CodyCross v1.79.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Last Updated on Dec 01, 2023
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CodyCross MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Download The Latest APK Version of CodyCross  MOD APK. An Android Word Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Hints Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

CodyCross is a cerebral enigma of lexical intricacy. A rebirth of the venerable crossword paradigm, this game demands cerebral acumen, urging players to navigate a labyrinth of elusive hints.

Embarking upon a cerebral odyssey, players unravel the mysteries obscured beneath diverse landscapes. Clues lie clandestine beneath terra firma, aloft in the ethereal expanse, and submerged within aqueous depths.

The protagonist, none other than Cody Cross, an intrepid law enforcer on the trail of a malefactor, orchestrates a pursuit through the vast tapestry of the United States. The player, a symbiotic detective, must discern and decipher clues to chart an autonomous odyssey through puzzle-solving realms.

A puzzle panorama awaits on Android and iOS platforms, presenting a plethora of lexical and cognitive challenges. This ludic marvel, unveiled in 2014, boasts a staggering 15 million downloads, an opus of singular style ideal for temporal diversions.

Within its fabric of enigmatic puzzles and cryptic clues, CodyCross differentiates itself from conventional crossword paradigms, assuming the guise of a cerebral treasure trove. Heralding a tapestry of hints, it beckons players into a treasure hunt rather than a customary word labyrinth.

Picture this – an assortment of hints unfurl before you, guiding your pursuit of concealed artifacts. The game transcends spatial constraints, permitting engagement at any locale and temporal convenience.

This crossword expanse burgeons into a cerebral arena, where synaptic prowess unfolds. The cerebral organ becomes a bespoke instrument for unraveling perplexities, refining its acuity with each traversal of the enigmatic labyrinth.

Features of CodyCross MOD APK

Unlock new characters, items, and bonuses as you progress

In each gaming iteration, a novel character, accouterment, or boon awaits your triumphant endeavors.

While an abundance of these delights unveils itself in the game’s nascent stages, persistence and perseverance become paramount to amassing additional rewards.

Beyond mere amusement, the game presents an arduous challenge, compelling you to unravel intricate crosswords as part of your gameplay. Furthermore, CodyCross boasts a myriad of distinctive puzzles that unravel progressively, enhancing the tapestry of your gaming experience.

Fun facts and trivia

Embark on an entertaining journey through the realms of captivating trivia and crossword puzzle extravaganza. Traverse the globe and delve into distinctive themed crossword puzzles, unraveling fascinating facts and trivia about diverse locales.

This interactive gaming experience boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation. The crosswords, while intellectually stimulating, strike a balance by offering a challenge that is not overly formidable. To accompany you on this quest, a congenial character stands ready to assist, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your exploration.

Earn daily rewards

Reap daily rewards as a testament to your dedication. Advancing through the levels garners points, a currency pivotal in unveiling exclusive rewards. Among these treasures are distinctive emojis, stickers, and an array of other delightful surprises.

CodyCross, with its expansive repertoire of over 300 levels, promises an inexhaustible wellspring of amusement and cerebral engagement. Brace yourself for an odyssey saturated with enjoyment and linguistic conundrums, ensuring a word-laden excursion like no other!

Complete a level to unlock a new character

Triumph over a level to reveal a fresh character awaiting your command. Conquer each puzzle within CodyCross to amass valuable points, constituting your key to unlocking diverse characters within the game.

Upon successfully navigating through all the puzzles, a visit to the shop beckons, offering the opportunity to acquire additional characters using in-game currency earned through your prowess.

Accrue in-game currency through active gameplay, scaling levels, and conquering puzzles. Alternatively, indulge in the option to directly procure in-game currency from the store, providing a shortcut to enhancing your virtual coffers.


Immerse yourself in a captivating realm where exploration, play, and accumulation reign supreme. CodyCross unfolds as a vibrant and engaging world, teeming with your cherished crossword puzzles and intriguing trivia queries.

Commencing your journey, a singular crossword puzzle greets you, a mere precursor to the multitude awaiting revelation as you advance. Each puzzle boasts its unique themes, adorned with captivating visuals and spanning diverse categories.

Dive into a plethora of game options, including the liberating Free Play mode, allowing unrestricted exploration to uncover hidden gems and amass coins. Progressing in Level Up mode not only amplifies your points but also unveils new crossword puzzles, adding to the tapestry of your experience.

For those seeking a more competitive edge, the Score Attack mode pits you against the ticking clock. Engage in global competition, vying against other players for the coveted title of the first to complete a crossword puzzle.

The customization facet is not overlooked, offering you the liberty to select your avatar and tailor your crossword puzzle experience to your preferences. CodyCross invites you to a multifaceted adventure where discovery, challenge, and personalization converge for an unparalleled gaming experience.

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Hey there, friend!

Are you ready for next set of new puzzles?! In this latest adventure, CodyCross will learn the ins and outs of Making a Documentary. So bring your knowledge and skills to help him solve the clues!

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