Backrooms Nextbot Chase v2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2024
The best Backrooms game you can play on your phones and tablets. Collect 100 gems to complete the main quest. In the process, different Nextbots will follow you. Avoid them! Nextbots in Backrooms! Obunga, BateManBetter, Quandie, Noob and more. And all this in an atmosphere of horror! Collect special abilities and escape from it!
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Feb 17, 2024
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Backrooms Nextbot Chase MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Backrooms Nextbot Chase MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

“In the labyrinthine corridors of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Pursuit’, an enthralling arcade marksmanship contest awaits where your sole objective is to outlast the relentless barrage of adversary projectiles. These adversaries, mechanized automatons, demand you to unleash your firepower for sustenance in this arena.

This sequel to the ‘Backroom Nextbot’ anthology allows for immediate engagement right within your web navigator, sans the necessity for any downloads or setups. The venture boasts more than fifty stages, each presenting a unique set of impediments.

The mechanics of the contest are straightforward, yet they require adept navigation through the map’s intricacies while dodging bullets and engaging in combat with the automatons.

Crafted by the artisans at Yggdrasil Games, ‘Backrooms Nextbot Pursuit’ is a gratis arcade experience pitting you against robotic adversaries.

The game is replete with features like temporal constraints and the potential for accolades. With upwards of sixty levels to conquer, each level introduces distinct challenges.

The robotic adversaries present a formidable challenge, making the game a rigorous test of your abilities. Their assaults are relentless, but your goal is to maneuver around them. A capture by these automatons signifies the loss of a life.

Succumbing to their clutches for an extended duration results in the forfeiture of a life. The game offers three modes of play: Time Trial, Arcade, and Survival, each with its own set of regulations.

Victory demands a tactical approach, an understanding of the consequences of capture, and a keen sense of the enemy’s strategies.

‘Backrooms Nextbot Pursuit’ not only tests your reflexes but also your cerebral strategy to navigate through the challenges. The game’s levels are meticulously designed to challenge your intellect and resilience.”

Features of Backrooms Nextbot Chase MOD APK

Collect 100 gems to complete the main quest

“Emerging from the atelier of the minds behind the acclaimed ‘Backrooms’, a fresh endeavor titled ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’ unfolds within a realm besieged by monstrous entities in pursuit of the protagonist.

The player is tasked with the collection of 100 gems as the principal objective of this quest. This realm is inhabited by diverse creatures, amongst which the Nextbots stand out, relentlessly tailing the player in their attempt to ensnare him.

Salvation from these fiends is found through the acquisition of extraordinary powers, scattered throughout this world. An innovative feature, dubbed ‘Mod’, enriches this game, empowering players to conceive their own Nextbot antagonist from which they must then endeavor to flee.”

This rendition encapsulates the essence of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’, transforming its narrative into a richly woven tapestry that invites players into a universe of intrigue and survival.

Collect special abilities and escape from it

“In the intricate world of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’, players are bestowed with the chance to gather exceptional powers, each serving as a means to elude the formidable Nextbots in pursuit. Upon obtaining a special ability, its powers are unleashed in the presence of the corresponding Nextbot, offering a momentary advantage in the high-stakes game of cat and mouse. With a repertoire of 10 distinct abilities at their disposal, players must navigate their use wisely, as only one can be activated per level.

Achieving escape from the clutches of a Nextbot not only provides a sense of triumph but is also rewarded, adding layers of strategy and anticipation to each encounter. ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’ is not merely a singular game but a trilogy that encompasses ‘Backrooms’, ‘Backrooms Nextbot’, and ‘Backrooms Escape’, each installment enriching the overarching narrative and gameplay experience.

Embark on this thrilling odyssey, where the collection and strategic deployment of special abilities are your keys to survival and escape from the ever-looming threat of the Nextbots.”

More than 20 levels

“In the dynamic universe of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’, players are challenged across 20 distinctive levels, each meticulously crafted to evoke a specific atmosphere and present a unique set of difficulties. These stages are designed to test the player’s skill and strategy and immerse them in varying emotional landscapes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Time is of the essence in this adventure, as each mission is bounded by a strict deadline. The stakes are high, for falling into the grasp of your pursuers means the forfeiture of all gems amassed during your journey, a setback that demands not just caution but also agility and foresight.

Adding a layer of customization and creativity, ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’ introduces a modding feature, empowering players to design their very own Nextbot adversary. This innovative aspect allows for the personalization of the chase, offering gamers the thrilling opportunity to tailor their nemesis and strategize their escape from a uniquely personal foe.

Engage in this multifaceted game where time, strategy, and creativity converge to deliver an exhilarating escape experience.”

Over 25 monsters to face

“In the enthralling landscape of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’, players are pitted against a formidable array of over 25 monsters, each endowed with unique capabilities. The key to surmounting these monstrous adversaries lies in the meticulous collection of gems scattered throughout the environment. Securing all gems within a level is not just an act of acquisition but a strategic move that unlocks the gateway to the subsequent stage, where new and even more challenging monsters await.

This cycle of collection and advancement is further enriched by the opportunity to augment your character’s arsenal. The game offers a diverse marketplace where new weapons and special abilities can be acquired, providing crucial enhancements that cater to the evolving demands of the player’s journey.

Embark on this captivating adventure where strategic gem collection, combat against a varied bestiary, and the customization of your character’s capabilities intertwine to create a rich and dynamic gaming experience.”


“In the intricate universe of ‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’, your agility and cunning are put to the test as you navigate through a labyrinth filled with Nextbots, some of which are ingeniously crafted by your comrades. Each chamber within this maze harbors a special ability, a beacon of hope that empowers you with the means for a strategic retreat from these relentless pursuers.

The quest for survival hinges on your ability to amass a plethora of gems, which serve as the key to unlocking new territories and advancing through the game. These precious stones are concealed within the fabric of the environment, adorning walls, nestled within chests, or relinquished by vanquished foes.

However, tread with caution, for amongst the horde of Nextbots lies entities of immense power, invulnerable to your attacks. The prudent path is often one of evasion, navigating the spaces between their patrols with stealth and guile.

Upon completing each level, a cryptic message from your allies heralds the arrival of a new Nextbot, each iteration swifter and more formidable than the last. This relentless onslaught continues unabated until the culmination of the main quest.

Should your endeavors yield a sufficient cache of gems, the opportunity to craft your own Nextbot emerges. This bespoke creation, a mirror of the adversaries you’ve faced, can be tailored to your aesthetic and tactical preferences. Furthermore, the game extends the creative liberty to develop your mod, inviting you to breathe life into novel Nextbots.

‘Backrooms Nextbot Chase’ weaves a complex tapestry of strategy, creativity, and survival, challenging you to outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast the machinations of both friends and foes.”

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What's new

• Added "Duck Mode". Changed map textures and added ducks...
• Now you can change difficulty.
• Added new main menu musics and changed ingame sounds.
• Now joystick is more stable.
• Added new menu styles.
And more...

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