Outliner v3.5.6 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2024
Organize shopping lists, tasks, todo-lists, ideas and all kinds of memos. Or use Outliner as a project management tool.
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Feb 17, 2024
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Outliner MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Outliner MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Outliner, an elegantly straightforward and instinctive mechanism for structuring thoughts and assignments, affords users the capability to categorize their endeavors into distinct classifications and ventures, subsequently orchestrating these entities into arrays, dossiers, and subsidiary folders. This constellation of entities is then exhibited through a polished and uncluttered interface. Indeed, Outliner stands as an exemplary instrument for the orchestration and administration of tasks.

This application extends a comprehensive suite of functionalities designed to augment one’s organizational acumen and concentration. It enables the assemblage of all assignments, projects, and contemplations. Through the creation of arrays, dossiers, and subsidiary folders, one can methodically arrange their ideations. With ease, one can forge to-do arrays and memoranda. By categorizing one’s labor into distinct classifications and ventures, everything remains orderly and readily accessible within a singular locale. Outliner crafts an aesthetic interface to display the fruits of your laborious endeavors, proving itself an invaluable ally in the quest for task management and organization.

Outliner epitomizes simplicity and utility in application form. It streamlines the task management process, allowing for effortless and convenient organization of one’s workload. This tool facilitates the seamless management and organization of assignments, enabling users to swiftly locate and administrate their tasks. With minimal effort, one can advance tasks to their subsequent phase.

For those besieged by forgetfulness regarding their obligations, the task list serves as a potent mnemonic device. The visibility of an assignment within the list enhances its recall. Additionally, one has the prerogative to highlight tasks earmarked for imminent completion. Outliner emerges as a straightforward yet effective stratagem for task organization.

Features of Outliner MOD APK

Organize all your tasks in a tree structure

Outliner empowers you to architect your responsibilities within a dendritic schema, featuring nodes that can be expanded or collapsed at will. Each chore can be endowed with a distinct echelon of urgency. Outliner facilitates the crafting of tasks and their ancillary subtasks, linking them through a hierarchical tree structure.

Moreover, it allows for the annexation of annotations, labels, deadlines, and the allocation of urgency levels to the tasks.

Collapse nodes for a better overview

With Outliner, the nodes can be effortlessly collapsed, offering a clearer overview. The facility to expand or compress these nodes at whim simplifies task management. This tool enables the seamless organization of tasks mentally cataloged. Progressing tasks to their subsequent phase becomes a task of minimal effort. Locating and administrating tasks previously confined to the realms of thought is made straightforward, as is the advancement of these tasks to the next stage of completion.

Add tasks and reminders

Outliner provides the functionality to incorporate tasks and reminders into your agenda, ensuring you are notified of impending duties. It streamlines the process of locating and overseeing your tasks. This tool aids in effortlessly organizing the tasks you’ve mentally noted, facilitating their progression to the subsequent phase with ease.

Add notes and attachments

Outliner stands as a straightforward and beneficial software, designed to facilitate the management of your tasks with both ease and efficiency. It simplifies the organization of your workload, enabling the smooth arrangement and oversight of your tasks.

As a basic instrument for task organization, Outliner allows for swift location and administration of your responsibilities. It aids in the effortless management of the tasks you’ve conceptualized, ensuring the smooth progression of each task to its ensuing stage.

Edit and rearrange tasks

Outliner offers a user-friendly interface designed to assist in the organization and management of your tasks. This uncomplicated tool streamlines the process of arranging your tasks. It enables you to swiftly locate and oversee your tasks, facilitating the effortless advancement of each task to the next phase.

Add todo-lists

Outliner organizes tasks into lists and sub-lists, providing functionalities to add, modify, and remove tasks as needed, ensuring you remain updated on tasks of significance to you.

It allows the creation of sub-lists, which can be organized based on criteria such as due date, priority, title, or any other specified standard. Marking a task as completed or in progress is straightforward.

With both list and card views available, Outliner grants a clear perspective on the list’s contents and the detailed tasks on each card.

Incorporating a task into a list or card is simple. You have the option to append a due date, set a priority level, or categorize it. Adding annotations to a task, altering its hue, editing its title, attaching tags, and assigning it to a specific project are all effortlessly accomplished.

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* PRO: Zoom into subtree
- long tap activity, Subtree, Zoom Into Subtree
- navigate back with breadcrumb track
* Fix: open file from latest Dropbox client
* Fix: copy very large subtree

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