Full Battery & Theft Alarm v6.1.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 14, 2024
Protect your phone and Android Wear Smartwatch battery from overcharging with THEFT alarm.
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Feb 14, 2024
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Full Battery & Theft Alarm MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Full Battery & Theft Alarm MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the amalgamation of two potent instruments lies a formidable ally. Fueled by the vigor of its battery prowess and fortified with anti-theft acumen, it emerges as the quintessential guardian for your mobile device.

Should your phone find itself afflicted by a dormant battery or, worse, pilfered away, the Full Battery & Theft Alarm shall not merely notify you but elevate the vigilance to unprecedented heights. It shall not only prompt you to replenish your device’s energy but also furnish you with the capability to remotely immobilize it, thwarting any unauthorized usage.

A panacea for safeguarding your gadget, this application exhibits the tenacity to ensure your phone remains juiced, even in the face of a malfunctioning battery.

Its astuteness extends to discerning the misfortune of theft, and a prompt notification is dispatched to apprise you of the untoward incident. The additional feature of remote phone lockout remains at your disposal, a formidable deterrent against unauthorized access.

In the realm of mobile security, the theft alarm takes center stage, offering swift confirmation should your device fall prey to pilferage.

However, what if your phone is not pilfered but merely misplaced? Do you possess the prerogative to locate it? In instances of theft, reporting the loss ensures restitution. Yet, when pilfered, malefactors may attempt data erasure to impede loss reporting.

The quandary intensifies when your phone is lost, and ascertaining its fate becomes an insurmountable challenge. Yet, the theft alarm transcends these limitations, sounding an alert when your device strays beyond a defined range.

Noteworthy is the alert that resonates when theft occurs, ensuring timely notification. Tailoring the alert timing further refines this application, ensuring it activates exclusively when your phone exceeds its permissible range.

Moreover, the application doesn’t falter when your phone is purloined; it duly notifies you of the unfortunate incident. The robust features embedded within the theft alarm epitomize its utility, discerning between theft and loss. Notifications regarding misplaced phones, coupled with the flexibility to schedule alerts based on spatial constraints, exemplify its versatility.

In the event of theft, the application persistently serves as a reminder, fortifying your awareness. The multifaceted features enshrined within this application promise unparalleled assistance across diverse scenarios.

Features of Full Battery & Theft Alarm MOD APK

Protect your phone from theft

In the realm of safeguarding your mobile device against illicit activities, behold an extraordinary instrument. When the energy reservoir of your phone is dwindling or, in a more unfortunate circumstance, pilfered, the application shall promptly dispatch notifications. These alerts shall not merely flutter in the digital breeze but find their way directly to your electronic mail or perchance alight upon your WhatsApp or Facebook bastions.

Should the inclination to secure your phone remotely seize your thoughts, the app graciously bestows the means. You wield the authority to activate this function at will, dictating the very moment when your device shall succumb to digital shackles. Moreover, should the desire manifest to shield your precious gadget from unauthorized hands, the capability to deactivate the SIM card lies at your fingertips, a fortification against unsanctioned usage.

Notify you when the battery is fully charged

Behold the marvel that is this application, poised to grant you enlightenment when your battery reaches its zenith of replenishment. In the event of a fully charged battery, the app shall not be reticent; instead, it shall dispatch a notification, an auditory beacon heralding the completion of the energy infusion.

Delving deeper, this application unveils the arcane knowledge of your battery’s vitality, presenting the precise percentage and temporal remnants until the next charge beckons.

Should your device be plagued by a malfunctioning battery or, in a more ominous scenario, fall prey to theft, the vigilant guardian known as Full Battery & Theft Alarm stands sentinel. It manifests as a harbinger, alerting you to the dire need for a recharge and extending a gracious invitation to remotely immobilize your device, a precautionary measure against unauthorized utilization.

Show your battery level with a color bar

Harnessing the prowess of your device’s power reservoir, this ingenious application employs the very lifeblood of your gadget to unveil the intricacies of its battery vitality. As the battery descends into the realms of scarcity, behold a chromatic bar adorned with hues in descent, an artistic portrayal of diminishing energy.

This innovative tool serves as your vigilant guide, ensuring you are cognizant of the opportune moment to bestow a recharge upon your phone. Not only does it unveil the battery status of your device, but it also extends the capability for you to configure alarms that shall resound in the event of phone thievery. A symphony of alerts shall serenade the air each time your phone undergoes the unlocking ritual.

Customize notifications according to your needs

For those avid souls perpetually yearning to enhance the endurance of their phone’s life force, rejoice! Full Battery & Theft Alarm emerges as your ally in this quest for longevity. Embrace the potency of this formidable tool, empowering you with the ability to tailor notification nuances to align seamlessly with your preferences.

The realm of customization unfolds, granting you the autonomy to decide whether to bask in a cascade of alerts or solely be summoned to attention when the battery is teetering on the brink of depletion.

Further, the privilege extends to choosing the canvas upon which these alerts shall unfurl, whether upon the sacred expanse of your phone’s lock screen or the familiar grounds of your home screen. The power of selection even extends to dictating which among your plethora of apps shall be deemed worthy to receive the clarion call of alerts, adding another layer of personalized control to your digital sanctuary.

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