Hi Dictionary v2.0.3 MOD APK (Ad Free)

Last Updated on Dec 27, 2023
Hi Dictionary is a free language dictionary & translator & learn English app that supports offline reversible references for 135 languages, including bilingual references for Hindi English dictionary and translator/अंग्रेजी हिंदी शब्दकोश, French English dictionary/Dictionnaire francais anglais, English Swahili translator/Kamusi ya Kiswahili ya Kiingereza, English to Hindi translator, Hindi translation to Tamil, Arabic to English translation, etc.
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Dec 27, 2023
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Hi Dictionary MOD APK (Ad Free)

Download The Latest APK Version of Hi Dictionary MOD APK. An Android Education App this MOD comes with Ad Free Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Hi Dictionary transcends mere lexical inquiry; it metamorphoses into an apparatus facilitating the facile translation of words and phrases across linguistic frontiers. A veritable ally in the pursuit of acquiring proficiency in foreign languages, the application renders the intricate task of linguistic acquisition remarkably facile. The threshold of linguistic mastery has been effectively recalibrated.

This translation marvel, offered sans charge, houses an extensive repository of linguistic gems—words and phrases spanning myriad languages. The reservoir encompasses a staggering 135 linguistic realms, providing an exhaustive linguistic atlas.

The user wields the power to select the linguistic tapestry of their choice, initiating a journey into linguistic enlightenment. Noteworthy features abound, including the English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries, each a testament to the application’s versatility. A singular attribute distinguishing this linguistic vanguard is its unique proposition to concurrently delve into multiple languages.

Hi Dictionary, an omnilingual repository, beckons users across linguistic spectra, ensuring prompt word retrieval. The design ethos revolves around furnishing real-time, contextually precise translations, fostering a seamless linguistic experience.

Bolstered by an extensive array of dictionaries, navigating the lexicon-rich terrain is rendered facile. Employ various search modalities to swiftly unveil the desired word’s nuances. The extensive repertoire ensures a seamless linguistic voyage, allowing users to expeditiously delve into lexical realms.

The profusion of linguistic possibilities, coupled with diverse dictionaries, facilitates the facile acquisition of novel verbiage. Mastery of new words is attainable within concise temporal intervals, making this application an invaluable tool for word aficionados and language enthusiasts alike. Should the pursuit of linguistic enrichment beckon, Hi Dictionary stands poised as the gateway to an expansive world of words and phrases.

Features of Hi Dictionary MOD APK

Offline dictionaries in 135 languages with native speakers to help you learn

Indulge in the wonders of Hi Lexicon, a liberated linguistic repository, translation marvel, and English learning compendium. Immerse yourself in its realm, fostering offline reversible allusions across a spectrum of 135 languages. Traverse the linguistic panorama with bilingual insights into the Hindi-English lexicon and translator, the nuanced tapestry of the French-English dictionary (Dictionnaire francais anglais), and the linguistic bridge of the English-Swahili translator (Kamusi ya Kiswahili ya Kiingereza). Whether navigating the labyrinth of English to Hindi translation or seeking the harmonious dance of Hindi to Tamil transformation, or even the delicate choreography of Arabic to English transliteration, this app is your linguistic guide.

For those yearning to articulate themselves in the native cadence, an additional treasure awaits  a dictionary tailored to the idiosyncrasies of each indigenous speaker. Dive into the linguistic symphony curated by Hi Lexicon, where language exploration becomes an odyssey, and every expression unveils a new facet of linguistic artistry.

Online dictionaries in 45 languages with over 100,000 words to help you translate

Exercise the privilege of selecting words most resonant with your discourse across diverse languages, facilitating the seamless translation of your musings into your native tongue.

Additionally, these online dictionaries, available in 45 languages, epitomize adaptability and user-friendly design. Hi Lexicon empowers you to effortlessly pinpoint words for translation and scrutiny, providing a bridge across linguistic nuances.

In the realm of linguistic exploration, Hi Lexicon emerges as a guiding beacon, offering a customizable and user-centric interface. Navigate the vast linguistic terrain effortlessly, as this linguistic companion becomes your ally in the intricate dance of translation and understanding in your native language.

Search the dictionary by using voice search

Engage in seamless exploration with the incorporation of the voice search functionality, allowing you to articulate the word you seek, and the app promptly furnishes the translation in your chosen language.

This voice search attribute caters specifically to individuals unacquainted with the local language, providing a tailored solution for enhanced accessibility.

For swift access to information, leverage the expeditious voice search function. Hi Lexicon empowers you to delve into dictionaries and translations effortlessly, the spoken word serving as your gateway. The voice search feature expedites the discovery of precise words, ensuring a swift and facile linguistic journey.

Learn words and phrases with example sentences

Learn words and phrases with example sentences in Hi Dictionary.

Translate words and phrases with voice recognition

Hi Lexicon stands as a testament to providing users with a swift and uncomplicated means to translate words and phrases seamlessly between languages. The process is effortless  choose the desired word or phrase, and with a mere utterance into the microphone, witness the instant translation unfold.

Adding to its repertoire, Hi Lexicon extends the convenience of preserving your translations directly onto your device. This feature allows you to peruse them at your leisure or share these linguistic discoveries with others at your discretion. Experience the fusion of simplicity and efficiency as Hi Lexicon redefines the landscape of linguistic exploration.

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