Magicplan v2024.2.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 10, 2024
Instantly create and share floor plans, field reports, and estimates with one easy-to-use application. magicplan offers a better way to get work done while in the field.
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Feb 10, 2024
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Magicplan MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Magicplan MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of facile floor plan creation, a magic plan emerges as a tool for those desiring seamless blueprint generation. This application, a virtuoso in the art of floor plan delineation, facilitates an effortless journey through the intricacies of spatial design. Sporting a myriad of functions, it becomes the conduit through which the complexity of floor planning is effortlessly transmuted into a harmonious symphony of design elements. The application, endowed with a versatile editing function, empowers the user to effortlessly sculpt their envisioned floor plans.

Magicplan, in essence, is an embodiment of simplicity devoid of the convolution of intricate technologies. It stands as the quintessential instrument for those aspiring to transcribe their spatial musings into tangible floor plans. This unassuming application houses an arsenal of tools, all meticulously designed to alleviate the laborious nature of the creative process. The floor plan drawing tool, a veritable enchantment, facilitates the crystallization of ideas into tangible blueprints, bestowing upon the creator an array of features to streamline the entire undertaking.

The tapestry of features woven by the floor plan drawing tool unfurls a panorama of possibilities, rendering the process accessible to both neophytes and connoisseurs of spatial design alike. Magicplan, thus, transcends the conventional boundaries, positioning itself as an application that not only simplifies but elevates the act of floor plan creation. The virtual sanctum of floor planning it provides is a testament to its adaptability, catering to the novice and the virtuoso alike.

Magicplan, the vanguard of virtual floor plan applications, extends its reach beyond mere blueprint creation. It beckons creators into a collaborative space, where plans are not only crafted but shared and collectively refined. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this application becomes the conduit through which spatial visionaries converge. The seamless integration of mobile functionality ensures that floor plans can be conjured and shared effortlessly from any location.

The app’s allure is not confined to the solitary act of creation; it extends to a communal realm where creators can observe the artistic endeavors of others. A symbiotic relationship unfolds as users collaborate, their collective creativity harmonizing within the virtual expanse. Moreover, the app transcends the limitations of two-dimensional plans by introducing a feature that allows the infusion of furniture into the spatial narrative. This innovative addition, manifesting as 3D models of furnishings, provides a facile means to enrich the tapestry of floor plans with aesthetic and functional elements.

Features of Magicplan MOD APK

Create Floor Plans, Field Reports, and Estimates with just a few taps

In the realm of architectural orchestration, Magicplan expedites the orchestration of spatial blueprints, on-site documentation, and financial approximations with celerity and simplicity. Through its instinctive and user-friendly interface, individuals can expeditiously generate spatial blueprints, on-site documentation, and financial approximations at the mere touch of their fingertips.

Magicplan’s avant-garde drag-and-drop interface facilitates the facile creation of spatial blueprints, on-site documentation, and financial approximations, obviating the necessity to launch alternative applications. This signifies an acceleration in workflow, and an enhancement in efficiency, all while economizing on temporal and pecuniary resources.

Add notes and attach files to your drawings

Magicplan stands as a facilitative instrument, simplifying the intricacies of your daily existence. When immersed in the field, it empowers you to append a myriad of documents, images, videos, and PDFs to your drafts. This seamless integration enables effortless communication with both clients and colleagues, expediting the pace at which your tasks reach fruition.

For users seeking a more frugal approach, Magicplan extends a free iteration with restricted capabilities. However, for those yearning to unlock additional functionalities, the option to ascend to one of three premium alternatives is at their disposal.

Keep track of changes to your project with revision history

Magicplan emerges as a project coordination apparatus meticulously crafted for field-centric endeavors. Every project undergoes meticulous documentation, preserving revisions and comments, thereby offering transparency on the contributors and the chronological sequence of alterations. Moreover, the seamless functionality allows effortless reversion to any antecedent iteration of your project.

In essence, Magicplan redefines the landscape of project management, rendering the orchestration of tasks in the field more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Easily navigate between floors, rooms, elevators, staircases, and more

Magicplan is meticulously crafted to optimize your spatial utilization. Navigating through floors, rooms, elevators, staircases, and more is effortlessly facilitated, proving invaluable when pinpointing the precise location of a device within a given space.

Furthermore, the functionality extends to allowing users to integrate custom perspectives onto any floor plan. This is achieved by seamlessly dragging and delineating desired areas on the map. Such customization not only enhances the visual representation but also aids in accurately identifying the specific whereabouts of devices within the building.

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What's new

Hey there, in this version, we focused on bug fixes, and some new features:
- Capture 360° panorama photos with your phone or tablet
- Custom attributes to projects, floors, rooms, walls, and objects
- Added new export options for the Report PDF (Include/Exclude Dimensions, Photos, Notes, Attributes, Forms)
- Updated the floor plan editor interface
- Updated the behavior and visual representation of annotation bubbles
- Keep the project filter setting persistent

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