ZArchiver Donate v1.0.9 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
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ZArchiver Donate - a special version of ZArchiver for donating to project.
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Feb 21, 2024
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ZArchiver Donate MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of ZArchiver Donate MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium MOD Available to download.

In the realm of digital file manipulation, ZArchiver emerges as a formidable application, facilitating the swift and facile compression and extraction of your data. Compression, the artful act of diminishing data proportions, bestows compactness upon files, resulting in expedited download and storage processes.

Conversely, extraction is the methodical unraveling of a compressed file, restoring it to its original legibility. The decompressed rendition mirrors the initial file impeccably, leaving no discernible distinction. This translates to files that are effortlessly accessible anywhere and at any given moment.

ZArchiver, with its unparalleled capabilities, can adeptly compress and decompress files of any nature. The compactness of a compressed file is generally inversely proportional to the original file’s dimensions. The larger the original file, the more substantial the compressed counterpart.

This principle extends to the decompressed file, wherein its dimensions align with the original. This nuanced dynamic underscores the indispensability of ZArchiver as a utilitarian tool. The compression or decompression of files is rendered facile with a mere press of a button, exemplifying the user-friendly prowess of this application.

This potent file compression tool distinguishes itself as an adept application for compressing and decompressing files with utmost efficacy. Its prowess extends to reducing files to diminutive sizes during compression, only to restore them to their original state upon decompression.

This functionality proves invaluable for cloud storage and seamless file sharing. Compression not only streamlines files but enhances speed, potentially saving up to 60% of disk space. Versatility is paramount as it accommodates files of diverse formats, solidifying its status as one of the preeminent compression applications, boasting unparalleled user accessibility.

Incorporating ZArchiver into your digital repertoire empowers you to conserve a staggering 100 gigabytes of data on a single USB drive. The application’s interface, marked by its unambiguous simplicity, obviates the need for extensive acclimatization.

Navigation is intuitive, sparing users the ordeal of prolonged learning curves. Furthermore, the application boasts additional functionality, enabling the conversion of videos and photos. ZArchiver stands as an exemplar of user-friendly file compression applications, seamlessly merging efficiency with ease of use.

Features of ZArchiver Donate MOD APK

Simple interface

In the realm of document preservation, behold an interface both straightforward and efficacious. All maneuvers unfold with a streamlined sophistication, ushering you effortlessly into their intricacies.

Within this interface lies a questing mechanism, an instrument empowering you to seek out the precise files and directories destined for your endeavors. Upon the culmination of your tasks, the chosen elements can be consigned to archival sanctuaries through the pre-embedded choices or dispatched to the SD card expanses.

Support of all compression formats

This application extends its benevolence by affording you the capability to condense files across a myriad of widely embraced archive formats. Employ the integrated compression function to compact your files and the counterpart decompression feature to unfurl them once more. Additionally, wields the power to manipulate the condensed archives with the ability to append, expunge, and substitute both files and directories at will.

View file properties and permissions

Embark on a journey of file enlightenment with this application, unraveling the intricate tapestry of your data’s essence. Discern the file’s taxonomy, whether it dons the mantle of a folder, a textual narrative, an image, a cinematic creation, a harmonious melody, or a document of profound significance.

Traverse the dimensions of its magnitude and gaze upon the timestamp of its most recent metamorphosis. Engage the “More” realm, where the veils shrouding permissions lift, revealing the intricate dance of read/write privileges and shared connections with other discerning entities.

Password protection

Within this application’s arsenal lies the ability to forge a protective veil for your files through the crafting of passwords. Forge a mnemonic shield, a cipher of up to 8 characters, intertwining ease of recall with the fortress of security.

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What's new

- fix Android 4.4 crashes;
- small fix.
- improve Android 11+ support;
- multi-word fuzzy file search;
- add update the free space after I/O operations;
- improve stability and small fix.
- improve Android 11+ support;
- fix USB storage support;
- improve stability and small fix.
- fix for Android 12+ support;
- rollback some changes in the UI;
- small fixes and improvements.

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