Piglet’s Slidey Picnic v1.1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Slide-Direction puzzle with adorable piglets! enjoy 3000 stages!
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Jan 05, 2024
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Piglet’s Slidey Picnic MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic MOD APK. An Android Board Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of cerebral challenges, immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe of the Porcine Conundrum. Within this labyrinth of perplexing intricacies, charming piglets gracefully traverse the puzzle-laden expanse, seeking their descent to the nadir. The pursuit is no mere triviality, for it demands strategic finesse and intellectual prowess. As temporal progression unfolds, the complexity of each porcine odyssey amplifies.

Embark on your odyssey through three distinct modes: Classic, New Game, and the formidable New Game+.

In the Classic iteration, traverse a fixed 30-level trajectory, each a testament to your cognitive dexterity.

Venture into the uncharted territories of the New Game, where levels manifest unpredictably, yet the challenge persists across the same 30-level threshold.

For the daring few, New Game+ beckons, a relentless encore across an identical 30-tiered landscape.

As you navigate this intellectual voyage, saving your progress is your privilege, allowing a seamless return to your contemplative conquest. Brace yourself, for this conundrum extends its labyrinthine tendrils through an impressive 3000 levels.

Within the tapestry of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic, assume the mantle of our endearing protagonist, the piglet. A sentient cascade awaits each triumphant descent, rewarding your cognitive triumph with a delightful surprise.

Progressing through the tiers unravels increasingly intricate quandaries. Manipulate the obstructive blocks, orchestrating the porcine descent with every strategic move. Pivot the blocks judiciously, guiding the piglet along the sinuous path. Beware, for each block wields influence over the piglet’s trajectory, demanding vigilant observation to evade entrapment.

Fear not the depletion of lives; even in adversity, maneuver the blocks deftly, ensuring the piglet’s graceful descent persists. Strive valiantly to amass the covetable trove of gifts strewn along the enigmatic slide.

In this kaleidoscopic adventure of cognition and wit, immerse yourself in the intricate dance of piglets and puzzles, where the mundane is eschewed for the extraordinary.

Features of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic MOD APK

Easy to learn and fun to play

Embrace delightful piglets in recreational pursuits! These endearing creatures revel in amusement, gastronomic indulgence, and the geniality of communal interactions. Engage in the Piglet’s Slidey Picnic experience promptly to witness the sheer joy it promises!

The Piglet’s Slidey Picnic gaming venture boasts an erudite blend of accessibility and challenge. As you traverse the game’s intricacies, your endeavors will involve the accumulation of celestial bodies, leading to the acquisition of coveted accolades. Employ an array of power-enhancing elements and amplifiers strategically to overcome the varying degrees of difficulty inherent in each level. The myriad levels at your disposal provide ample opportunities for refinement and mastery.

Partake in the enchantment of the Piglet’s Slidey Picnic game alongside these winsome piglets, and relish the gratification derived from this captivating endeavor.

Three difficulty levels

Embark on an enthralling adventure of gliding and somersaulting through an unending procession of endearing diminutive swine!

Navigate the undulating terrain as you gracefully descend slopes, traverse aqueous expanses, and journey through subterranean passages. Throughout this escapade, execute nimble flips, seamless slides, and successive somersaults to ensure a secure descent to the depths. While the journey is undeniably challenging, it remains an abundantly enjoyable endeavor.

Indulge in 30 seconds of gameplay, interspersed with brief respites. Opt for an hour of play, followed by a pause for rejuvenation. Extend the thrill to an hour and a half, with an interlude for relaxation. Alternatively, immerse yourself in an uninterrupted three-hour gaming session—it’s entirely at your discretion.

The game encompasses three distinct difficulty tiers, each boasting a varied quantity of stages. Commence your odyssey with the Easy level, progressively advancing to the more demanding Hard level, featuring the highest number of stages. For those brimming with determination, the Very Hard level awaits your conquest.

Piglet’s Slidey Picnic extends its appeal to the entire family, offering an engaging experience suitable for children as young as four years old. It proves to be an ideal choice for juvenile gatherings, sleepovers, and inclement weather-induced indoor amusement.

Adorable Piglet characters

Embark on an enthralling journey with endearing piglets through a captivating sliding puzzle game enhanced with mesmerizing 3D animation. Within the realm of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic, the challenge lies in aligning the tiles meticulously, followed by a simple screen tap to set the piglet into a delightful slide.

The primary objective of this immersive game revolves around sequencing the tiles with precision. However, the game’s charm is heightened by the irresistibly cute piglet, gracefully navigating the 3D spatial environment. Immerse yourself in the gaming experience, relishing the endearing characters, delightful sounds, and the picturesque backdrop that adorns this captivating endeavor.

Slide-direction puzzle with cute piglets

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating challenges of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic, a captivating game suitable for enthusiasts of all ages. Piglet embarks on a thrilling descent down the mountain, aiming to reach the coveted picnic basket at each level. The journey demands utmost caution to evade treacherous waters, menacing rocks, and various impediments. Upon triumphant completion of the track, Piglet earns a well-deserved respite, indulging in delectable victuals.

Every level unveils a distinctive path, intricately challenging to traverse. The tracks are replete with obstacles, posing hurdles that Piglet must deftly circumvent to attain the cherished picnic basket. Engage in this riveting puzzle game, unveiling the extent of Piglet’s prowess in navigating these dynamic terrains.

Experience the game from Piglet’s perspective in the Endless mode, or opt for the Time Attack mode for a time-constrained challenge. The successful conquest of a stage unlocks a spectrum of new hues to adorn Piglet. With three difficulty settings at your disposal, tailor the gaming experience to your preferred level of challenge.


Introducing Piglet’s Slidey Picnic, a revolutionary puzzle game designed to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and challenge. The primary objective involves skillfully sliding the pigs down the hill, accomplished by manipulating draggable blocks. Witness the pigs gracefully rebounding off these blocks, eventually settling on the ground. The ultimate aim is to guide the pigs to the hill’s base by deftly navigating them along the blocks.

Within the game, encounter three distinct block types: green, blue, and yellow, each row housing a limited six blocks. To initiate the pig’s descent, drag the block carrying the pigs to the subsequent row, prompting them to bounce and find their footing on the ground. The versatility of block manipulation extends to horizontal (left or right) or vertical (up or down) dragging. Horizontal movements shift the pigs forward by one row, while vertical actions elevate or lower the pigs by a single block.

Progressing through the game unlocks additional levels and diverse block varieties. Encounter three pig variants—Pink, Blue, and Yellow—each contributing to the game’s evolving complexity. As you engage with the gameplay, accrue both coins and points. Coins are earned by successfully navigating the pigs to the level’s conclusion, while points accumulate for achieving the same feat. Immerse yourself in the evolving challenges of Piglet’s Slidey Picnic, where strategic prowess meets adorable swine entertainment.

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