Calls Blacklist v3.3.16 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 02, 2024
"Calls Blacklist" is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.
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Vlad Lee
Mar 02, 2024
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Calls Blacklist MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Calls Blacklist MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

It is an instrument designed to thwart incoming calls from undesired contacts. Whether the origin is a confidant, familial relation, or an unfamiliar entity, this application stands as a bulwark against unwarranted calls.

The application extends its prowess to thwarting bothersome SMS messages. Numerous applications exist for call blocking, yet the Calls Blacklist app distinguishes itself with an array of unique attributes.

Primarily, it integrates an in-built blacklist, affording users the liberty to modify its contents. The inclusion of numbers one wishes to exempt from incoming calls is facilitated. Upon any attempt to reach you, the app issues a cautionary alert.

Moreover, the incoming caller gains visibility into your contact number. Thus, establishing transparency in your interactions. Furthermore, the capability to obstruct unwanted SMS messages is also a salient feature.

Features of  Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker MOD APK

Caller ID blocking with fake caller ID

In the realm of telephonic interactions, the Caller ID blocking feature emerges as a formidable tool, permitting the obstruction of caller identification for incoming calls from specific numerical identities.

The operational mechanism of Caller ID blocking transpires through the substitution of outgoing call identification with the numerical imprint of your personal contact nexus. This is accomplished through the addition of your contact number, effectively replacing the conventional outgoing caller ID.

The application extends the ability to manifest the digits that initiated the call to your attention. This imparts upon you the capacity to discern the identity of the caller and deliberate on the course of action, whether to respond to the call or maintain a disposition of non-engagement. In the instance of unfamiliar entities, one can effortlessly elect to disregard the incoming call.

The application ingeniously crafts a fabricated caller ID, imploring you to dismiss the incoming call. Furthermore, it endows you with the capability to obstruct both calls and messages emanating from assorted sources. The latitude extends to the manipulation of the numeric representation within the contrived caller ID for all inbound calls and messages.

Not only can you forestall incoming calls and messages universally, but you can also enact a blockade against specific numbers, individuals, contacts, assemblages, and even lexical triggers. The application empowers you to erect a barrier against communications from the entirety of the phonebook contacts and those stemming from the SIM card, exemplifying comprehensive control over your telephonic interface.

Block calls and messages from specific countries

Embarking into the realm of telecommunication control, the “Calls Blacklist” application empowers users with the ability to thwart incoming calls and messages hailing from specific nations. Should the desire to impede such communications crystallize, users possess the latitude to delineate the precise geographic origins earmarked for restriction.

In the eventuality that the caller or recipient does not find themselves enumerated within the designated list, an automatic embargo is invoked, effectively stemming the flow of the incoming call or message.

For users navigating the complexities of mobile devices endowed with multiple SIM cards, a targeted blockade can be instituted, selectively curtailing communications for a particular SIM card. This grants users the agency to tailor their call and message filtering to a singular SIM card, should the need arise.

Automatic call and message blocking

Calls Blacklist stands as a formidable bastion against unwanted intrusions, operating as a robust call and message-blocking application. Its prowess lies in the adept prevention of calls and messages emanating from undesirable sources, be they hidden, private, anonymous, or shrouded in the cloak of the unknown.

This application seamlessly affords the user the ability to thwart incoming calls and messages, bestowing a shield against the unwarranted incursion of undesired communications.

At the heart of Calls Blacklist’s functionality resides its automatic call-blocking feature, a sophisticated mechanism poised to intelligently intercept calls originating from unknown numbers. In tandem, the application boasts a message-blocking feature, a vigilant guardian primed to automatically obstruct messages hailing from enigmatic or unidentified sources.

In essence, Calls Blacklist not only offers a robust defense against intrusive calls and messages but does so with an inherent intelligence, ensuring that the user’s communication space remains inviolate from the encroachment of unfamiliar and potentially disruptive elements.

Block calls and SMS by conversation

Calls Blacklist employs a nuanced approach to call and SMS management, orchestrating its blocking capabilities with a finesse that minimizes disruptions to your communication flow. This astute application allows users the prerogative to delineate the extent of call and SMS restriction be it a comprehensive blockade, a specific number, or a singular contact.

Functioning seamlessly, Calls Blacklist taps into the existing reservoir of data housed within your phone regarding incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS exchanges. Leveraging this pre-existing data, the app facilitates the blocking of calls and SMS without necessitating any supplementary efforts on your part.

This ingenious utilization of stored phone data not only streamlines the blocking process but also ensures a frictionless experience for users seeking to regulate their communication landscape. The power to decide the scope of call and SMS interference is placed firmly in your hands, allowing for a tailored and interruption-free communication environment.

Caller ID blocking with fake caller ID

Caller ID blocking, a versatile feature within Calls Blacklist, extends its protective cloak to both incoming and outgoing calls, affording users the capability to thwart numbers shrouded in anonymity or privacy. This innovative functionality empowers users to preclude unwanted calls even before the dialing process commences.

The application endows users with the flexibility to configure automatic blocking settings for all incoming calls emanating from unknown or private numbers. Alternatively, users can opt for a manual approach, individually obstructing each call from the designated blocked numbers.

A distinctive facet of Calls Blacklist lies in its ability to project a fictitious caller ID, meticulously crafted based on the originating phone number. This feature facilitates the prevention of calls originating from unknown, private, or unverified numbers. The blocked call’s authentic caller ID is seamlessly replaced with the manufactured one, rendering the caller’s identification elusive.

Calls Blacklist stands alone in its realm, providing users with the exclusive capability of caller ID spoofing. Unlike other applications, it allows the alteration of your caller ID to any desired number, offering an unprecedented level of control over your outgoing call identity.

In essence, Calls Blacklist transcends conventional call-blocking applications by not only offering robust call prevention but also introducing the novel concept of customizable caller ID, a testament to its unparalleled efficacy in managing and securing your communication sphere.

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