être lies in uncomplicating the intricacies inherent in concrete related computations. Versatility is its forte, applicable to a spectrum of scenarios involving concrete applications.

The computational spectrum includes determining the quantum of concrete to be acquired, gauging the tensile strength vital for construction endeavors, and computing the concrete volume requisite for erecting a structure. Indeed, the Concrete Quantifier proves to be an indispensable tool, widely embraced for gauging concrete thickness, estimating pour quantities, and even deciphering the mass of the concrete employed.

The precision of concrete computation is of paramount significance, particularly within the construction domain, as it lays the foundational groundwork for a triumphant project execution. However, navigating the intricacies of concrete calculation is no facile task.

Illustratively, the conventional method of gauging concrete dimensions, though prevalent, falls short in terms of precision. The realm of concrete calculation, it turns out, is considerably more labyrinthine than one might anticipate. In response to this conundrum, the Concrete Quantifier application is meticulously crafted to surmount these challenges.

This cutting-edge tool empowers users to meticulously gauge the thickness of concrete, exemplified by scenarios such as determining the slab thickness in a bathroom or kitchen. By inputting parameters like width, depth, and height, the Concrete Quantifier not only computes concrete thickness but also offers insights into concrete volume. The expeditiousness of the results, a hallmark of this concrete calculator, positions it as the quintessential solution for your concrete computation needs.

Features of Concrete Calculator

Easy to use with an intuitive interface

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Calculates concrete amount in different types of concrete

Introducing the Concrete Quantum Estimator, a tool that empowers you to precisely compute the concrete requisites for an array of projects. This application boasts three distinctive tabs meticulously designed for computing concrete requirements.

The initial tab orchestrates the computation for the necessary quantity of cement and aggregates essential for a concrete slab. Transitioning to the second tab, one can seamlessly determine the requisite amount of cement and aggregates for a concrete column.

The third tab orchestrates the calculation of the indispensable quantity of cement and aggregates for a concrete footing. The Concrete Quantum Estimator stands as a cost-free application, characterized by its user-friendly interface.

Calculates block count for walls and floors

Have you encountered the need to determine the quantity of blocks essential for erecting a wall or flooring? Concrete Quantum Estimator comes to your aid, swiftly furnishing you with that precise figure.

Just input the dimensions, and the application will expeditiously crunch the numbers, unveiling the required block count.

Moreover, if you specify the volume of premixed bags, the Concrete Quantum Estimator will promptly ascertain the exact quantity of bags indispensable to fulfill your project requirements.

Calculates the weight of rebar

Concrete Quantum Estimator facilitates a seamless process for determining the weight of rebar essential for your undertaking. Effortlessly leverage this complimentary tool by entering the length, width, and thickness of the rebar, and with a simple press of the calculate button, unveil the precise weight of the rebar.

Plastering calculator

Harness the prowess of this application to ascertain the precise amount of concrete indispensable for your venture. It proves invaluable for computing the concrete necessities across diverse wall and floor configurations. The application meticulously computes the aggregate count of bags needed, the bags per square meter quotient, and the comprehensive weight of the bags.

Concrete Quantum Estimator doesn’t stop there; it incorporates a specialized plasterer’s calculator. This tool aids in determining the requisite number of blocks for wall construction based on the designated area. Particularly advantageous for those within the construction sphere, this feature elevates the utility of the application.

Calculates cement, sand, and aggregate amount in concrete

For those immersed in construction endeavors, this Concrete Quantum Estimator proves indispensable. This tool becomes your ally, enabling you to precisely compute the concrete requisites for various project facets, be it footings, slabs, steps, pillars, columns, and beyond.

Furthermore, it empowers you to determine the requisite number of premix bags for your undertaking. Armed with the flexibility to customize bag sizes, you can effortlessly ascertain the quantities of cement, sand, and aggregate necessary for your project.

Option to set your bag size and rate of premix bags

Utilizing the Concrete Quantum Estimator, you gain the ability to compute the slab weight, determine the requisite block count for a wall, and pinpoint the number of premix bags necessary for your project. This versatile tool empowers you to seamlessly calculate the essential quantities, including both the bags of premix and their specific requirement for wall construction.

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