Hourly chime PRO v13.0.5 PROv2 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
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Jan 12, 2024
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13.0.5 PROv2
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Hourly chime PRO MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of the Hourly Chime PRO MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android applications, behold a sophisticated task management tool. Crafted with professionalism, this app stands as a sentinel for orchestrating your day-to-day obligations.

Empowering you to input tasks and orchestrate timely reminders, this application graciously issues notifications when the appointed hour arrives. Its raison d’être? Ensuring your tasks are not mere afterthoughts, but rather, focal points demanding your attention in the designated moment.

Embracing a myriad of features, this app becomes your task sentinel and temporal overseer. All your assignments find a sanctuary within the task list, while an array of tools awaits to hone your task-handling prowess.

Foregoing the anxiety of task misplacement, this application undertakes the vigilant duty of tracking your responsibilities. No longer shall the specter of neglected tasks haunt your endeavors. It stands resolute as the premier choice for those with a penchant for prompt task completion.

The app’s design, a paragon of simplicity, offers a user-friendly interface that beckons ease of use. Its intuitive layout caters to a diverse user base, making it an ideal companion for individuals of varied technological acumen.

For the entrepreneurial souls steering businesses, this app emerges as a stalwart ally. Unleash its capabilities to monitor your daily tasks and project timelines. Fear not the oversight of critical tasks, for this app stands sentinel, a guardian of your time and commitments.

Enter the realm of Hourly Chime, a petite yet multifaceted application. A timekeeping maestro, it stands ready to enlighten users on the temporal tapestry of their existence. Suited for both home and office domains, this app morphs into a robust alarm clock, donning a cloak of diverse functionalities.

A herald of mornings, this application presents an avenue to rouse from slumber. Employing time, date, and weather variables, it crafts a schedule that syncs with your circadian rhythm. Moreover, it employs a straightforward interface, ensuring user-friendly navigation through its temporal features.

Features of Hourly chime PRO MOD APK

Automatically wake up your phone with a sound

Upon initiating the application, it commences emitting the alarm resonance. As the auditory alert concludes its cadence, the mobile device rouses from its slumber. Upon cessation of the alarm resonance, the phone reverts to its dormant state.

This application serves the function of a conventional timepiece alarm. To modify the auditory cues of the alarm, navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Alarm -> Hourly Chime PRO v2.

The user interface is minimalist, comprising a concise array of buttons.

Short sounds (cuckoo, clock wall, Big Ben, etc.)

The application, designed for temporal monitoring and efficient time governance, features an hourly alert, hourly beep, hourly reminder, and hourly signal.

Concise yet resonant tones such as cuckoo, clock wall, Big Ben, etc., cater to your auditory preferences.

These sonorous tones are orchestrated to resonate at predetermined intervals, seamlessly integrating into your schedule.

For those seeking an array of chime sounds, including the likes of Cuckoo, Clock Wall, Big Ben, etc., the internet provides a repository of free downloads.

Should queries arise regarding the application, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Choose between 3 different volume levels

Tailoring your auditory experience, this application offers autonomous volume control distinct from the system settings. Picture this: you’re immersed in your work with a favorite melody playing softly in the background; just set the app volume to a discreet level. When an imperative call beckons, effortlessly elevate the volume to its zenith for clear audibility.

For those utilizing the app as an alarm clock, calibrate the volume to a moderate level and customize a distinct volume for the awakening melody.

The app extends the courtesy of notifying you both in the morning and evening. Should you desire robust reminders during these times, set the volume to a resonant high.

Additionally, the app grants you the liberty to introduce a sound accompaniment as the alarm activates. The flexibility extends to modifying the volumes for notification sounds and beep sounds independently.

You hold the reins to specify a unique volume for the chime so

Wake up your phone when the alarm rings

Crafted for waking your phone at the designated hour, this application serves as a versatile alarm solution whether as a discreet silent alarm clock, an alarm with a snooze feature, or a robust wake-up alarm clock. When the appointed time arrives, a distinctive beep sound permeates the air. Opting for a peaceful respite? A simple press of the snooze button silences the alarm.

Hourly Chime PRO empowers you with customization options. Modify the default sound, fine-tune the volume, and dictate the duration of the ring. Furthermore, tailor the sound volume for each ring, ensuring the alarm remains unobtrusive to others in the vicinity.

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Application build targets Android 12 - if your device runs on Android12+ and you want app to check whether it can play sound while device is during phone call then you must grant app permission to 'Read Phone State'.

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