Screen Recorder v1.3.9 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 29, 2024
Screen Recorder for android devices to record apps and games in high quality. No watermarks.
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Feb 29, 2024
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Screen Recorder MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Screen Recorder MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the domain of digital documentation, the Visual Capture Apparatus emerges as a quintessential tool, facilitating the meticulous recording of your mobile device’s display for seamless transmission to fellow users. Noteworthy is its inherent capability to concurrently document both visual and auditory elements, enabling the synchronous capturing of screen dynamics and video content. This affords users the distinct advantage of engaging with their mobile devices while orchestrating a comprehensive recording of screen activities. The Visual Capture Apparatus, deemed imperative by a myriad of users, distinguishes itself through its innate simplicity and user-friendly interface. Activation merely necessitates the selection of the desired recording canvas, succeeded by a deft tap on the initiation icon.

Crucially, the Visual Capture Apparatus obviates the need for intricate maneuvers such as rooting or jailbreaking for seamless operation. The recording process unfolds with facile simplicity, embodying a trinity of simplicity, accessibility, and security. The resultant recordings boast commendable quality, concomitant with a diminutive file size, rendering them an exemplary companion for screen documentation as needed. Beyond its primary function, the Visual Capture Apparatus metamorphoses into a versatile auditory recording device, adept at capturing the nuanced nuances of conversational dialogues.

Autonomy over the recording duration is vested in the user, facilitating effortless sharing with acquaintances. The video recording mode extends the latitude to capture visuals for an indeterminate span, empowering users to craft multiple visual narratives for dissemination amongst peers, thereby amplifying the application’s allure.

Features of Screen Recorder MOD APK

Record apps & games in HD 720p or 1080p

The Android apparatus at your disposal facilitates the recording of any application or game, with the capability to archive the recording directly to your computer. Additionally, the built-in screen capture functionality empowers you to immortalize screen instances on your device.

Leveraging the inherent screen capture feature, you can secure snapshots of your device’s interface. The flexibility extends to opting for the default directory for screenshot storage or specifying a bespoke location as per your preference.

Record directly from your screen

The Android Screen Recorder, devoid of watermarks, stands as an optimal solution for capturing apps and games in pristine quality. This tool seamlessly facilitates the recording of any application or game screen on your mobile device.

The Screen Recorder empowers you to capture a comprehensive video of your device’s screen in full-screen mode. The flexibility extends to adjusting the recording quality and choosing the preferred frame rate. Subsequently, you possess the liberty to save the recorded video in a format of your choosing or effortlessly share it with friends through various social networks.

Capture apps and games in different modes: Fullscreen, window, video, and more

The Android Screen Recorder application extends the capacity to seize the entirety of any operational application on your device, be it in full-screen mode, within a window, as a video, or even as a GIF. It stands as an unparalleled method to procure an impeccable snapshot of any application or game resident on your device.

Furthermore, the Screen Recorder app seamlessly facilitates the capturing of your smartphone’s display in a format synonymous with high quality. The utilization of this tool is characterized by its inherent simplicity and directness. Screen Recorder boasts compatibility with both 2D and 3D gaming interfaces.

The captured files undergo facile editing or can be promptly disseminated across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The efficacy and versatility of this application transcend conventional parameters, rendering it an indispensable ally in the realm of digital documentation.

Record any gamepad or joystick

Capture the essence of your Android device’s display effortlessly using the Screen Recorder. This application facilitates the seamless recording of your device’s screen, allowing you to preserve the recording as a video file. It stands as the quintessential tool for those desiring to immortalize snapshots of their cherished gamepad or joystick experiences.

Beyond its fundamental functionality, Screen Recorder boasts an array of additional features. These encompass the capacity to record audio concurrently and the option to capture images directly through the device’s camera. This application emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking to document and relive their digital interactions with precision and ease.

No watermarks

Engage in the creation of your bespoke visual narratives and capture every facet you deem worthy of preservation. The application meticulously documents solely the visual elements displayed on your screen, ensuring an unadulterated recording devoid of any watermark.

Fast processing

Screen Recorder stands as an expeditious and dependable application for capturing screen activities. The user interface, marked by its simplicity and intuitiveness, fosters a seamless user experience.

Whether capturing content directly from the home screen or within any application, Screen Recorder affords users the flexibility to record audio alongside visual elements.

Post-capture, the application empowers users with robust editing tools, facilitating the refinement and customization of the recorded video with precision and efficiency.

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What's new

• Added support for low memory devices (Android Go)
• Support for Android 13
• Added Help & feedback option
• Added Sort by date option
• Added Sort by length option
• Added built-in video player
• Enhanced multi-selection feature
• Other bug fixes and performance improvements

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