Square Home v3.0.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
* This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
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Jan 29, 2024
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Square Home MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Square Home MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of screen customization, there exists an ingenious application empowering users to tailor their home screen ambiance. This not only amplifies user satisfaction with the app interface but elevates the overall design experience. If this application captures your fancy, seamlessly integrate it into your device to unlock a plethora of advantages.

This application, while being complimentary, sustains itself through strategically placed advertisements. By installing and immersing yourself in its features, you’ll soon discover that it transcends the mundane realms of a mere ad; it stands as a testament to a premium, paid application.

Those who delve into ownership of this application gain unfettered access to its features sans any financial encumbrance. The application, meticulously crafted, pledges a user experience unparalleled in its uniqueness, promising an unprecedented level of enjoyment.

Embarking on a journey through the application reveals a tripartite structure. The primary sector, a dashboard, unfolds myriad functions before the user. Following this, the second facet unveils the application’s interface, a canvas ripe for customization.

Users wield the power to tailor this interface to their aesthetic predilections. The third dimension manifests as a compendium of widgets, strategically positioned to enhance the application’s functionality. Users, architects of their visual realm, can mold the application’s appearance to mirror their distinct preferences.

Square, a ubiquitous payment solution, extends its influence across a spectrum of services. Ranging from a simple caffeine transaction to a comprehensive business and retail solution, the application stands as a versatile titan.

For both patrons and merchants, Square proves to be an accessible and intuitive tool. The application, bereft of financial burdens, embodies a payment solution that seamlessly integrates with diverse business models.

Venturing beyond brick-and-mortar establishments, the application seamlessly transforms into a point-of-sale system for virtual storefronts. Furthermore, it accommodates the needs of online shoppers, offering a versatile tool for streamlined transactions.

By integrating a hyperlink into your website, you effortlessly weave a gateway to your payment system. This uncomplicated solution transcends application, becoming a multifaceted instrument adaptable to myriad contexts.

This sophisticated application, a maestro of home screen orchestration, empowers users to craft a tapestry of functions on their device’s focal point. Whether opting for a minimalist or intricate home screen, the user enjoys unparalleled flexibility.

The design, a tableau of customizable aesthetics, presents a diverse palette of colors and patterns for user selection. Boasting multifarious functions, from widget incorporation to an aesthetic overhaul of the device, the application unfurls its purpose in enhancing the allure of the home screen.

Features of Square Home MOD APK

Add a shortcut to the main menu

Within the application’s domain, the incorporation of shortcuts onto the home screen becomes an accessible feat through the tactile engagement with the three dots button, positioned at the lowermost section of the screen. The capacity to introduce a shortcut to the home screen is not only feasible but extends to the option of integrating said shortcut seamlessly into the primary menu.

Should the inclination arise to establish a shortcut on the home screen, kindly configure the icon associated with the shortcut through the meticulous adjustment of the “icon” property within the manifest file. The facilitation of a shortcut’s creation in your principal menu materializes upon the installation of this application. Subsequently, the expeditious utilization of said shortcut becomes instrumental in swiftly launching your favored applications.

Quickly switch to the last used app

In the scenario where an abundance of applications adorns your device, the quest for your recently accessed apps invariably ensues. Confronted with a multitude of installed applications, the utility of this feature becomes apparent a seamless mechanism facilitating the prompt transition to the most recently utilized application.

This application extends the capability to expeditiously switch to the last accessed app, a functionality seamlessly achieved through the activation of the accessibility service API.

Hide the status bar

Concealing the status bar not only enhances usability but also trims down the dimensions of the device screen, accomplished by overlaying the navigation bar situated at the screen’s base. This application guides you through the process of achieving this functionality effortlessly. Should the inclination arise to obscure the status bar, a simple tap on the hamburger button positioned at the top left suffices.

The application executes the concealment of the status bar specifically on the home screen, creating space conducive to the application’s functionality. Should you desire the reemergence of the status bar, a straightforward route is to activate the “Show Status Bar” option within the “Settings” menu. Additionally, the luminosity of the status bar remains within your control, allowing for a tailored visual experience.

Use a custom wallpaper

Elevate the personalization of your phone’s aesthetics through the dynamic capabilities of this application. Square Home empowers you to handpick a background image of your choice and augment it with text elements, transforming it into a bespoke wallpaper. This app serves as a versatile and customizable wallpaper hub, affording you the ability to imbue your phone with a distinctive visual allure.

The process of defining a personalized wallpaper is user-friendly, providing options to either select an image from your gallery or capture a moment through the camera lens. Notably, the app necessitates the use of the Device Administrator’s permission. For Android versions predating 9.0, it is imperative to grant permission to enable the seamless functioning of the “screen lock” launcher action.

Enable/disable notification

Upon receipt of a notification, Square Home may proactively suggest the deactivation of the notification, mitigating the possibility of unwarranted interruptions. Disabling this feature ensures that notifications from previously alerted apps continue to be received.

To facilitate the manipulation of the Notification LED’s status upon accessing the notification drawer, the application seamlessly integrates with the Accessibility service API. This serves as the mechanism to enable or disable the Notification LED, providing users with a nuanced control over their notification experience.

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What's new

- made app launch animation run properly on Android 12+
- added "Non-style color" at the last of the style list
- supports copying one selected tile
- added a new widget "Text"
- added "Disable album art" in the Live tile options
- shows FF/FR buttons on a media controller if the tile size is enough
- opens the first item by enter when searching apps or contacts
- fixed some bugs and optimized

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