Volume Panel Pro v21.28 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 05, 2024
Volume Panel is an enhanced replacement for your system volume control panel with an array of customization options, all system volume controls available in one place plus screen brightness, media playback controls and a selection of additional shortcuts!
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Feb 05, 2024
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Volume Panel Pro MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Volume Panel Pro MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

Introducing an innovative application that empowers control over volume and media output for Android devices, including phones and tablets. Crafted with the user’s quality of life in mind, this app facilitates seamless adjustment of phone volume at your discretion. Dive into the realm of audio mastery as the application extends its influence to system audio, headsets, and even the television.

An indispensable tool for those grappling with volume adjustments, it caters to both mobile phones and tablets. The interface is both uncomplicated and user-friendly, ensuring a straightforward experience. Let the echoes of user testimonials guide you toward optimal solutions.

Behold the Volume Panel an application characterized by its simplicity and user-friendly design. Swiftly navigate volume adjustments, making it an indispensable asset for those contending with volume-related challenges on mobile devices and tablets alike. This uncomplicated yet essential tool resonates with user feedback, paving the way for tailored solutions.

For an unparalleled auditory experience, immerse yourself in the synergy of this application with original music. Exercise creative freedom with the custom option, enabling the use of your unique musical compositions. Elevate your musical creations with a myriad of features and a diverse array of options at your disposal.

Enhance the rhythm by seamlessly switching between songs during specific musical interludes. Unleash a cascade of effects to craft a sonic masterpiece, ensuring a distinctive and captivating auditory journey.

Features of Volume Panel Pro MOD APK

Customize the look of the volume panel

A sophisticated substitute emerges for your system’s acoustic amplitude governance interface, presenting an assortment of tailoring alternatives. Consolidating all auditory command levers within a singular locus, alongside luminosity modulation, media playback dominion, and an array of supplementary expedited routes.

The Volume Panel extends a comprehensive spectrum of personalization avenues for the interface itself, offering the capacity to embed an exclusive backdrop, integrate any application icons from the Android framework, and even append your individualized ones! Manipulate the panel’s dimensions, incorporate a sonorousness gauge, and beyond.

In conjunction with the faculty to wholly tailor the interface, there’s the added facility to infuse widgets into the panel. These widgets encompass a power level gauge, meteorological projection tile, economic indices carousel, and more.

Show/hide the media controls

The auditory console is meticulously crafted to exude the utmost user-friendliness, boasting an interface that beckons simplicity in navigation and comprehension. The primary display divulges the ongoing sonorousness quotient and the residual vitality of the power reservoir, whereas the secondary screen lays bare the reins for media governance and expedited pathways for swift accessibility.

For users wielding a device adorned with tactile volume buttons, the hardware’s acoustic levers seamlessly align with the volume panel. Moreover, the volume panel extends the functionality to manifest or conceal the reins over media governance at your discretion.

Customize the icons of the volume panel

The Volume Panel Pro stands as a formidable and invaluable application. It empowers you to tailor the visage of the volume panel by incorporating your images or icons. The autonomy to designate your favored icons as the volume panel’s default icons is bestowed upon you. This implies that upon powering up your device, the volume panel will unfurl, adorned with the very icons you handpicked.

Add new shortcuts for your favorite apps

The Volume Panel emerges as an enriched substitute for your system’s acoustic governance interface, adorned with an assortment of tailoring alternatives. All auditory dominion levers converge within a singular enclave, accompanied by luminosity modulation, media playback dominion, and an assortment of supplementary swift-access shortcuts.

Devised to seamlessly integrate with an extensive spectrum of devices and operating systems, this application exhibits compatibility across the Android milieu. From Android 5.0 to Android 8.0, the app extends its harmonious functionality, ensuring a seamless auditory experience across diverse Android versions.

Enable/disable the media controls

Empowering you with the discretion to deactivate your screen, adjust volume, manipulate media, and exercise dominion over various controls, this application offers a comprehensive range of choices. Tailor your experience by handpicking specific applications to either enable or disable.

The application extends the capability to organize apps into three distinct groups, affording you the liberty to govern a chosen cluster of apps at the touch of a button. Whether it be the activation or deactivation of the app, seamless control is at your fingertips, accessible through both the app interface and the Notification Bar.

Hide/show the media controls

This application provides you the latitude to conceal both the media controls and the standard volume control residing on the system bar.

Effortlessly, you can fine-tune the audio and video output volumes, along with regulating screen brightness and implementing screen lock all consolidated within a singular application.

Should the inclination arise to exhibit media controls on your home screen, a straightforward addition of Volume Panel Pro as a launcher icon accomplishes this seamlessly.

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What's new

* Improve preferences layout logic.
* Fix crash in media volume when blocked by DND.
* Bug Fixes.

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