Screen Light Table Lamp v5.0.0 MOD APK (Ad Free)

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024
Table Lamp | Reading Light | Night Lamp | Relaxing nature sounds.
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Feb 20, 2024
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Screen Light Table Lamp MOD APK (Ad Free)

Download The Latest APK Version of Screen Light Table Lamp MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Ad Free Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of illuminating devices, behold the LED luminaire, a versatile radiance source that seamlessly integrates into any setting. Its manipulation is a breeze, boasting a myriad of configurations. Embedded within is a sophisticated remote control apparatus, granting you facile command over luminosity levels and chromatic temperatures.

Diverse hues await your selection and with the option to affix a lampshade, revel in the radiant splendor at your whim. The Screen Light, an ingenious luminary, bequeaths the luxury of perpetual luminosity whenever you desire.

Immerse yourself in the luminescent orchestration of the Screen Light, a cerebral beacon affording you effortless dominion over your domestic luminosity. Effortlessly toggle the luminosity, transmute hues, and modulate intensity at your discretion. Bestow upon your abode an ambiance of unparalleled comfort through this luminous marvel.

Fret not over energy consumption, for this luminaire eschews traditional power sources. Nestle it up on your workspace and tether it to a power outlet for seamless integration. An intelligent beacon, this lamp succumbs to the beckoning of your smartphone, rendering it a puppet to your preferences.

Harnessing the prowess of Bluetooth technology, it establishes communication with your mobile device. The LEDs, effulgent and limpid, permit customization of the light’s hue to accord with your predilections.

Brightness is at your fingertips, adjustable across a spectrum of gradations. A mere tap upon the screen facilitates facile modification of luminosity and hue. Not merely a replacement for conventional bulbs, the Screen Light transcends boundaries, doubling as a nocturnal guardian.

Light, an indispensable facet of our quotidian existence, transcends the mere flick of a wall switch. The Screen Light Table Lamp, a testament to modernity, transforms your smartphone into an emanation of luminosity.

A simple tap metamorphoses your device into a radiant canvas. Craft bespoke luminous motifs on the screen, a testament to the application’s ingenuity. The app, a paragon for metamorphosing your smartphone into a radiant entity, is a judicious choice.

Tethered through Bluetooth, this luminosity maestro responds to screen taps for seamless control. Activate and deactivate the luminescence effortlessly through your smartphone. A beacon equally at home, in the office, or in any milieu, this luminaire beckons to illuminate your environment.

Illuminate your surroundings from any locale with the tap of a screen. A facile connection to your smartphone grants you the power to command the luminescence. Tweak the brightness effortlessly by manipulating the screen’s radiance levels.

Features of Screen Light Table Lamp MOD APK

A smart lighting tool for your smartphone’s screen

The application boasts a remarkably uncomplicated and instinctive user interface. Manipulating the luminosity hues can be achieved by traversing your fingertip across the display or executing a swiping motion.

Furthermore, the application incorporates an automated shutdown feature activated during prolonged screen inactivity. This proves particularly advantageous for individuals seeking repose following extended periods of labor.

In addition to these attributes, the application encompasses an illuminating utility, proving exceptionally advantageous in environments cloaked in darkness.

A multi-color LED light that works as a flashlight and reading light

Illuminate your experience with this application through its flashlight feature, transforming the screen into an alabaster glow. Additionally, utilize the app’s embedded flashlight mode to illuminate and enhance your screen.

The app’s versatile LED light boasts a myriad of functions, serving as a flashlight, reading companion, and ambient illuminator. Its applicability extends to diverse spaces such as the bedroom, office, and living room.

Optimize your work and study environment with the app’s screen light table lamp, ensuring a more congenial and comfortable atmosphere.

Adjust the luminosity seamlessly by manipulating the slider, and customizing the intensity of the radiance to suit your preferences.

Engage the app’s ambient light feature to elevate the brilliance of the screen glow, fostering concentration and productivity by mitigating the emission of blue light from your device.

Useful nature sounds that help relax you

In pursuit of an application conducive to augmenting your repose, this app emerges as the ideal companion. Boasting an extensive collection of more than 150 nature sounds, it offers a tranquil sanctuary to aid in your relaxation and unwinding. Tailor the pace of both music and sounds to align precisely with your preferences.

Great for reading or studying

Indulge in the optimal illumination solution, the Screen Light Table Lamp, whether you’re immersed in literature, engrossed in a film, or immersed in a project. This portable, multifaceted lighting device is designed to infuse vibrancy into your existence and enhance your efficiency. With this application, transform your screen into a natural light source, enabling you to read, write, study, and draw with unparalleled comfort.

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