Guardian Tales MOD APK 2.53.1 (Unlimited Money)

Guardian Tales
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Guardian Tales MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Guardian Tales MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Guardian Tales MOD APK is an RPG game in which players travel through the world of Kanterbury. In this world, there are many places, monsters and events to fight. Players can get powerful equipment and weapons by defeating monsters and bosses. Players can use the item to upgrade their character and learn new skills. Guardians Tales also provides rich content and quests. It offers more than 20 hours of gameplay.

The main feature of Guardian Tales is that it has a very smooth operation. When playing the game, players can see all the information at once. Players can check their equipment, inventory, skills and map. The game also supports multiple languages. It has the best graphics and animations. It is a very good RPG game.

The legendary Guardian is no longer here, so the kingdom of Kanterbury has been left with no protector. The only hope for the kingdom to survive is to call upon the legendary Guardian to save them. Only you can do this, and you must prove yourself worthy.

Explore a vast world filled with unique characters and enemies, solve challenging puzzles and defeat dangerous bosses. Battle your way through a massive overworld, discover new lands, and unlock special quests.

The world of Kanterbury has been invaded by an unknown force, and the only hope for the kingdom is the Legendary Guardian. Can you help Kanterbury, and earn the title of Guardian?

Features of Guardian Tales MOD APK

Explore and defeat monsters in the massive open world of Kanterbury

Guardian Tales MOD APK lets you explore and defeat monsters in a massive open world. Fight against enemies and discover new items while you try to save the world from destruction.

Explore the world, defeat monsters and collect valuable loot. Play the role of a Warrior, Wizard, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, or Thief and fight for your survival in the world of Kanterbury.

Collect gold, items, and experience points to level up and unlock more weapons and gear

Guardian Tales is an RPG that lets you collect gold, items, and experience points to level up and unlock more weapons and gear. The game also includes a battle system and a fast paced combat action that will keep you coming back for more. The story is very exciting, and the characters are very well developed. The main character, a boy named Lina, is a young and innocent boy who has to fight against the evil invaders.

Guardian Tales is a mix of classic RPG, fighting, and action genres, and it will offer a lot of excitement to any gamer.

Use your weapons and magic to defeat enemies and bosses

Guardian Tales has been designed to be a combination of RPG and action-adventure. The main focus of the game is to defeat enemies and bosses using your weapons and magic. As the story progresses, you will get to see some of the new enemies and bosses in the game.

Guardian Tales also allows you to customize your character. You can improve your stats by using magic spells or leveling up your weapon skills. You can also customize your armor and weapons.

Take part in epic boss battles

The battle system in Guardian Tales combines real-time action with a turn-based combat system. In order to defeat the enemy boss, you must first understand the weaknesses and strengths of the boss. Then you must plan your strategy to defeat them.

With a variety of weapons, spells, and items, you will have a hard time to beat the bosses. You can choose to equip yourself with a powerful weapon, cast powerful spells, or buy items from shops in order to survive the battles. The combat system will allow you to unleash your skills and abilities to defeat the boss.

Enjoy a huge variety of quests to accomplish

Guardian Tales is a 2D RPG game featuring an engaging storyline and a variety of characters, monsters, and quests. You will be able to explore the world and fight with a variety of enemies as you advance through the game. Besides, you can also get some extra benefits by collecting and enhancing items.

In addition to the standard gameplay, Guardian Tales also features a huge variety of quests to accomplish, a character customization system, and a huge number of items to collect.

Guardian Tales is an RPG game with a strong focus on customization. Players can explore a huge variety of quests to accomplish, each with their own difficulty level. Each quest offers a unique experience with its own story and gameplay mechanics.

Players can customize their character by unlocking skills and gear. There are a number of ways to improve your character: skill tree, upgrade points, and special items.

The gameplay is highly focused on strategy. Every battle is an opportunity to strategize and take advantage of your character’s weaknesses to defeat your enemies.

Travel through beautiful locations and uncover secrets

Guardian Tales is an epic RPG adventure game in which you will travel through breathtaking landscapes and dungeons to uncover the mystery behind Kanterbury’s history. Discover the truth about the Legend of the Guardian and the reason why it was created.

The game offers a vast amount of content that will keep you hooked for hours, and the game will offer a fresh and thrilling experience. The gameplay is fast and easy, but there are also some complex mechanics that will test your skills.

In the vast world of Kanterbury, you will have to travel to different places and fight against enemies along the way. The enemies are really challenging and you will have to get strong to defeat them. There are many things to unlock and discover while playing the game.

Unlock new items and equipment as you explore

As you play through the game, you’ll earn coins that can be used to unlock new items and equipment. There are three different currencies to collect: coins, gems, and souls. You can also spend gems to buy equipment that will make your Guardian stronger. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and armor with new materials, and even gain new abilities.

In addition, you’ll also have access to a number of items and weapons that you can use to defeat enemies and bosses in combat. With the Guardian Tales’ robust combat system, you’ll be able to take on a wide variety of creatures and bosses in battle!

Collect coins and items to spend them at shops

In Guardian Tales, the player must collect coins and use them to buy items at the shops. This is a classic RPG experience with tons of side quests and mini games. Use the coins to upgrade your weapons and armor, or to heal yourself.

The game also features a leveling system that will allow you to advance through the game and gain access to new areas.


Guardian Tales is a 2D RPG that takes place in a world where humans are fighting against the Invaders. The game takes place in the city of Kanterbury, and the protagonist is a girl named Dori, whose dream is to become a legendary hero.

The story begins with the protagonist waking up to find herself in a strange new world. It is revealed that the city of Kanterbury was destroyed by the Invaders and was left empty. The protagonist meets a man named Mr. Gray and together they go to the city of Pemberton.

In Pemberton, the protagonist finds a group of people that are trying to fight against the Invaders and save the city. There is a mysterious woman named Queen Tiamat who has a plan to create a powerful weapon to destroy the Invaders. The protagonist learns that she wants to create the weapon with the help of a boy named Jack and a girl named Lorna.

After defeating the Invaders, the protagonist finds out that she has been transported to another world where the Invaders were defeated. She meets a man named Professor Zephyr who tells her that the Legendary Guardian is on his way to save the world.

The protagonist goes to the city of Kanterbury and is reunited with her childhood friend, Tia. Together, they go to the ruins of the city and meet the Legendary Guardian. The protagonist helps the Legendary Guardian defeat the Invaders and learns about her past.

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