WO Mic v4.7.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
Are you trying to find one wireless mic for your PC? Well, you need not to spend time and money to buy one. Just try this app!
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Feb 13, 2024
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WO Mic MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of WO Mic MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Transform your Android device into a sophisticated microphone seamlessly linked to your computer. Harness its capabilities to capture your vocal nuances, capture images, and even metamorphose your phone into a speakerphone.

Engaging in voice-based conversations stands as one of the prevalent modes of communication. However, conventional methods often necessitate the employment of headsets or earphones. This poses a quandary for individuals desiring communication in bustling settings or amidst physical activities.

Enter WO Mic, a resolution to this predicament. Boasting an embedded microphone, it empowers your phone to function as an audio headset for your computer. Furthermore, the application extends its utility as a speakerphone, facilitating seamless integration with your mobile device. Effortlessly stow it in your pocket, and initiate articulate conversations on the go.

This application boasts simplicity in its design, eschewing excessive functionalities. Establish a connection between your Android device and your computer, employing the app to immortalize your vocal expressions. Noteworthy for its lightweight nature, the app boasts minimal latency, doubling as an efficient speakerphone.

Gratis in its essence, this app shuns advertisements, in-app purchases, and subscription models. The ingenious mind behind this creation is Yannick, a programmer in the employ of Google. WO Mic stands as his inaugural project.

Functioning as a conduit to transform your smartphone into a veritable microphone, the app emphasizes compactness, lightness, and user-friendliness. Through its microphone feature, engages in conversations, captures audio, and employs voice recognition. This application redefines the role of your smartphone, elevating it to the status of a versatile microphone.

Features of WO Mic MOD APK

Turn your Android into a microphone

An Android app, offered freely, stands poised to revolutionize the realms of recording, capturing, and speech recognition. Tailored explicitly for Android devices, it assumes the role of a microphone, enriching the functionality of your smartphone in tandem with your computer.

This app serves a myriad of purposes, encompassing voice chatting, recording, and the sophisticated task of speech recognition. Boasting minimal latency, contingent upon transport and environment variables, it mirrors the performance of bona fide microphone devices.

In the realm of voice and text, this application emerges as an indispensable tool. Capture, record, and analyze both voice and text effortlessly, with the added capability of recognition. Seamless recording and playback of voice and text are facilitated through the user-friendly interface of WO Mic, with the outcomes securely stored on your Android device.

Unveiling its versatility, this application proves invaluable for voice chatting, video recording, and the recognition of your distinctive voice. By transmitting your audio to the computer, you effortlessly obtain the results.

WO Mic, an avant-garde Android app, transcends conventional boundaries, empowering users with a multifaceted tool for seamless communication and efficient voice-related tasks.

Connect via USB to your computer and take advantage of the PC mic input

Facilitating a seamless connection, the application empowers you to tether your Android device to your computer through a USB cable, unlocking the potential to transform your computer into a fully functional microphone. This opens up avenues to leverage your computer’s microphone input across platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and more.

Furthermore, the app exhibits a remarkable capability to discern and archive your voice, offering the option to save it either as a text file or in audio formats. This functionality proves invaluable, particularly for individuals less adept at verbal expression.

In essence, this feature-rich application not only bridges the technological gap between your Android device and computer but also amplifies the utility of your computer’s microphone capabilities across a spectrum of widely used communication platforms. The added ability to record and store your voice, either in textual or audio form, enhances its appeal as a versatile tool catering to diverse user needs.

Voice chat via WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)

Effortlessly initiate voice calls through the application, harnessing the prowess of WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology. This groundbreaking technology facilitates instantaneous audio communication between browsers, eliminating the need for additional plug-in software.

Supported by the majority of contemporary browsers, it simplifies the process of making voice calls to your friends, adding a layer of convenience without any reliance on specialized plugins.

Recognize your voice from the microphone

WO Mic emerged as a cutting-edge voice recognition application tailored for Android devices. Leveraging the microphone provides instantaneous recognition of your spoken words.

Powered by an algorithm meticulously crafted by our team, this application draws inspiration from the technology underpinning Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. A neural network, honed through extensive training on millions of diverse voices, forms the bedrock of this sophisticated voice recognition system.

In addition to its core functionality, the application seamlessly integrates voice chat capabilities utilizing the device’s built-in speaker. What sets this app apart is its ability to recognize your voice through a unique voiceprint, allowing identification from any location and at any time. Engaging in voice chats enables you to effortlessly record your vocal expressions for sharing.

Furthermore, the app extends its utility by allowing voice command-initiated photo capture, transforming it into a versatile voice note application. WO Mic encapsulates a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, redefining the landscape of voice recognition applications on Android platforms.

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What's new

1. Change status indicator colors.
2. Make auto mute in voice call optional.
3. Fix the issue that UI won't show right status when automatically muted.
4. Refactor to reduce app size.

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