Battery Sound Notification v2.13 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 24, 2024
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Feb 24, 2024
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Battery Sound Notification MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Battery Sound Notification MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Tools App with Premium Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

The Sonic Power Indication application is a rudimentary tool that informs users about dwindling battery levels. In the absence of user know-how, Sonic Power Indication will autonomously dispatch notifications upon detecting low battery thresholds. Activate the application, and presto! Notifications are dispatched to your mobile device. Furthermore, extend the notification reach to acquaintances and kin, serving as a gentle nudge when the battery plummets. To partake in this notification symphony, a mere app unveiling suffices, enlightening you about the battery’s downward trajectory.

Sonic Power Indication proves to be a temporal savior, potentially sparing you a plethora of minutes. By obviating battery expiration concerns, you stand to amass savings exceeding a century-dollar sum annually. Punctuality at your workplace is no longer a source of anxiety. An oversight in pre-departure smartphone charging becomes inconsequential with app-triggered notifications. Installation prerequisites precede notification reception, requiring the app’s induction and subsequent enlistment of acquaintances and family into the notification fold.

Features of Battery Sound Notification MOD APK

Supports multiple notifications

The functionality presented is decidedly uncomplicated and user-friendly. Tailoring your notification experience, opt for alerts via text messages, vibrations, or personalized ringtones. The service, intentionally crafted for longevity, alleviates concerns regarding battery drain.

Should your preference lean towards auditory cues, revel in the option to designate a bespoke sound for notifications. Exercise further control by deciding whether the notification sound accompanies every instance of service activity or selectively during its operation. For added customization, configure the service to cease its auditory display when your device enters sleep mode.

Supports ringtones, alerts, vibration, and silent mode

Ever harbored the desire to awaken to the melodious strains of your cherished tunes? Do situations frequently arise wherein the need to urgently communicate vital information becomes paramount? If your affirmative response resonates with these queries, then this service is poised to capture your admiration.

Navigating its features is a straightforward endeavor. Initiate the application, and a panorama of your notifications unfolds before you. Within this interface, the option to activate or deactivate the service beckons. Once the service assumes activation, indulge in the liberty of selecting the auditory accompaniment for your notifications.

Operating discreetly in the background, the service obviates concerns of depleting your device’s battery reserves. Additionally, wield control over the service’s status, electing manual termination or allowing the application to gracefully conclude its operations after a predefined temporal interval.

Show battery percentage

Embark on the journey of real-time battery monitoring with this unwavering service, delivering timely notifications accompanied by distinctive sounds whenever your battery experiences a descent. The experience is tailored to your preferences, offering customization options that extend to selecting a personalized notification sound and specifying the displayed text.

With this versatile tool, exercise the flexibility to mute the notification sound at your discretion and adjust the notification duration according to your preferences. Embrace the seamless integration of personalized control over your device’s battery status updates.

Use custom battery percentage

Enter the realm of convenience and efficacy with Battery Sound Notification, an indispensable app crafted for timely updates on your device’s battery status. Tailored especially for individuals seeking precision in monitoring their device’s battery level, this app stands as a beacon of accuracy in the realm of notifications.

Catering specifically to those desiring a reliable method to stay abreast of their device’s battery status, this app proves its mettle. Seamlessly integrated, Battery Sound Notification serves as a vigilant reminder of the current battery level, ensuring timely notifications when the battery treads into critical low territory.

Augmenting its utility, the app also graces your device’s status bar with a visible display of the battery charge percentage and current level. Elevate your awareness of your device’s power status with the comprehensive features embedded within Battery Sound Notification.

Use text-to-speech

Battery Sound Notification introduces a unique facet to battery management by incorporating text-to-speech functionality, facilitating real-time tracking of the remaining battery time. The application unfolds an array of options for leveraging this innovative feature.

Opting to deactivate notifications triggers an automatic reactivation when the phone battery descends to low levels. Battery Sound Notification employs distinctive notification sounds as auditory cues, ensuring users stay informed about the dynamic status of their device’s battery.

The versatility of the notification extends to multiple modalities. Users have the liberty to choose between the initiation of notification sounds, vibration, or beeping. Further personalization unfolds with the option to set a recurring alarm, providing a periodic reminder each time the battery level undergoes a decrement. Dive into the multifaceted utility of Battery Sound Notification for an enriched battery monitoring experience.

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