WHO’S ON MY WIFI v25.0.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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WHO’S ON MY WIFI MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of WHO’S ON MY WIFI MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Introducing the “Who’s on My WiFi” app, a tool designed to assess the status of your WiFi connection and unveil the identities of users accessing it. Whether it’s a familiar face or an unfamiliar entity, this application furnishes insights into the network’s occupants, allowing you to discern their activities. Its utility extends to verifying the functionality of the connection, offering monitoring capabilities, and, notably, providing an optimal solution for familial network management.

In instances of network sharing, the app discerns the availability of the connection. If the desire is to identify connected devices, a glance at the comprehensive list of connections suffices. Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, this application empowers users with the ability to configure routers remotely, thereby granting control over the network from any location. The functionality to impede specific devices from accessing the network adds an extra layer of security. Simple in its interface and efficient in operation, this app proves to be an invaluable asset for users.

The app’s prowess lies in its capacity to detect all devices linked to the WiFi network. Upon identifying a device, users can promptly expel it from the network, ensuring immunity from connections with unfamiliar entities. Bid farewell to unwarranted network associations and, in doing so, maintain the pristine integrity of your network. This app not only assists in device identification but also facilitates their removal, ensuring a clean and secure network environment.


Import backups in JSON format.

The “Who’s on My WiFi” app boasts a distinctive feature – the capacity to import backups in JSON format.

For those seeking an avenue to adeptly manage their connections via smartphone, the apt solution lies in utilizing “Who’s on My WiFi.” Crafted by the same developers responsible for the application bearing a similar moniker, this tool facilitates seamless wireless connection management.

Should the need arise to reinstate network connections, this application offers a straightforward method. Users can accomplish this task by importing backup data in the structured JSON format. The restored data manifests in the form of a file, neatly tucked away in the application data folder for convenient access and reference.

Analyze the traffic and the number of connections.

The “Who’s on My WiFi” application extends a comprehensive suite of functionalities, allowing users to meticulously track network traffic and the abundance of connections. This app empowers users to monitor both the network traffic and the quantity of devices seamlessly linked to their WiFi network. Notably, it offers the same surveillance capabilities for the networks of friends.

With this application in tow, discerning who is actively utilizing the internet becomes a straightforward endeavor. Its utility expands beyond mere connectivity assessment, providing a vigilant eye on the functionality of the connection. Additionally, it serves as an adept tool for monitoring overall network traffic, offering valuable insights into the status of the WiFi network.

The “Who’s on My WiFi” application serves as an insightful barometer, furnishing users with a nuanced understanding of the volume of connections saturating their WiFi network. It facilitates meticulous tracking of connections initiated by other users, allowing scrutiny of connection stability. In essence, it emerges as an indispensable tool for those keen on maintaining an informed perspective on their WiFi network’s vitality.

Displays device information such as hostname, IP address, gateway, netmask, and DNS.

Through the adept utilization of the “Who’s on My WiFi” app, unveiling the identities of individuals connected to the network becomes a seamless endeavor. Whether it be a friend or an unfamiliar entity, this application furnishes prompt results when the need arises to discern who is actively present on the network. Insights extend beyond mere identification, allowing users to glean information about the activities of the connected individual.

Beyond the realm of identity revelation, the application proves its mettle in assessing the functionality of the connection. It stands as a vigilant guardian, offering the capability to detect potential connection issues. Moreover, the app extends its utility to serve as a monitoring tool, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the network’s vitality.

In essence, the “Who’s on My WiFi” application emerges as an optimal solution for familial network management, offering not only the means to identify network occupants but also to monitor connection health. Its versatility and user-friendly interface position it as a valuable asset for those seeking a robust solution for their family’s network-related needs.

You can access the router configuration web page.

Effortlessly access the router configuration web page with a simple click, courtesy of the “Who’s on My WiFi” app. This application streamlines the process of modifying your router’s settings, ensuring a swift and user-friendly experience.

Navigating to the router configuration web page is simplified with the app’s intuitive interface. Through the settings menu, users gain the ability to configure the router with ease. The “Who’s on My WiFi” app extends its utility further by facilitating modifications to the router’s username and password. For those seeking a clean slate, the app offers the option to reset the router.

Beyond these capabilities, the application empowers users to exercise control over their WiFi network by enabling functions like turning off the WiFi. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless update of the router’s firmware, ensuring that users stay abreast of the latest enhancements and security features. In essence, the “Who’s on My WiFi” app stands as a versatile tool, not only for monitoring network connections but also for configuring and maintaining the health of your router.

Show the signal strength of the nearest wifi network

The “Who’s on My WiFi” app serves as a valuable resource for gauging the signal strength of the closest network. Beyond mere signal strength assessment, users can delve into the specifics of the nearest network, discerning its signal potency. This can be achieved by entering either the network name or its corresponding IP address.

In addition to signal strength metrics, the application offers a comprehensive view of connected devices, complete with names and icons for easy identification. Users also possess the capability to establish a connection with these devices. For active networks, the app provides a historical overview of connection activities, shedding light on the network’s usage history.

In essence, the “Who’s on My WiFi” app emerges as a multifaceted tool, not only offering insights into signal strength but also providing a detailed panorama of connected devices and their historical usage patterns. This comprehensive approach enhances the user’s ability to manage and optimize their WiFi network effectively.

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