Parallel translation of books v3.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 28, 2023
👆In the Smart Book app, any word in your book can be translated with a single tap. You can download the book in any language in fb2, epub or txt formats and read it without going to the application with a translator.
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Dec 28, 2023
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Parallel translation of books MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Parallel translation of books MOD APK. An Android Education App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of linguistic conversion, a technique emerges for transmuting textual content from one language to another—a conduit for global interaction. In the contemporary milieu, acquiring proficiency in a foreign tongue stands as a pivotal pursuit.

Should one find themselves entwined in a friendship spanning geographical distances, the necessity of effective communication becomes pronounced. Despite the prevalence of multilingual individuals, a substantial populace remains unversed in the polyglot tapestry.

Moreover, the challenge escalates beyond mere conversational prowess. The dexterity to comprehend written content becomes indispensable for seamless interaction. This is where the concept of parallel translation unfurls its utility, presenting itself as a solution nuanced in its simplicity.

Upon the assimilation of this application, expeditious translation becomes a reality. The interface, designed with utmost simplicity, renders itself accessible even to the nascent minds of children.

Functioning as a literary companion, the application bestows upon its users the capacity to peruse books in myriad languages concurrently. It grants the reader the flexibility to traverse the narrative terrain in either English or an alternate linguistic tapestry.

To empower users with the aptitude to engage in cross-linguistic discourse and comprehension, the application integrates a feature that facilitates the translation of words into diverse languages. This process ensures congruence in meaning when reading in the chosen language vis-à-vis the original.

Furthermore, the application extends its purview to the consumption of English literature, amplifying the reading experience to a state of fluidity.

The translation of lexemes and idioms in foreign dialects serves as a conduit for seamless communication, ameliorating the intricacies of linguistic exchange. Simultaneously, it fortifies the user’s grasp of the original language, fostering a nuanced understanding.

The altruistic facet of this application lies in its gratuitous nature, demanding no registration for access. Nonetheless, the connoisseurs of linguistic finesse are encouraged to explore the premium iteration, unlocking a pantheon of advanced features.

Features of Parallel translation of books MOD APK

Parallel translation of books

In the realm of linguistic transformation facilitation, an intricately designed application emerges as a facile solution for transcending language barriers. Should your literary pursuits lead you to peruse a tome in a dialect foreign to your own, this application seamlessly affords you the capacity to comprehend the uncharted linguistic terrain by selectively translating enigmatic passages.

The software, endowed with a user-friendly interface, bestows upon its users the prowess to peruse translations of designated paragraphs at their discretion. The modus operandi involves the meticulous curation of a specific segment of the textual fabric, which is then subjected to the transformative capabilities of a translation service of your preference.

Navigating the linguistic panorama becomes a palatable endeavor through the intuitive features of this application, enabling one to savor the intricacies of a literary opus in a linguistic tapestry distinct from their native tongue.

Translate any words in any language

The Intelligent Tome serves as a dynamic instrument for the concurrent interpretation of your literary masterpiece. With a mere tap, you wield the power to translate any lexical entity within your opus, seamlessly bridging linguistic chasms.

Featuring the ability to procure books in FB2, EPUB, or text formats in an array of languages, this tool facilitates unhindered reading without necessitating a detour to a separate translation application.

Within the application’s expanse, a profound vista unfolds as it affords you the privilege of scrutinizing the translation of each paragraph with unparalleled ease.

Noteworthy is the application’s compatibility with an illustrious cadre of translation services, including Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Reverso Context, Oxford Dictionaries, LingvaNex, DeepL, Nlp Translation, and Deep Translation. This confluence of linguistic expertise allows you to juxtapose translations effortlessly, providing a comparative analysis of unfamiliar textual realms at the mere click of a button.

Select the language you want to translate

Embark on a transformative linguistic odyssey with SmartBook, an avant-garde tool that transcends language barriers, rendering any textual content into a myriad of linguistic tapestries. This cutting-edge application not only facilitates reading but seamlessly translates entire books into diverse languages.

Choose from a spectrum of languages, downloading books in FB2, EPUB, or text formats, ensuring a literary voyage unencumbered by the need for an external translator.

Within the app’s interface lies a profound capability—the opportunity to scrutinize the translation of every paragraph, unlocking a nuanced understanding of the intricacies within the text.

Precision meets innovation as you selectively pick portions of the text, subjecting them to the transformative prowess of the translation service of your preference.

The pantheon of supported translation services, including Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Reverso Context, Oxford Dictionaries, LingvaNex, DeepL, Nlp Translation, and Deep Translation, amplifies the application’s versatility. Effortlessly compare translations from diverse linguistic experts with a single click, unraveling the meaning of enigmatic passages. Embark on a linguistic journey where SmartBook is your compass, navigating the vast expanse of multilingual literature.

See the translation of any part of the text

Embark on a linguistic expedition with SmartBook, a tool that unveils the translation of any textual fragment at your fingertips. Within the application’s realm, the power resides in your hands to cherry-pick specific segments of the text, seamlessly subjecting them to the transformative embrace of your preferred translation service.

The application’s unique prowess extends to facilitating effortless comparisons of translations from diverse linguistic experts with just a single click. It’s a harmonious convergence of understanding, where enigmatic passages yield their secrets through the collaborative insights of different translation services.

In the dynamic world of SmartBook, decoding the essence of unfamiliar text becomes an intuitive process, empowering users to navigate linguistic nuances effortlessly.

Compare the translations of any text you don’t understand

Discover an unparalleled facet within the realm of literary exploration with the Parallel Translation of Books application. This distinctive feature empowers you to scrutinize and contrast translations for any perplexing text encountered within the expansive tapestry of your library.

Navigate the lexicon of your chosen book effortlessly as the application presents a comprehensive list of every word contained within its pages. A simple tap on any word unveils its translation, allowing for a nuanced comparison with translations of other words residing within the same sentence.

The iterative process of tapping, exploring, and comparing engenders a profound understanding of the intricate nuances of the text. The Parallel Translation of Books app becomes a beacon of linguistic clarity, guiding you through the labyrinth of unfamiliar words with unparalleled ease.

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What's new

- Added a full-featured login screen
- Added Google translator for words
- Added Translator screen
- Possibility to pin English interpretation of word for Oxford Dictionaries
- Ability to customize the list of translators in the translation panel
- Added the ability to compare translation services
- Ukrainian language added to Reverso Context 🇺🇦
- Redesign of the return panel from the reading screen

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