Untrack v3.0-97e1b30 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Feb 12, 2024
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Untrack MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Untrack MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Untrack emerges as a sanctuary for digital anonymity, offering a bastion against the invisible prying eyes of the internet. This digital safeguard operates by nullifying tracking directives, thus cloaking your digital footprint, including your IP address and sundry personal data, from unwelcome scrutiny.

Leveraging Untrack bestows upon its users the capability to obscure their IP address, thwart cookie utilization, and impede the exploitation of user agent strings. Beyond these features, the tool extends its protective embrace to shield personal data from external exploitation.

Rooted in the ethos of open-source collaboration, Untrack harnesses an API to empower webmasters in the barricading of tracking scripts, thereby offering a bulwark against the clandestine monitoring of user behavior. This utility stands as a paragon of privacy preservation.

Remarkably, the utility demands no installation rites nor the divulgence of passwords. A mere click initiates a shield over the website, safeguarding it from tracking intrusions. Notably, Untrack champions user privacy by abstaining from the collection or dissemination of user data to tertiary entities.

In essence, Untrack avails a fortress for those seeking refuge from the pervasive gaze of online surveillance. As an open-source beacon, it extends its protective canopy to all digital denizens, irrespective of their expertise. For those in pursuit of digital sanctity, Untrack offers a haven.

Features of Untrack MOD APK

Stop tracking your online activities

Halt the clandestine observation of your digital peregrinations with Untrack, a sanctuary for your online privacy. This application grants you the power to obliterate the surveillance of your navigated hyperlinks by merely inscribing the domain of your current virtual locale into Untrack.

Should the notion of unseen digital trackers shadowing your every move online unsettle you, take solace in the simplicity of Untrack. By embedding the domain of your digital expedition into this platform, you assert your right to digital anonymity.

The specter of online surveillance no longer casts a pall over your internet endeavors. Untrack stands as your digital bastion, empowering you to expunge the unsolicited tracking mechanisms within your links. Engage with Untrack and witness the unveiling of your online activities, now liberated from the prying eyes of the digital realm.

Find out where your clicks are going

Untrack unveils a catalog of hyperlinks, each imbued with tracking elements, offering you the clarity to discern the nature of their surveillance—be it advertising, promotional communiqués, merchandise catalogs, or other digital signals.

The process to obstruct the surveillance of specific hyperlinks via Untrack is remarkably straightforward. A mere touch upon the link summons a dialogue box, presenting you the choice to cease its tracking.

Furthermore, should you wish to extend this digital cloaking across all links within a page, Untrack accommodates such comprehensive privacy measures. Navigate to the page’s nadir and activate “Block All Links” to uniformly enforce your preference for anonymity.

Detect tracking parameters in all links

Beyond the initial set of tracking parameters, the digital expanse harbors hundreds more, stealthily embedded within links to monitor your virtual movements: your views, clicks, the origin of your journey, and your destination thereafter.

With Untrack Now, the veil is lifted, enabling the detection of these covert trackers within any link or webpage you traverse. This empowerment ensures that your digital footprints remain your own, free from the unseen gaze of trackers cataloging your online endeavors.

Remove all the tracking parameters from the link by tapping on i

Desiring to expunge every trace of tracking parameters from a link? Achieving this is effortlessly simple with this application. A single tap on the link reveals all its tracking parameters. Another tap and these digital footprints are erased.

Curious about the nature of tracking parameters embedded in a link? A tap is all it takes to unveil them—utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content, and more laid bare.

With Untrack, the elimination of these parameters is but a tap away on the trash icon, rendering the link pristine and untracked.

Untrack those links

Untrack: Stop Link Tracking offers a seamless solution for excising tracking parameters from the links you encounter. These parameters, often embedded within the URL of any webpage, are easily identifiable.

Utilizing this tool simplifies the process of purifying your links. By copying and pasting the desired link into the Untrack: Stop Link Tracking interface, you effectively strip away its tracking parameters, ensuring your online movements remain yours alone.

Untrack serves as a digital broom, sweeping away the digital traces that enable websites to shadow your journey across the internet.

Whether through a web browser, desktop application, or Untrack’s mobile app, unlinking yourself from tracking is made accessible. The web browser version, in particular, is user-friendly, requiring only a click on the ‘Untrack’ button to begin sanitizing your links, displaying them neatly within a list for your review.

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What's new

✅ Upgrades various tools

🐞 Fix crash when opening Google Ads link

🐞 Fix default browser detection

🐞 Fix default browser detection on Android 9

🛡️ Bypass WebGains link redirection
🛡️ Show default browser name if Untrack isn't the default browser

🛡️ Bypass AMP (experimental)

🛡️ Open links in the same tab on supported browser, e.g. Bromite, Chrome

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