PoMelo File Explorer Cleaner v1.7.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
PoMelo File Explorer is a file management tool that can help you quickly find files stored on the device and automatically organize them into collections. You can view, delete, move, rename or remark any files and find the files through an index search with filters quickly.
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Feb 12, 2024
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PoMelo File Explorer Cleaner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of PoMelo File Explorer Cleaner MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Tools App with Premium Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

In the realm of Android file management, an application emerges as a sophisticated orchestrator of your digital realm. It stands as an uncomplicated yet potent tool, offering a seamless avenue for file oversight. All directories and data repositories lay at your fingertips, accessible with a mere tap.

Within the expansive array of preferences, you wield the authority to curate your visual landscape, even fashioning distinct repositories for various film genres. The discretion to expunge files and folders is granted, and within that choice, the dichotomy of permanent deletion or confinement to the digital abyss arises. Shortcuts, the heralds of expedient access, can be effortlessly conjured.

The application extends its dominion further, fostering the transfer of files between your handheld device and the computational bastion of your computer. Facilitating file emissaries to other users also stands within its repertoire.

An application that transcends the boundaries of personal and professional utilization, it seamlessly integrates into the fabric of your digital existence. The incorporation of shortcuts onto the home screen serves as a beacon, effortlessly summoning forth the application with a mere touch.

Behold the progeny of organization and control the PoMelo File Explorer & Cleaner, an arbiter of your digital archive. Whether the objective is the expulsion of superfluous data or the migration to alternative domiciles, PoMelo File Explorer & Cleaner stands as the executor of your digital will.

It navigates the intricacies with a grace that belies its potency, ensuring a facile and secure manipulation of your digital ecosystem. Unlock the potential bestowed by the robust features of PoMelo File Explorer & Cleaner, where a mere tap on the menu button becomes the gateway to file governance.

Features of PoMelo File Explorer Cleaner MOD APK

Quickly find files stored on the device

In the realm of digital organization, this application effortlessly facilitates the retrieval of stored files within the device. Simply inaugurate the application, input a term or phrase etched in your memory, and activate the search function. Witness as the application furnishes an inventory of all files bearing that nomenclature, allowing you to winnow the results based on dimensions, chronology, classification, or alternative parameters.

Additionally, this application empowers you to incorporate bespoke keywords, tailor-made to expedite the subsequent location of specific files.

Organize files into collections

Effortlessly marshal your files into curated collections by either crafting folders or handpicking them directly from a catalog. The autonomy to rename, expunge, and append annotations to these files rests at your fingertips.

Harnessing the prowess of PoMelo Cloud, a complimentary file storage service, this application extends the capability to govern, retrieve, distribute, and safeguard your files across the global expanse.

Navigating through the integrated file browser, you gain seamless control to structure your files into specialized collections, streamlining the process of locating your desired items. The search box facilitates expeditious access to the files you seek, ensuring a frictionless experience.

Search through files using filters

Unveiling a robust file administration entity, this tool bestows upon you an instinctive interface for perusing and overseeing files. Within its arsenal, you wield the capability to seamlessly quest for files utilizing an array of preordained filters or by inputting keywords to winnow down results.

In the pursuit of precision, this tool empowers you to ferret out files by diverse parameters file name, extension, size, date, location, metadata, or the very essence encapsulated within. The ingenuity lies in the versatility of the search criteria.

A pivotal facet of this tool is its embedded file explorer functionality, permitting you to traverse the device’s labyrinth and access files with consummate ease. Even the clandestine realms of hidden folders and files lay unveiled, accessible at your behest.

Display images with thumbnails

Presenting an efficacious means to swiftly locate and peruse files, this application orchestrates a systematic arrangement into customizable collections. The process involves naming and crafting collections through the seamless action of dragging and dropping files into them.

The app streamlines file administration, granting you the latitude to scrutinize, obliterate, relocate, rename, and annotate your files with consummate ease. The search functionality extends beyond the perfunctory, allowing you to sieve through files based on diverse criteria such as name, type, size, date, and more.

Noteworthy is the support for image presentation with thumbnails within the PoMelo File Explorer. Upon tapping an image, a thumbnail gracefully graces the main screen, and a rhythmic left or right swipe unveils additional thumbnails. Subsequent taps on these thumbnails conjure the original file onto the main screen, eliminating the need for cumbersome downloads for file previews.

Delete files and empty folders

Should the need arise to expunge specific files or cleanse folders bereft of content, this tool stands at your service. It meticulously compiles an inventory of files and folders resident on your device. To execute deletions, a simple tap on the trash icon gracing the top right corner suffices. Emptying folders is an equally straightforward endeavor tapping on the folder and opting for the “Empty Folder” selection accomplishes the task.

Facilitating this purgative process is the PoMelo File Explorer Cleaner. Empowering you to seamlessly pinpoint files domiciled on your device, it expedites their classification into collections. The expeditious identification of files and vacant folders is rendered effortlessly through an indexed search fortified with filters. Subsequently, the execution of deletions for files and the purging of folders can be accomplished with a singular click.

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