Shortcut Creator v3.2.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 24, 2024
This application allows you to create shortcuts on local files and folders, applications, settings, contacts, messages and even you can customize shortcuts from other apps. You can provide your own shortcut title and use many different features for customizing the shortcut icon: use icon of the related application, crop image exported from external gallery, import icons from file, use icon from external theme. The app also supports native widgets - you can create a widget instead of a shortcut. Later the widget icon, title and appearance can be changed. In addition you can organize shortcuts in the Collections database using different methods like hierarchy or tags. Later you can use Collections dialogs to get quick access to the organized shortcuts.
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Feb 24, 2024
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Shortcut Creator MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Shortcut Creator MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium MOD Available to download.

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Journeying further into the labyrinth of possibilities, the user possesses the prowess to fashion shortcuts tailored to specific applications or programs. By a mere tap upon the app’s nomenclature, a cascade of customization possibilities unfolds – from logo embellishments to icon metamorphoses, from nomenclature alterations to background image transmutations. The genesis of shortcuts culminates with the option to enshrine the icon within the notification bar, a subtle herald of streamlined accessibility.

“Shortcut Creator” stands as an indispensable ally, a paragon of utility for users seeking the nimble crafting of shortcuts. It is the conduit through which users seamlessly forge pathways to their most utilized applications and programs, a testament to the symbiosis between technology and user convenience.

Features of Shortcut Creator MOD APK 

Customize shortcut icons with various methods

Customizing the visage of your shortcuts becomes a creative endeavor with the multifaceted arsenal of Shortcut Creator. Embark on a visual odyssey by employing various methodologies: harness the icon encapsulating the essence of the corresponding application, excerpt an image meticulously cropped from an external gallery, import icons sourced from files, or embrace the thematic allure of icons from an external theme.

Venturing into the realm of versatility, Shortcut Creator extends its support to native widgets, transcending the conventional shortcut paradigm. A widget, a dynamic entity, allows for the creation of an alternative interface, wherein the icon, nomenclature, and aesthetic presentation undergo metamorphosis at will.

The organizational prowess of Shortcut Creator is not confined to mere shortcuts; it extends into the vast expanse of the Collections database. Employ diverse categorization methodologies, be it hierarchical structuring or the application of tags, to orchestrate an organized symphony of shortcuts. Subsequently, traverse this curated landscape with ease, employing Collections dialogs for swift access to the intricately organized shortcuts.

Shortcut Creator’s capabilities transcend the digital tapestry, permeating into the realm of local files and folders, applications, settings, contacts, and messages. The canvas for customization broadens as you wield the power to infuse your titles, invoking a plethora of features to mold the shortcut icon to your artistic vision. Whether borrowing the iconography from the associated application, cropping an image sourced from an external gallery, importing icons from files, or integrating icons from an external theme – Shortcut Creator is the virtuoso of shortcut personalization.

In the realm of expediency, Shortcut Creator introduces a symphony of customization, redefining the art of access to your preferred applications, settings, and digital realms. Step into a world where each shortcut is a manifestation of your creative intent, meticulously curated and easily accessible through the deft organizational capabilities of Collections.

Create a shortcut directly from your home screen

In the realm of efficiency and personalization, Shortcut Creator extends a versatile hand, allowing the genesis of shortcuts spanning local files, folders, applications, settings, contacts, and messages. This dynamic application doesn’t confine itself to mere creation; it invites users to tread the path of customization for shortcuts originating from other applications.

The canvas for personalization is vast, with users empowered to coin their shortcut titles and delve into a myriad of features for tailoring the shortcut icon. The repertoire includes the option to adopt the icon of the associated application, crop images meticulously exported from an external gallery, import icons directly from files, or immerse in the thematic charm of icons sourced from an external theme.

Diving deeper into versatility, Shortcut Creator gracefully embraces the presence of native widgets, providing an alternative to the conventional shortcut paradigm. These widgets serve as dynamic entities, allowing users to sculpt the widget icon, title, and overall appearance at their leisure.

