Sands of Salzaar v1.0.22 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 07, 2024
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This is a fantastical tale of an exotic land. The Old Empire has fallen, leaving rival tribes to fight for control of the great desert. Little do they know of the seeds of darkness which grow in the shadows with each passing day...
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jan 06, 2024
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Sands of Salzaar MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Sands of Salzaar MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with All Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Their captivity unfolds within the confines of a tower crafted from granular particles, a forlorn bastion where their fate hangs in the balance. However, a daring fellowship of explorers, driven by the allure of a magnificent treasure, serendipitously discovers this desolate abode.

Armed with mystical prowess and distinctive abilities, they endeavor to liberate themselves from the sandy edifice and unearth the hidden treasure.

Sands of Salazar stand as an intricate mosaic of perplexing puzzles. As players traverse the enchanting tapestry of magic and fantasy, they confront a plethora of puzzles, each requisite to advance the unfolding saga.

Tailored for mobile devices, the game boasts aesthetically pleasing graphics and an effortlessly navigable interface. It emerges as a captivating diversion, offering a delightful way to spend fleeting moments.

Within the game’s framework, an assortment of diverse skills and capabilities awaits deployment for specific endeavors. The arsenal includes not only a sword, a bow, and magical incantations but also an array of strategic options.

Monotony is eschewed as the weaponry can undergo enhancements. Mastery of new skills and techniques becomes an ongoing pursuit, all while unraveling the intricacies of the game’s narrative.

Sands of Salazar presents itself as a free-to-play online spectacle, seamlessly blending elements of role-playing games into its essence.

Features of Sands of Salzaar MOD APK

Create your army and play as any faction

In the realm of Sands of Salzaar, a distinctive hallmark emerges the artistry of assembling your military force, ranging from a singular entity to a formidable legion.

Each faction boasts a repertoire of exclusive entities and personas at your disposal for creation and immersion. Personalization knows no bounds as you intricately tailor them, infusing enhancements through an array of proficiencies and aptitudes.

Amidst the diverse tapestry of factions within the gaming tapestry, four distinct champions beckon your selection, each harboring idiosyncratic prowess and narratives.

Embark on a journey of heroism, elevating your chosen protagonist’s stature and customizing their persona with an expansive repertoire of dexterities and talents. This affords you the prospect of evolving into a sagacious commander or an indomitable warrior.

Build up your units, recruit new heroes, and make your mark on the battlefield

Amidst the intricate tapestry of Sands of Salzaar, one finds the capacity to construct a formidable military entity, transcending the singular unit to a majestic legion.

Enlist newfound champions adorned with idiosyncratic attributes and capabilities, steering them into expansive conflicts against your adversaries. The specter of concerns surrounding the intricacies of advancement and other potential impediments need not overshadow your revelry!

In conjunction with the central narrative arc, a plethora of ancillary quests beckon completion, myriad enemy factions await strategic confrontation, and over 30 distinctive maps unfold for exploration and conquest.

Choose between the three major factions and wage war against each other

Venturing into the expansive world of Sands of Salzaar beckons a choice among the triumvirate of major factions, initiating a clash of arms between them.

Every faction boasts a distinctive set of advantages and drawbacks, deciding on which faction to align with a pivotal one, as it profoundly shapes the trajectory of your entire character.

Within the realm of Sands of Salzaar, the selection unfolds across three factions: the Nomads, the Guardians, or the Dark. Each faction presents its strengths and vulnerabilities, adding layers to the strategic landscape.

The primary objective revolves around dismantling the adversary through any conceivable means. Empowered with the freedom to employ personal tactics and skills, your journey is defined by the relentless pursuit of this overarching goal.

Engage in epic battles with hundreds of enemy units

Command your army to triumph in monumental clashes featuring hordes of adversary units within the realm of Sands of Salzaar. Employ a myriad of strategic approaches to vanquish your foes and establish dominion over pivotal cities.

Whether embarking on a solitary quest or joining forces with companions online, engage in colossal battles teeming with hundreds of opposing units. The battlefield becomes a canvas for your tactical ingenuity and prowess.

Forge your path to victory, navigating through the intricacies of warfare and claiming mastery over key cities in the Sands of Salzaar. The orchestration of diverse tactics becomes paramount in overcoming challenges and securing dominance in the ever-shifting landscapes of epic battles.


Embark on your journey in the Sands of Salazar with a single character, laying the foundation for a remarkable adventure. Establish a base, amass followers, procure equipment, and enhance your units through upgrades.

As you traverse the game, encounter diverse factions each governed by distinct leaders. The choice to align with any faction is yours, yet the decision to exclusively support a particular faction yields unique advantages, intricately shaping your trajectory.

Witness the progression of your characters as they ascend in levels, acquiring newfound abilities. Equip them with advanced weaponry and armor, and empower them with the acquisition of new skills and talents.

In Sands of Salzaar, assume varied roles – be it the esteemed general, a formidable warrior, an astute merchant, a covert spy, a skilled hunter, or a myriad of other roles. Harness the distinctive skills and talents inherent to different factions.

Immerse yourself in the strategic dynamics of the game, commanding your army to expand its dominion and conquer adversary territories. Employ an array of tactics, from the subtlety of ambushing to the tenacity of besieging, or the audacity of raiding.

Infuse elements of stealth and execute sneak attacks, demonstrating the versatility at your disposal in the multifaceted landscape of Sands of Salzaar.

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What's new

V 1.0.21

Fixed the issue where some characters' functional skills/passive skills didn't work functionally
Fixed the issue where [Tiqin]'s skil [Alchemic Elixir] caused the game to freeze when trying to heal allies.
Fixed the issue where [Rwal]'s skill [Shade Soul Splitter] could be stacked indefinitely.
Fixed the error that occurred during reward pool calculation in the Battle of Wits event.
Optimized part of known localization issues in the game.

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