Ski Tracker v3.5.03 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 23, 2024
Ski Tracker is an application for all who love snow and winter sports. Useful for skiers and snowboarders. Measure the maximum skiing speed, tracks, distance, mark the slopes on the map and provide full statistics of your winter sports activity.
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Feb 23, 2024
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Ski Tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ski Tracker MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of snow-covered escapades, behold an ingenious tracking application tailored for discerning skiers navigating the expansive slopes. This avant-garde app boasts the prowess to discern the precise coordinates of skiers as they gracefully traverse the snow-laden terrain.

The process of detection unfolds with an intricate dance of automation or, for those who relish a touch of manual finesse, a user-driven selection. Picture this: the user, endowed with the power to embark on real-time pursuits of their fellow skiers, chooses to trail a specific individual identified by nomenclature, or opt for the panoramic pursuit displayed on a digital cartographic canvas.

Should a skier choose the path less visible, concealed by the undulating contours of a secluded slope, fear not! The application promptly dispatches vital information to the central server, enabling it to unravel the mystique of the skier’s location. A technological marvel, perfect for enthusiasts seeking to delve deeper into the intricacies of the snowboarding and skiing domain.

Skiing, an endeavor embraced by a myriad, becomes not merely an endeavor for the inhalation of crisp alpine air or the pursuit of physical exertion. It transcends into a realm where merriment intertwines with the joy of forging new connections.

For the ardent skiing aficionados, envision the thrill of knowing that the slopes beckon from any corner of the globe. The joy of skiing unfurls its wings, ready to be savored anytime, anywhere, defying geographical constraints.

Enter the Ski Tracker app, a beacon guiding enthusiasts to the zenith of skiing pleasure. Revel in the enlightenment of your exact geographical bearings, granting you the freedom to embark on your skiing odyssey wherever your heart desires.

Not only does it divulge your present coordinates, but it also unfurls a cartographic tapestry, revealing the proximity of celestial ski resorts. Fret not, for losing oneself amidst mountainous realms is a predicament left in the annals of the past.

Features of Ski Tracker MOD APK

Useful for skiers and snowboarders

In the realm of navigational applications tailored for tracking your endeavors, emerges an intricate GPS marvel. This technological masterpiece not only discloses the minutiae of your expedition but also unravels the labyrinth of details encompassing your route, distance covered, elevation transcended, ambient temperature, temporal metrics, and a plethora of additional insights.

Essentially, it serves as a profound companion, facilitating a profound exploration of your surroundings while meticulously documenting your venturesome escapades into the great outdoors.

Embrace the liberating capability of this application, graciously bestowed upon users without financial encumbrance. Yet, should one yearn for an augmented experience, a transformative metamorphosis into a privileged member awaits. This affords an exclusive sojourn into the realms of the premium version, a digital sanctuary that transcends the ordinary.

The pecuniary investment for such privileges oscillates with the duration of your commitment. For example, the first month is calling at €3.99, and the next few months will entice you with a low of €0.99 per lunar cycle.

Track your skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or biking trips

Set out on your mountainous adventures with Ski Tracker, an adaptable app made to record your skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or riding excursions in detail. The software expertly plots your route on the map by utilizing GPS technology, providing a visual narrative of your travels.

Safeguard your exploits by storing your tracks and delving into a treasure trove of statistics, unraveling details such as your pinnacle skiing velocity, distances conquered, and the temporal tapestry woven on the slopes.

Versatility reigns supreme as Ski Tracker caters to a spectrum of activities, be it skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or biking. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app transcends platform boundaries, ensuring a seamless tracking experience for enthusiasts across the technological divide.

Get full statistics on your winter sports activity

For aficionados of snow-clad landscapes and winter sports enthusiasts, SkiTracker emerges as the quintessential application. Tailored with precision for both skiers and snowboarders, it extends its utility to measure not just the thrill of speed but a comprehensive array of winter sports metrics.

Immerse yourself in the prowess of SkiTracker as it gauges your maximum skiing velocity, traces your paths, calculates distances, charts slopes on the map, and meticulously compiles the entirety of your winter sports activity into a comprehensive statistical panorama.

Unlock the wealth of information about your winter sports engagement through this app. Revel in a detailed account, spanning the number of days dedicated to skiing, kilometers traversed, distances between slopes, identification of conquered slopes, highest speed attained, total duration of your winter sports endeavors, average speed, speed per slope, runs completed, total track length, and an abundance of additional insights.

Show the current location on the map

Savor your love of winter activities with Ski Tracker, a free software designed for skiers and snowboarders. When it comes to winter sports, having a mobile partner is essential, and Ski Tracker proves to be a crucial resource for both snowboarders and skiers.

Elevate your experience by utilizing your mobile device to gauge your maximum skiing speed and meticulously trace your trails through this intuitive application. With the capability to showcase your real-time location on the map, Ski Tracker becomes an indispensable source of all-encompassing information regarding your winter sports endeavors.

Simplicity meets functionality in this application, creating a symbiotic relationship that positions it as an unparalleled companion for every skiing and snowboarding aficionado. Ski Tracker seamlessly blends ease of use with a plethora of features, making it an essential tool for those navigating the snowy slopes.

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What's new

Extended Map Sharing with Color Themes
OpenStreetMap with pistes and lifts in Premium Version
New Black (AMOLED/OLED) Color Theme
GPX, TCX files from Endomondo, Garmin, etc. import
Export and import all Ski Tracker data from/to another devices
Info about sources of altitude in Altitude Box
Session map/data sharing to Facebook, Instagram etc
Session track and altitude registration algorithm upgraded
Added vertical distances (enable in settings)
Power saving options

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