The organizational finesse of Shortcut Creator is not to be underestimated. Beyond the creation and customization, it beckons users into the domain of the Collections database. Here, shortcuts can be meticulously arranged using various methodologies, be it through a hierarchical structure or the strategic application of tags. Subsequently, the curated shortcuts become easily accessible through the seamless utilization of Collections dialogs.

Shortcut Creator, therefore, is not merely an application but an orchestrator of efficiency and personalization. It grants users the ability to tailor shortcuts, wield native widgets, and navigate through an organized tapestry of shortcuts with unparalleled ease. Embrace a world where your digital experience is finely tuned to your preferences, courtesy of the intuitive functionalities offered by Shortcut Creator.

Use different methods to organize shortcuts in the Collections database

Within the expansive realm of the Collections database in Shortcut Creator, two distinct methodologies beckon for the organization of shortcuts: the hierarchical approach and the utilization of tags. Each method offers a unique avenue for meticulous curation.

The hierarchy method, a tapestry woven with the threads of parent-child relationships, allows shortcuts to ascend to the role of parents, while collections gracefully assume the mantle of children. This method bestows an inherent structure, enabling the seamless organization of shortcuts within the database.

Contrastingly, the tags method unfurls a different paradigm. Here, shortcuts find their place in the database through the association with tags. Users wield the power to create new tags, adding them with finesse to shortcuts, thus bestowing a nuanced layer of organization to the digital tapestry.

In the intricate dance between hierarchy and tags, Shortcut Creator becomes not just a vessel for shortcuts but a symphony of organizational possibilities. Users traverse the database, sculpting their collections with precision, either through the familial embrace of hierarchy or the nuanced association facilitated by tags. It’s a testament to the flexibility and adaptability that Shortcut Creator brings to the table, allowing users to tailor their digital experience with a harmonious blend of structure and classification.

Use native widgets to create shortcuts

Immerse yourself in the ingenuity of Shortcut Creator, an application designed to be a virtuoso in the orchestration of shortcuts across a myriad of digital realms. Traverse the landscape of local files, folders, applications, settings, contacts, and messages as you seamlessly create shortcuts tailored to your needs. The versatility of Shortcut Creator extends beyond its creation prowess, allowing for the customization of shortcuts originating from other applications.

In the realm of personalization, Shortcut Creator grants you the autonomy to christen your shortcuts with unique titles. The tapestry of customization unfolds further as you delve into a plethora of features, including the option to adopt the icon of the associated application, crop images meticulously exported from an external gallery, import icons directly from files, or bask in the thematic charm of icons sourced from an external theme.

This application doesn’t merely stop at shortcuts; it transcends into the realm of native widgets. Elevate your digital experience by creating dynamic widgets as alternatives to conventional shortcuts. Later, revel in the transformative journey as you change the widget icon, title, and appearance at your leisure.

To augment the organizational symphony, Shortcut Creator introduces the Collections database. Here, shortcuts find a meticulously organized abode through different methodologies like hierarchy or tags. Whether embracing the familial hierarchy or the nuanced association facilitated by tags, the organized shortcuts seamlessly unfold at your fingertips. Utilize Collections dialogs for swift access, navigating the curated landscape with unparalleled ease.

Shortcut Creator isn’t just an application; it’s a digital maestro sculpting a harmonious blend of creation, customization, and organization. Step into a world where your shortcuts and widgets are not just functional entities but finely tuned extensions of your digital preferences.

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What's new

Fix permissions issue in file shortcut after restart, however the shortcuts need to be re-created.
Ability to manually setup values in the command executor components.
Fix different issues.
Update SDK and libraries under the hood.
Native widgets.
Blue-gray theme.
Search of icons in all themes and activities in all applications.
Shortcut on a folder from Document Storage.

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