Area F2 v1.0.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Mar 07, 2024
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Area F2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Area F2 MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, behold a groundbreaking action RPG—an embodiment of fantasy that transcends the ordinary. This innovative gaming experience is crafted by the visionary minds at “FusionX,” marking a sequel to the enigmatic Area F1. As for the narrative, veiled in mystery, it remains an anticipation shrouded in the veils of time.

Step into Area F2, a virtual dominion where the allure of combat thrives. Here, players embark on quests, each laden with a distinct point value, forming the currency of task completion. Time invested within this digital realm yields points, instrumental in overcoming these quests.

The game beckons players to traverse its intricacies, promising a trove of experience points for triumphant task completion. Ascending the ladder of experience bequeaths enhanced skills, enriching the player’s virtual prowess.

An array of skills beckons players and the pivotal choice of one bestows augmented capabilities. Conquering adversaries yields an arsenal of diverse weapons and armor. Each mission accomplished unlocks a plethora of items, elevating the player’s inventory.

The fantastical tapestry of the game unfurls across varied kingdoms, each presided over by a sovereign ruler. Initiating a rendezvous with these potentates, players engage in epic battles, deploying their acquired skills and a medley of weapons to vanquish their foes.

This immersive shooting spectacle casts players as valiant soldiers. The mission: dismantle enemy troops and obliterate their fortifications. An extensive weaponry repertoire, encompassing rifles, machine guns, pistols, and rocket launchers, is at the player’s disposal. A myriad of game modes, pitting against both artificial intelligence and human adversaries, beckon players to choose their battlefield.

In the realm of Area F2, the fusion of fantasy and combat unfurls, and the game stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation and strategic prowess.

Features of Area F2 MOD APK

Highly detailed weapon models

In the realm of Area F2, precision-crafted firearm renditions and armaments of intricate design grant players an immersive experience, allowing them to embody the sensation of wielding and employing an array of weaponry, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and more within the virtual confines of the game.

Area F2 introduces meticulously detailed firearm representations, accompanied by a lifelike aiming mechanism, onto the mobile gaming landscape. Players gain access to an extensive arsenal, encompassing pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, machine guns, and an array of other sophisticated weaponry.

Every individual armament imparts a distinctive tactile impression, auditory resonance, and operational finesse, setting them apart from their counterparts. Additionally, players possess the liberty to tailor their weapons to their liking, utilizing an extensive assortment of attachments and accessories to enhance their virtual arsenals.

Multiple game modes

Within the gaming interface, Area F2 unfolds with a dualistic gaming structure, characterized by distinctive game modes. The inaugural mode, a classic encounter labeled “Attacker vs Defender,” stands as a timeless engagement.

The subsequent mode, coined “Horde Attack,” manifests a scenario where myriad assailants converge upon a singular defender. Notably, each assailant is endowed with a unique prowess, and the confrontation unfolds with the restriction that only one assailant can initiate an attack at any given moment.

This gaming mode seamlessly mirrors the essence of the original Close Quarters Battle (CQB), delivering an experience that resonates with players. It has emerged as the most favored game mode within the gaming community, capturing the essence of strategic intensity and garnering widespread popularity among enthusiasts.

Play with up to 4 players in real time

Pioneering the realm of mobile gaming, Area F2 stands as the inaugural Close Quarters Battle (CQB) shooting experience, where participants assume the roles of both assailants and defenders. The challenge unfolds through a series of dynamic objectives, demanding strategic finesse to secure positions in the heat of battle.

Within this immersive gaming environment, players engage in real-time confrontations, seamlessly transitioning between online and offline modes. The flexibility extends to the option of either joining an ongoing match or initiating a fresh encounter. Furthermore, players can convene in local game rooms, fostering an opportunity to engage in live matches with invited friends, thereby enhancing the camaraderie within the gaming experience.

Customize your player profile

In the expansive features of Area F2, players enjoy the liberty to craft a personalized player profile, a unique digital identity that transcends individual devices. This customization extends across multiple platforms, offering a seamless and cohesive gaming experience.

Adding a social dimension, the game integrates leaderboards, providing players with insights into the activities and achievements of their friends. This feature not only fosters friendly competition but also enhances the sense of community within the gaming realm.

Diversity extends into the arsenal as well, with a plethora of weapons at players’ disposal. This array empowers participants to meticulously select weaponry aligning with their distinct gameplay styles, further accentuating the strategic depth and personalization embedded within the gaming experience.


Area F2 immerses players in the dynamic realm of Close-Quarters Battle (CQB), where the battleground spans diverse landscapes, ranging from urban cityscapes to rural countryside and dense jungles. The pivotal objective oscillates between defending a designated structure and dismantling the onslaught of attackers.

Players navigate this intense environment by selecting from a roster of agents, each endowed with unique and strategic abilities. These capabilities encompass diverse attributes such as wall penetration, speed, precision in aiming, and overall accuracy, among a myriad of others.

Whether assuming the role of an attacker or defender, distinct parameters govern the gameplay. Attackers wield a finite ammunition reserve and can opt for an assortment of weapons, providing a versatile approach to engagements. Conversely, defenders grapple with the constraints of a health bar, adding a layer of tactical consideration to their defensive maneuvers.

Navigating the game unfolds with a selection process, allowing players to choose a map from the main menu, opt for one of the three available weapons, and subsequently select an agent class. The assignment of one of the three classes is randomized by the game, introducing an element of unpredictability to each player’s experience.

Each agent class exhibits a unique set of strengths and vulnerabilities. For instance, the Assault class boasts a formidable rate of fire but is characterized by diminished accuracy and a slower pace.

Upon initiation, players find themselves thrust into the midst of a mission within a dynamically generated map. As the game unfolds, exploration becomes a key aspect, enabling players to uncover new areas and adapt their strategies to the evolving challenges presented within the diverse and unpredictable gaming landscape.

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What's new

- Added a new opening trailer;
- Added three new agent bundles with discounts;
- Added new agent appearance display on the matching screen;
- Added channels for world chat in the lobby;
- Added region selection feature before login.

- Upgraded anti-cheat mechanism;
- Emulators players now can no longer be matchmaking with Mobile Phone players;
- Improved report button which will be more obvious than before;
- Other bug fixes and improvements.

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