iBlurDock v3.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 31, 2024
iBlurDock is a minimal app to personalize home screen wallpaper and images with iOS look like blurred/anti-blurred dock bar and docks, Create blur effect wallpaper, customize multiple dock with selected foreground and background blurry colors.
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Jan 31, 2024
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iBlurDock MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of iBlurDock MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Introducing a novel docking application poised to deliver an extraordinary user experience. This avant-garde dock seamlessly adapts to the wallpaper of your choice, eliminating any concern about manual adjustments. Effortlessly relocate your app by a mere drag-and-drop onto the designated dock area.

The dock gracefully transitions to the chosen wallpaper, maintaining its position until you conclude the app session. An uncomplicated and efficient means to showcase your creativity unfolds.

Elect to engage with the dock through the dock bar, selecting it with ease. Alternatively, embark on a journey of personalization with the customizer, where the dimensions and hues of the dock can be tailored to your preferences. Revel in the simplicity of resizing and recoloring the dock at your whim. Engineered for user-friendly operation, the application seamlessly integrates a diverse array of effects to cater to the multifaceted needs of users.

This application emerges as an aesthetic powerhouse, enhancing the visual allure of your phone. Boasting a design that seamlessly marries simplicity with elegance, the dock proves to be an invaluable asset. A repertoire of eight distinct wallpapers awaits, each imbued with its unique stylistic signature. Immerse yourself in a visual feast, effortlessly cycling through varied wallpapers.

Compatibility extends to Android 4.0 and beyond, ensuring a seamless installation process on your mobile device. The application’s intuitive design renders it effortlessly navigable, obviating the need for a learning curve. It stands as the quintessential application for personalized aesthetic elevation.

Behold iBlurDock, an artistic marvel seamlessly ingrained in the background as a wallpaper dock. This innovation renders swift access to preferred apps and features, epitomizing convenience. Distinguished by a bespoke silhouette, users wield the power to customize the dock’s dimensions by their distinct predilections.

Feature of iBlurDock MOD APK

Add multiple docks to your home screen

It presents an innovative application designed for the augmentation of your home screen backdrop, facilitating the integration of multiple avant-garde docks. This avant-garde utility empowers users to meticulously customize the hue of their docks while seamlessly incorporating an array of distinctive icons onto them. A myriad of intricate settings grants unparalleled control over the configuration of these docks, ensuring a bespoke visual experience.

The functionality extends to the preservation and retrieval of dock configurations, offering a repository of personalized setups. Applying these configurations to the home screen wallpaper is a streamlined process, enhancing the user’s interface with aesthetic precision.

Set the dock bar and dock size, color, position, and more

Embarking on the description of this modest application, envisage a tool meticulously tailored to individualize your home screen aesthetics. Revel in the emulation of iOS with its avant-garde fusion of blurred and anti-blurred dock bars and docks.

Indulge in the creation of wallpapers adorned with a beguiling blur effect, allowing the customization of myriad docks replete with carefully selected foreground and background colors, all veiled in a blurry chromatic tapestry.

This innovative application seamlessly integrates with iPhones operating on the iOS 7 platform. Moreover, it extends its compatibility to elder iPhones, affording users the option to usher in the iOS 7 interface if so desired.

The installation process is straightforward; adhere to the accompanying instructions. Once the application finds its abode within your iPhone’s digital realm, a realm of facile modifications unfolds. To imbue your iPhone with a distinctive flair, the addition of dock bars and docks necessitates the incorporation of dock icons into the Dock.

The scope of creative expression broadens as you fashion dock bars and docks with bespoke attributes varying sizes, colors, positions, and blur radii. The resultant configurations can be effortlessly applied or preserved as wallpaper with a mere click, enhancing the visual allure of your digital space.

Save and restore dock configurations

The functionality of preserving and reinstating dock configurations proves to be immensely advantageous, facilitating the application or preservation of specific dock setups onto designated wallpaper images.

Effortlessly, with a single click, you can archive your meticulously crafted dock configurations. This one-click action seamlessly stores the intricacies of the dock settings, conveniently attaching them to a predetermined wallpaper image.

In scenarios where an abundance of docks adorns your home screen, the prospect of recurrently configuring them becomes a time-intensive endeavor. However, envision a scenario where an exceptional wallpaper captivates your aesthetic sensibilities a backdrop ideal for complementing your meticulously crafted dock configurations.

Enter the iBlurDock app, ushering in a solution where you can effortlessly integrate that captivating wallpaper as the backdrop to your personalized dock settings.

Select images from the gallery or default home screen wallpaper

Should you harbor a collection of photos or images within the confines of your phone and harbor the desire to grace your home screen with them, this app stands as your conduit to this aesthetic endeavor. Originally conceived to facilitate the seamless transformation of home screen wallpapers, the app’s repertoire now encompasses a feature empowering users to craft and conserve their personalized images as home screen wallpapers.

To embark on this visual journey using the iBlurDock app, commence by unlocking the application and navigating to the ‘Preferences’ tab situated on the left flank. A prompt awaits, beckoning you to cherry-pick an image either from your Gallery or the default home screen wallpaper.

The app furnishes users with the autonomy to cherry-pick images from their gallery or opt for the default home screen wallpaper. Executing the application of a saved configuration onto the home screen wallpaper is a breeze a simple press of the ‘Apply’ button suffices. Conversely, preserving the current configuration on the home screen wallpaper is effortlessly accomplished with a mere press of the ‘Save’ button.

Rounded, Flat, Circular corners for dock bar

This application serves as a versatile tool for the creation, manipulation, positioning, resizing, and imbuing of blur or anti-blur effects upon the dock bar and docks, all encapsulated within an iOS 7-esque dock bar aesthetic. The app bestows upon you the capability to seamlessly craft, tweak, position, resize, and enact blur or anti-blur effects upon the dock bar and docks, all while embracing the signature iOS 7-like dock bar style.

Diversity reigns within the app, offering options of rounded, flat, and circular corners for the dock bar. Unshackling your creativity, you have the liberty to fluidly move, resize, and rotate the dock bar and docks to any corner of your wallpaper.

A simplified application and preservation process of wallpapers awaits you, achievable with just a single click. The inclusivity extends to the addition of multiple docks, granting the flexibility to cherry-pick images from your gallery or opt for the default home screen wallpaper.

Forge your personalized dockbar adorned with rounded, flat, or circular corners by selecting bespoke foreground and background colors, and orchestrating movements and rotations with unfettered freedom.

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