GCDroid MOD APK 2.3.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 17, 2023
GCDroid is your 'one stop shop' mobile geocaching application. Versatile and user friendly, it is designed for both online and offline geocaching in mind. GCDroid integrates seamlessly with GSAK and Dropbox but also offers direct access to caches via the Live API.
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Mar 17, 2023
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GCDroid MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of GCDroid MOD APK. An Android Entertainment App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Geocaching is a recreational activity that has been going on for many years. And has gained popularity in recent times. People enjoy this activity because it gives them a chance to explore nature, find hidden treasures, and play games.

But for many people, they do not know what geocaching is. Geocaching is the act of hiding a small object somewhere and then finding it using GPS.

It is very similar to treasure hunting, but it is more fun and exciting. The app is designed to give people a simple way to search for geocaches and get the experience of geocaching.

With the GCDroid MOD APK app, you can enjoy geocaching activities anywhere. And easily learn more about the geocaching phenomenon. It is designed to make people find and enjoy hidden treasures.

The app is simple to use. You will find geocaches with ease. You will be able to find the geocaches you want to find in the map. The app is designed to make you enjoy the geocaching activity.

Geocaching is an adventure sport that involves the use of GPS-enabled devices. These devices allow users to locate and find hidden items. This game allows users to go out and search for hidden items.

The goal of the game is to find the location of the item and take a photo of the location to prove that they found it. If someone finds the location, he or she will have to give the owner of the item a reward.

GCDroid MOD APK is a game that combines sport and hunting. With an adventure that will let you go anywhere in the world. With a simple GPS system, you can find hidden objects all over the world.

The app is also very easy to use. You only need to enter the coordinates and you are ready to go. Find the object and collect the reward. Then upload the coordinates of the location to a website, and share with friends. You can enjoy the game together and find hidden treasures.

Features of GCDroid MOD APK

Direct access to cached items from the Live API

GCDroid MOD APK allows you to access cached items directly from the Live API. This allows the app to provide direct access to caches without the need for any additional configuration. Additionally, the app uses the cache information from the Live API to update cache data on the fly.

GCDroid allows you to access geocaches directly from the Live API. This means that you no longer need to rely on your GPS receiver or wifi to find a cache.

Simply use GCDroid to scan for caches and find out where they are. You can also create your own custom geocache listing, which you can then share with your friends and family.

Plan and track your geocaching expeditions

GCDroid MOD APK provides the ability to plan and track your geocaching expeditions. With its integrated mapping and navigation features, GCDroid lets you plan a route and see where you are on the map, along with the location of nearby caches.

You can also view a list of all your current cache locations, as well as their coordinates and other important details.

You can even add notes to your cache, share it with friends, and even invite them to join your expeditions. You can also add new cache types, such as ‘Geocache Log’, ‘Geocache Treasure Hunt’, or ‘Geocache Race’.

View and manage geocache details

You can use GCDroid MOD APK to view the details of the geocaches you find as well as to manage them. You can create and edit geocache records to update your cache details and/or share them with friends.

If you’re planning a geocaching trip, you can easily plan your journey using the integrated route planner and create routes between geocaches. You can also create a geocache record to mark a particular location as your favorite spot.

Discover new geocaches and follow other users

GCDroid MOD APK is the mobile GPS geocaching app that allows you to discover new geocaches and follow others. Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or a novice just starting out, GCDroid can help you find your way through the geocache treasure hunt.

GCDroid features a comprehensive database of geocaches worldwide, along with a user-friendly interface and a social media aspect that makes it easy to follow other geocachers.

Find nearby caches with the GSAK integration

GCDroid MOD APK has been built with geocaching in mind, so it integrates seamlessly with GSAK. With GCDroid you can search for geocaches using GPS coordinates, place your own geocaches and share your geocaches with others.

GCDroid has a full-featured geocache listing interface where you can view the information about a cache such as location, difficulty, hints, status, and more.

If you are offline you can add geocaches from your cache list to the cache list in GCDroid. You can also share your geocaches with others using the geocaching platform service, GSAK. GCDroid uses the Live API to access caches directly, no registration required.

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What's new

New: Allow 'Tagging' of caches to assign them 1 of 5 colored markers
New: Import GeoTours
New: Keep lab logs when clearing/refreshing Drafts
New: Improve contrast of waypoint symbols for better visibilty on the map
Experimental: More font sizes for scaling complete app
Fix: Replace 'Fieldnote' with 'Draft' to match geocaching.com
Fix: Removed HQ checker from caches other than Mysteries
Fix: Lab caches now are size 'Other' and a D/T of 1/1 for filtering

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