Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on May 15, 2023
A new castle defense RPG that combines the features of tower defense(TD) and large-scale combat simulation!
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Apr 04, 2023
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Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Description of Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

Idle Kingdom Defense allows players to create the strongest army possible to take part in the battle to defend the kingdom. As enemies’ attacks are becoming more and more dangerous it is necessary to be cautious of the devastating strength that they possess. In order to become the most powerful leader of the kingdom, you will have several tasks to finish. The tale of legend starts with endless battles, and numerous enticing rewards are waiting for you to take on.

Idle Kingdom Defense is a strategy game developed by the famous STORMX creators. Capital is under severe danger. The enemy is advancing on your territory and exposes undead, dragons as well as other destructive creatures who seek to ruin the strong castle walls. Only you, the mighty commander, will be able to protect your people and ward off brutal invaders. To accomplish this you must summon heroes, hire troops, and upgrade weapons in the forge. Every enemy is different and has weaknesses as well. A well-planned strategy and tactic will allow your troops to defeat enemies and suffer a minimal amount of losses. An archer, a wizard with a magical arrow and a knight with shining armor, and dwarfs armed equipped with heavy weapons. These commanders are the core of your army. They direct and motivating troops, before settling on the top towers and causing massive losses to alien columns. Move your cavalry forward and let them out of the gate, allowing the assault, and bows continue firing from far away. Be ready to fight for your country! We also suggest download World War Defense and Bloons Battles 2. Battles 2..


Every hero has a responsibility to protect their kingdom and you’re no exception. Idle Kingdom Defense collects hundreds of the most thrilling scenarios and creates an environment of chaos that will greet you upon your return. A challenging mission and adversity in battle conditions can be your first challenges. A multitude of creatures are waiting in the kingdom and they are able to strike at any moment. The goal of the player is create a formidable team and take them down. The peace of the world will be restored in the event that you can defeat the threats that these attacks pose.


You are required to protect your castle during Idle Kingdom Defense. To do this, players have to solicit help from a multitude of brave heroes that will defend his property from the attack of enemies. The game comes with an auto battle mode. All battles will be played in the automatic mode. You can however turn off this mode. You are the only one who decides which hero should be able to use his unique ability and the best place to use it.

Globally, you have to form a team of heroes, put them on the tops of the castle. Then, you strike particular enemies that have special skills. Your enemies are distinct. They are generally divided into heavy units, light long-range, magic and light units. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages.


A huge collection of characters that you can play, Idle Kingdom Defense also provides a number of ways to unlock and play the characters. It is necessary to begin with a handful of low-powered characters. Once certain achievements are recognized and the heroes remaining in the collection will be released. As one by one new heroes are added when the system updates their versions. They have an element of strength, supported by nature and amazing capabilities. The armies were crafted capable of tackling any threat without hindering their progress. But, players have to pay fees to be able to upgrade their armies to a higher level.

Upgrade heroes

The main benefit that Idle Kingdom Defense has is Idle Kingdom Defense is the appearance of heroes. In the story play, the user has a strong unit that is that can inflict damage to enemies through the use of abilities. This is the hero and you can choose to enhance him. The hero could be archer, magician, or warrior. A set of abilities are based on this.

From the start, this character appears quite weak. He isn’t equipped with the strength to face massive waves of enemies therefore it is advisable to hire several of these heroes to defeat the foe. When you advance through levels and levels, the hero will slowly learn new skills, making him a killer that is able to cut through entire piles of monsters. In addition, you are able to put on the character’s clothes and costume to improve his skills and performance.

Build a strong armed force for the upcoming missions

There are a myriad of tough missions. To take on them, players need to create the strongest team. Selecting from the heroes in the game’s inventory the players can begin to create their own squads of the top. To ensure that you have the best defenses during combat, assembling powerful heroes from different powers will assist you more. In the beginning, players must look up their details in the cards in order to find the best arrangement. The most challenging quests require the participation of several players, we will communicate our needs in numbers and provide them to you in the time that the waiting room has been established.


It is normal that from time time, the Idle Kingdom Defense player will confront bosses. They’re serious adversaries that can destroy many elite infantry units simultaneously. In this respect, it is important to modify your defense line for the enemy in particular to ensure that the boss suffers the most destruction from the towers that cross his route. The rewards they receive are enormous. This means that you can easily raise many heroes to their highest achievable level by killing an opponent. This can be a great way to gain time to regroup or create an additional defensive line.


When they win certain battles when playing Idle Kingdom Defense the players will receive additional rewards from treasure chests. It is an opportunity to earn more coins, more sources of power, or tools needed to fight. A lot of heroes are gamed when you have the ability to surpass the challenges we have set and players can count on this to increase their own standards during this thrilling game. Fighting bigger bosses at the conclusion of each game will earn you additional rewards.

GRAPHICS and SOUND of Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

Idle Kingdom Defense greets you by a pleasant and well-animated visual. The entire game will take place in a top-down layout which is extremely convenient to think about the best strategy. The stylization itself has an animated format that is not just suitable for adults however, also for kids.


Idle Kingdom Defense expands the story to a real-life battle between humans and monsters in the kingdom of prosperity. The society that was being constructed was destroyed and the it is time to act to safeguard their home. There are a variety of options provided, and the results are highly desired. You will lead an elite army in the face of hundreds of enemies. The rewards worthy of the title are offered after the battle is finished and you’ll be capable of upgrading your soldiers and weapons in order to be prepared for the next battle.

Fun Tower Defense

There are a lot of strategy games today since they’re totally free and enjoyable to play. There are plenty of these games that you can play right now and you can play amusement with many of them right now.

If you’re among the players who love engaging in games of tower defense then you’re able to download many of them. The reason they are so exciting is the fact that you’ll have to face tough opponentsand have to be able to think for yourself in order to protect your castle. You can play Idle Kingdom Defense right now since it’s completely cost-free!

If you are a fan of many enjoyable games, install Idle Kingdom Defense right now and have fun. It allows you to unlock a variety of heroes you can use in battle , as they’ll automatically fight for you.

You can upgrade them as well as your troops to ensure you can protect your kingdom. This game has your aim is to conquer many levels today. There are many levels here to play and you’ll be rewarded for the completion of the levels.

It is also possible to unlock many legions and weapons!

Key Features of Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

  • You will be faced with the challenging task of facing the powerful beasts that roam the land, while avoiding the threat of weak defenses.
  • Do team-building activities and create a solid squad. You have the choice of which the hero or weapon you want to be employed.
  • Find heroes by opening chests and receiving presents and advancing so that you can be eligible for new heroes that have extraordinary abilities.
  • Have the ability to purchase new weapons as well as other equipment for your team, and newly constructed defenses are strengthened by magic potion.
  • Beat an opponent at the conclusion of every match to receive more gifts and you’ll be confronted with the synergy of hundreds flames when the dragon strikes.

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