Xodo MOD v8.9.0 APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 18, 2023
Looking for a simple and secure all-in-one PDF editor and reader so you can get your work done quickly? Designed for all types of users, Xodo app offers over 30+ features on both Android phone and tablet. Safely store and sync your files on Xodo Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive so you can easily view, edit, convert, sign, redact, compress, and merge your files anytime, anywhere on your device.
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Dec 18, 2023
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Xodo MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Xodo MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

A chronicle from yesteryears recounts the advent of the PDF format at the hands of Adobe. Anointed as the quintessential standard for storing and exchanging documents, it swiftly ascended to a zenith of ubiquitous employment globally. Yet, the PDF format bears the weight of limitations. Should one harbor the desire to manipulate a PDF file, the pilgrimage leads to the employ of specialized software a protracted and inconvenient endeavor. Enter the panacea for this conundrum: the Xodo PDF Reader & Editor MOD APK. This avant-garde solution affords facile perusal and manipulation of PDF files, all encapsulated within an interface of elegant simplicity.

Within the realm of Xodo, a tapestry unfolds wherein one can gaze upon, manipulate, amalgamate, and transmute PDF files. Beyond the mundane, the ability to imprint a watermark, append a signature, and orchestrate modifications to font size and hue manifests. An app of profound utility, a harmonious symphony enabling the facile editing of PDF files. Xodo emerges as a paragon of simplicity and intuition in the realm of PDF file manipulation. A salient facet resides in its autonomy; no ancillary software necessitates installation, alleviating concerns about compatibility.

Xodo, an unassuming yet potent manager and editor of PDF files, unfolds its wings proffering an uncomplicated avenue for the stewardship, organization, manipulation, and perusal of PDF files. Beyond its managerial prowess, it doubles as an organizer, rendering PDF files amenable to scrutiny and alteration. Its arsenal encompasses an array of practical functionalities: search and sorting, copy and paste, and more. A benevolent ally, a tool of great import in the governance of PDF files.

In the wake of the latest metamorphosis, Xodo not only retains its core functions but also unfurls additional feathers in its cap. Now, its prowess extends to the conversion of PDF files into the domains of Word or Excel. A multifaceted gem, it assumes the guise of an image virtuoso, donning the mantle of an exceptional PDF viewer. Its user-friendly demeanor beckons, inviting one to peruse, organize, and embellish the very essence of PDF files. A facile companion in the annals of reading and editing PDF files.

Features of Xodo MOD APK

Easy to use, clean interface

Navigating through the app becomes second nature, thanks to an intuitive layout that guides users effortlessly.

The uncluttered design serves as an unobtrusive backdrop, allowing undivided attention to be lavished upon the content rather than the app itself.

Enhancing efficiency, the search function propels document discovery, ensuring a swift and targeted retrieval process.

Annotations become an art form with Xodo comments, notes, and signatures seamlessly integrated into your PDFs.

The unique ability to affix your handwritten signature to forms streamlines the often laborious task, offering a time-saving and effortless approach to form completion.

Full-screen reading mode for long documents

Immersive reading takes center stage with Xodo’s full-screen mode, ensuring an uninterrupted rendezvous with your PDFs. The integrated annotation tool further amplifies your engagement, enabling seamless markup of your PDFs. Initiating this journey is as simple as tapping the icon nestled in the bottom left corner, beckoning forth a new document into existence. From there, the New Document button unveils the gateway, allowing you to either open an existing file or forge a new path by creating a fresh folder.

Xodo extends its embrace beyond the confines of your device, enabling the preservation of your PDFs in cloud sanctuaries such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. This preservation facilitates offline reading, and once safeguarded, the synchronization dance begins your PDFs pirouetting gracefully across your array of devices.

Bookmarks, notes, highlights, comments, and annotations

The connectivity extends to cloud sanctuaries Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive a testament to the harmonious integration of digital realms. In this domain, the canvas of possibilities expands: text and tables can be bathed in highlights, sticky notes and comments can be embedded, and freehand shapes can dance across the pages. These actions beckon within the document viewer’s view or unveil their nuanced details within the annotation view.

The realm of editing becomes boundless within Xodo. Text, images, tables, hyperlinks, and more succumb to the wielder’s creative impulse, subject to modification. The narrative extends beyond the PDF format, as Xodo graciously facilitates the exportation of your files into an array of formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, TXT, DOC, PPT, EPUB, PDF, HTML, MOBI, and beyond a testament to its versatility and commitment to your diverse needs.

Share your PDF files with friends and colleagues

Xodo extends a hand in seamless camaraderie, supporting the direct sharing of your PDF documents with friends and colleagues. A mere selection of recipients and a swift dispatch catapults your document into the digital ether. The built-in file manager within Xodo further blurs the lines between the virtual and tangible, granting a view of your PDFs and other files akin to any other folder in your digital domain.

For those intricate PDF forms, Xodo unveils its form creator, transforming the chore into a breeze. Fields materialize at your bidding add, edit, or rearrange them effortlessly. The spectrum of interaction broadens as you weave through the canvas of forms, leaving comments, illuminating text with highlights, and adorning it with your annotations. Xodo is an architect of collaborative simplicity in the digital realm.

Collaborative editing via Google Docs

Google Docs stands as the quintessential collaboration companion, seamlessly catering to the needs of both teams and individuals. It unfurls a canvas for collective work, transcending temporal and spatial boundaries, and inviting real-time collaboration across diverse devices and platforms. The accessibility is boundless; edit a document from any computer, phone, or tablet, courtesy of your Google account.

Xodo, akin to its collaborative counterpart, extends its prowess to the realm of PDF documents. Through the artistry of your finger, imbued with the power to highlight text or craft shapes, arrows, lines, and circles, the document becomes a canvas for your creative touch. The simplicity embedded in its features ensures swift mastery, empowering you to annotate PDFs in a manner reflective of your unique style.

Annotations, once etched upon the PDF, transcend mere markings they metamorphose into searchable entities. Navigating through the annotated landscape becomes an effortless endeavor, ensuring that each mark is at your fingertips. The collaborative spirit persists as annotated PDFs seamlessly traverse the digital ether, finding their way to friends’ inboxes through the conduit of email or messaging. Xodo, an artist’s palette for PDF annotation and collaboration.

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What's new

- Added ability to reorder multiple pages at once in the thumbnail browser
- Improved OCR action on large documents
- Removed trash bins from file browser menus
- A number of UI fixes and improvements

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