Combat Master Mobile FPS v0.13.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Combat Master: Online FPS
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Mar 06, 2024
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Combat Master Mobile FPS MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets)

Download The Latest APK Version of Combat Master Mobile FPS MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Bullets Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of mobile entertainment, “Combat Master Mobile FPS” emerges as a three-dimensional marksmanship escapade. Conceived by a vanguard in mobile diversion enterprises, this title offers participants a spectrum of modalities to immerse themselves.

Initiating, contenders may navigate the battlegrounds embodying a commander, orchestrating strategies, and leading the fray. Alternately, assuming the guise of a foot soldier permits engagement in confrontation, whilst the choice of a sniper role bestows precision’s lethal grace from the shadows.

“Combat Master Mobile FPS” unfolds a maelstrom of activity, where various assignments beckon — from the gritty confrontation of infantry clashes, the iron might of tank engagements, to the high-octane devastation of bomber sorties and the piercing precision of missile strikes. Embracing the soldier persona, participants delve into the essence of combat, annihilating adversaries with unmatched prowess.

Amidst this fray, the sniper’s role is one of silent elimination, where each shot is a whisper of death. Similarly, the foot soldier’s path is one of relentless advance, employing firepower to forge a path through enemy lines.

For aficionados of first-person shooter experiences, “Combat Master Mobile FPS” stands as a paragon, its essence distilled into the art of enemy engagement. Acumen and agility are paramount, necessitating mastery over the timing and positioning of each shot.

This digital odyssey endows players with a pantheon of avatars, each distinct in ability and aesthetic, inviting a deep sense of immersion. The armory at one’s disposal is vast, ranging from the humble pistol to the devastating might of sniper rifles and beyond.

Embarking on this journey, warriors will find themselves ensnared for countless hours, waging war in a meticulously crafted simulation of combat’s thrill.

Features of Combat Master Mobile FPS MOD APK

Cinematic visuals

“Combat Master Mobile FPS” stands as a first-person shooter game, renowned for its unparalleled cinematic visual fidelity. Whether ensconced within the heart of battle or embroiled in a tactical quandary, “Combat Master” offers a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary, enveloping players in a realm of immersion that remains unmatched.

This digital masterpiece, “Combat Master Mobile FPS,” is celebrated for elevating the realm of first-person shooter games with its exceptional cinematic visuals. Positioned on the front lines or amidst strategic deliberations, it bestows upon its players an unmatched immersive experience, drawing them into an engaging and vividly rendered world.

Unlock epic weapons

“Combat Master Mobile FPS” presents an extensive arsenal for enthusiasts to unlock, featuring a diverse array of armaments ranging from Assault Rifles and Shotguns to SMGs, Snipers, RPGs, and Machine Guns. This plethora of weaponry enriches the gaming experience, allowing for varied combat styles and strategies.

Engaging with the game affords players the chance to unveil new weaponry, accessible through the acquisition of in-game currency. As players delve deeper and advance through the game’s levels, the opportunity to unlock remarkable weapons for upcoming escapades becomes increasingly attainable, enhancing the thrill of the adventure.

Unleash the power of the new hero

Discover the latest champion in “Combat Master Mobile FPS” through the innovative Battle Pass system. This addition not only grants access to fresh heroes but also unveils exclusive skins for your preferred armaments.

The introduction of this new hero paves the way for gameplay in dual modes: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. This versatility ensures that players can experience the thrill of combat in varied settings, amplifying the excitement and strategic depth of the game.

New maps, game modes, and features

“Combat Master Mobile FPS” is continually evolving, with new maps, game modes, and features being introduced each month. Our dedication lies in refining “Combat Master” to stand as the pinnacle of tactical FPS gameplay on mobile devices. We aim to furnish players with the ultimate FPS experience.

This game boasts a comprehensive suite of game modes and features, complemented by an expansive selection of weapons and upgrades. Players have the freedom to engage in a multitude of modes including, but not limited to, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination, offering a rich and varied gameplay experience.


Engage in intense online battles against teams of other players across a spectrum of game modes in “Combat Master Mobile FPS.” Strive for supremacy, aiming to secure the highest score in death matches. Alternatively, test your mettle against a cadre of bots in the Arcade mode, or embark on the Campaign mode for a series of bot battles designed to push your limits. Victory in these matches paves the way for unlocking an arsenal of weapons and accruing superior rewards.

For those who relish a solo adventure, the single-player Campaign mode awaits. Here, the journey to unlock various weapons unfolds, tailored for the earnest gamer. “Combat Master Mobile FPS” goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a simulator offering a robust training ground for both novices and seasoned gamers alike.

Immersed in the crucible of combat, players gain invaluable experience, with the option to assume the role of a participant or take command. In commander mode, you wield control over the gameplay, choosing maps, adjusting settings, and assembling a team. This feature extends to multiplayer, allowing you to join forces with friends and delve into the strategic depths of “Combat Master Mobile FPS.”

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What's new

Hey there! New update is here... Please enjoy!

- Leagues: Premier, Masters, Hardcore with unique gameplay styles!
- Leaderboards!
- Queue as a party with friends in Public Rooms.
- Combat Master mode is now available in Custom Game.
- Body-camera view with unique aim controls!
- Grenade Launcher Nerfed, Shotgun buffed.
- Full Auto Desert Eagle barrel!

The CombatZone is coming... it's coming... soon 'D

Thank you for your love, patience and greatest support,
Lets goooooo!
Alfa Bravo Team

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