Recipe Keeper v3.38.1.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2023
Recipe Keeper is the quick and easy way to collect, organize and share all your favorite recipes across your mobile, tablet and desktop.
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Dec 22, 2023
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Recipe Keeper MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Recipe Keeper MOD APK. An Android Food & Drink App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of culinary innovation, behold the Kitchen Cognition app an ingenious aide fostering seamless recollection and formulation of gastronomic masterpieces. A recipe, an intricate compendium of constituents and procedural intricacies materializes effortlessly through this digital marvel. Effortlessly crafting and disseminating culinary secrets becomes second nature. Delve into the app’s capabilities, where the exploration of specific epicurean delights, like the venerable “pizza,” materializes with the ability to promptly append the necessary elements.

For those armed with a preexisting assortment of ingredients, a curated list effortlessly coalesces, paving the way for the genesis of a novel recipe based on extant culinary treasures. With its streamlined interface, this app emerges as the quintessential tool for those who derive joy from the alchemy of the kitchen.

Embark upon the epicurean journey with “Culinary Manuscript,” an application designed to elevate the culinary discourse. Users wield the power to conceptualize and archive their culinary exploits. The recipe creation and sharing unfolds with effortless grace. Within this digital tapestry, the opportunity to unearth novel recipes lies within the expansive database, waiting to be enshrined in the personal compendium.

It stands not only as a conduit for culinary enlightenment but also as a communal space for individuals to weave their gastronomic narratives. Be it a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic amateur, the trove of recipes beckons, fostering a space for mastery and discovery. An app that transcends the mundane, enabling the sharing of culinary ardor with kindred spirits.

The application boasts an interface marked by simplicity and user-friendly dexterity. Navigating its labyrinthine offerings proves a task of sublime ease. Even for those taking their inaugural steps into the culinary cosmos, the intuitive nature of the app renders any confusion obsolete.

The database, a repository of myriad delectable concoctions, tantalizes the palate with its diverse array of gastronomic symphonies. Numerous culinary palettes find resonance within its expanse, offering a plethora of gustatory delights. A veritable haven for the epicurean traveler yearning to traverse uncharted culinary territories and replicate newfound experiences in the sanctum of their home. An app that seamlessly intertwines the love for cooking with the quest for gastronomic novelty.

Features of Recipe Keeper MOD APK

Easy-to-use recipe search and browsing

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Recipe Collection Simplified: A Culinary Repository Beyond Compare

Should you seek an expedient method to amass, systematize, and disseminate a compendium of your cherished recipes across diverse platforms be it a mobile, tablet, or desktop look no further. This streamlined approach proves adept at initiating your recipe repository, whether for personal curation or the seamless importation of culinary gems from various online realms.

The latitude provided enables effortless entry of recipes, allowing for a spectrum of details, from the comprehensive to the succinct. Transcribe with ease, drawing from extant documents or applications. Employ categorization by course and genre, embellish entries with visuals, rate your culinary creations, and designate favorites.

Facilitating the aggregation process is its compatibility with a myriad of prevalent recipe sources. Esteemed platforms such as Food Network, Epicurious, TasteSpotting, Foodgawker,, AllRecipes, Tasty, and more are harmoniously integrated. The flexibility extends to the inclusion of handwritten recipes, scanned excerpts from periodicals and tomes, and even excerpts from your most cherished cookbooks.

Embarking on this culinary journey, a foundational recipe collection awaits, encompassing gastronomic domains such as breakfast, desserts, appetizers, snacks, main courses, sides, libations, and beyond.

Post compilation, an array of filters stands at your disposal for facile perusal and exploration of your culinary compendium. Furthermore, features allow for the archiving and favoriting of recipes, rendering retrieval an effortless endeavor.

Add recipes from the web

Effortlessly infuse Recipe Keeper with culinary delights from your preferred online havens. The recipe import functionality empowers you to seamlessly integrate recipes into Recipe Keeper, alleviating the manual copy-and-paste ritual. This innovative feature obviates the need for laborious data transfer, permitting the direct importation of recipes from esteemed online sources.

Among the plethora of compatible platforms are culinary stalwarts like AllRecipes,, Epicurious, FoodNetwork, FoodWish, GoodCooks, Gourmet, HealthfulEating, HungryGirl, IHOP, MyRecipes, and TasteSpotting.

Unshackle yourself from the tedious chore of transcribing recipes manually. With Recipe Keeper’s adept recipe import feature, the culinary treasures from renowned websites can effortlessly become part of your gastronomic repository, enhancing the allure of your culinary journey.

Import recipes from cookbooks, magazines, and handwritten recipes

Undoubtedly, for culinary enthusiasts navigating the Android landscape, this app stands out as the ultimate recipe companion. Crafted for those who have a passion for cooking, it serves as the paramount tool to curate and organize your treasured culinary creations. This app not only acts as an impeccable repository for your favorite recipes but also facilitates the seamless importation of culinary treasures from various sources, including cookbooks, magazines, and even personal handwritten notes.

Beyond mere amalgamation, the app extends its capabilities to the realm of creation. Crafting new recipes within the app isn’t just an option; it’s an enticing opportunity. The ability to document your culinary innovations, save them as personal favorites, and subsequently share these epicurean triumphs with your circle of friends and family enhances the app’s allure.

What distinguishes this application is its adaptability. Imported recipes aren’t set in stone; rather, they are flexible to cater to your individual needs and preferences. The customization feature empowers you to tailor each recipe according to your discerning taste, ensuring a personalized culinary experience.

In summary, this app emerges as the epitome for Android users immersed in the culinary arts, providing an unparalleled platform to curate, innovate, and share the rich tapestry of one’s culinary journey.

Search your phone’s camera or from your existing photos and PDF files

Effortlessly augment your culinary compendium by scouring your phone’s camera or perusing existing photos and PDF files. Swiftly incorporate recipes into your collection by scanning them via your phone’s camera or sourcing from pre-existing photos and PDF documents. Leverage OCR technology, which adeptly transmutes images into text, ensuring seamless integration of visual recipes into your repository. Safeguard cherished family recipes for posterity with this intuitive and tech-savvy approach.

Organize your recipes in categories and subcategories

In the realm of recipe organization, a prudent approach involves categorizing them into discernible groups and subgroups. Enter Recipe Keeper, where this organizational finesse becomes a reality. Indeed, you possess the capability to methodically arrange your recipes into diverse categories and subcategories. This systematic structuring facilitates the convenient retrieval of desired recipes, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free culinary exploration.

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